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James asks…

How can a student start investing in bonds and stocks?

I would like to start some investing. I have $100 to invest but I do not know where to get started.

Where are some places I can go to LEARN how to invest wisely. As well as learning the basics.

If you invest how much were your stocks when you first got them and how much are they know. Dont need to list names if you choose not to.

financi4 answers:

There are many people just like you that are, or were looking to invest and those that did bought Mutual Funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). One purpose of mutual funds is to help investors like you, who are either just entering the investment world or who have no investing experience. Once you feel you at least have an understanding of investments you should look into ETFs which are similar to mutual funds but are traded on the exchanges.

Mutual Fund companies as well as ETFs have an entire array of products many will fit your needs. You can go to the MSN.Money website
it has an entire section on mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds. Read about the various products and in doing so you will be getting investment ideas and at the same time educating yourself about investing.

You could also contact the funds companies for more information. I have found that Vanguard ( & Fidelity Investments (
can meet your needs for mutual funds. The service and information they provide is all free and you will find it helpful.

Get into the habit of making daily visits to some websites like MSN Money and Yahoo Finance. While at MSN following the strategy lab analysts to get a feel for what the pros are doing and why. This site has some basic information for beginners. If any site offers free information, take it.

Other website that can provide instructions and help with procedures and terminology are Investopedia – Stock Charts –,,…

Attend all the free seminars you can, just be careful and don’t get pressured into anything you really don’t want or need. Most schools offer courses in finance and economics, but very few will have courses on the mechanics of the investment markets, if they do try taking the course. You may want to consider on-line courses, the New York Institute of Finance use to have such courses. Try to get some fee information from the stocks exchanges they all have (had) free booklets, SIAC and some of the regulators (FINRA SEC MSRB CBOE) may provide some free literature.

You at least have made the right decision to start investing, this is the first big step and it won’t be your last. Keep taking those steps forward and along the way never take the advice from people that are not in the market or try to tell you not to invest.

Good luck on your journey

Michael asks…

How does investing in a small partnership business work?

lets say i wanted to invest in some friends small business of selling t shirts and hats, they have a few people investing with them. the first quarter goes by and they see some profits how are these divided up?

financi4 answers:

It usually depends on how much you invest. For example, say two of your friend put in $500 each and now you come along and put in, say, $200. In that case, you should get ($200 / $1,200) of the profits, or about 17%.

If you also put in $500, then you are all equal parents and you should get 33% of the profits.

Robert asks…

How do i start investing in stocks?

I want to start investing in stocks, but i have no idea how to. I heard its good money, but i don’t understand where i need to go to start trading stocks, and how old does one have to be to make an account for investing in stocks. Also could you explain to me what a mutual fund is and the basics of investing in stocks? Thank You.

financi4 answers:

To invest in stocks all you need to do is:
a) Be 18 (if under 18 then you need your parents to cosign)
b) Talk to a stock broker to invest your money
c) Have money to invest

And that’s it, but that doesn’t mean you will make money in the stock market. In this case I will assume you want to make money so there are extra steps that need to be taken.

To make money from stocks you need to:
a) Find a company that is either starting out or is in an economic slump
-the stock prices should be low at that time
-a good example is Ford way back during the economic crisis and stocks were under $2
b) Research the company
-who is the ceo?
-does the ceo have experience with running a business?
-how good is the companies business plan?
-will the company thrive or go under?
-these are some good questions to ask. When I bought my Ford stock, I knew the government wasn’t going to let Ford go out of business and I researched and saw that the new ceo that was put in charge was put in situations like this before and saved companies from going out of business.
C) Decide how much you will invest
-how much can you afford to lose?
-how strongly do you believe in the company?
D) Talk to a stock broker
-fees will be charged with investing in stocks
-the lower the fees, the more you can invest
e) Watch the stock market and check your stock price every day
-when you buy at a low price, you can sell at a high price for bigger profits
-don’t gamble for the jackpot! Earlier this year, I could have sold my Ford stock for $18 share making a big profit considering i bought the stock at $2 a share and invested $1,000 for 500 shares. I was going to wait for it to hit $20 a share but it dropped quickly to $14 a share and now it is less than $10 because of the crisis in Europe and the amount of Ford cars sold there dropped.
F) If everything was done correctly, talk to your stock broker to withdraw your money into your savings account.
-this is where you make your money
g) If things look like they are headed in a bad direction and your company might go out of business, talk to your stock broker quick and with draw your money before you lose all of it!
-when things settle out at a lower price you can re-invest if you think the company might recover.

Here is a good link on mutual funds

Daniel asks…

What can investing in women do for a country’s economy?

What can investing in women do for a country’s economy? Investing in women is a sound social and financial approach to alleviating the current crisis and preventing others. So why isn’t it a more prevalent business strategy?

financi4 answers:

That would depend entirely on what the women in question could do. Is there something special that they do simply by being female?

Steven asks…

How does this sharebuilder investing work? I’m new to investing and I need to start saving up for college.

How does this sharebuilder investing work? I’m new to investing and I need to start saving up for college. I don’t know how all these stocks work. Can some one help thanks.
My parents don’t work so I cannont be able to get any thing under them.

financi4 answers:

Better put your savings into a high interest account @12% APY as I did and get a guaranteed income.
This is the best and safest investment for you.

Investing in stocks is too risky for you as a beginner.
Contact me for more details (check my profile).

Good luck!

Paul asks…

How do you start out investing money in companies?

I am interested in investing in some stocks, fully acknowledging the risks that are associated with doing so. Ideally, I would like to initially start out with investing £500, but I have no idea how to invest in businesses directly, or even indirectly. Can anybody help?

financi4 answers:

Yes spread betting is a great way to make money from rising or falling shares ,Indices,commodities etc ,i have 3 different accounts for more choices,different spreads etc …
For simple share trading –
these are excellent although they do offer spread betting as well ,you need to either complete the online form OR they can send one out to you ..but really its ALL about knowledge about how the markets and manipulations work so visit Amazon ,a good beginners book is High Probability Trading by Marcel Link.
Good luck…

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