Your Questions About Invest In Gold Stock

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Daniel asks…

What is the code for gold stocks?

I want to invest in gold but I can’t find it on etrade.

financi4 answers:

GLD One share = 1/10 oz.

Ken asks…

How can I invest stocks into Barrick Gold Corporation?

I’m trying to invest in bonds and since Barrick Gold is the world’s largest gold producer I think It would be a wise money making decision. If anyone knows how to go about this,can they please assist me?

financi4 answers:

The equity Barrick Gold trades under the symbol ABX. If you think that Barrick gold is a good investment, you really want to invest in the stock rather than the bonds. The bonds offer very little if any growth potential. Also Barrick Gold may not have any bonds that are tradable. I do not know. But ABX is a decent hedge against the potential collapse of the dollar.

Chris asks…

Should I put my money in the credit union, invest in the stock market or buy gold?

So my money is just sitting in the bank earning 2pence a month.. Where as the credit union gives a 10% annual return, gold prices have rocketed over the past few years, and the stock market has the potential to make alot of money however I could also lose alot of money. So I am just wondering where do you think the best thing would be to do with my money that’s sitting in the bank?
Yeh 10% annual return where I am in Ireland.

financi4 answers:

Keep some money in the credit union, buy gold and silver – stay out of the stock (gamble) market.

Steven asks…

Should I invest in the Barrick Gold Corporation? (stock ticker: ABX)?

I’m thinking of putting in about 11 or 12 shares. Do you think it will go up? Is this a wise decision? Please help 🙂

financi4 answers:

If this is where you are finding your financial advice you should put your money in a shoe box and bury it in the back yard. I’m not joking.

Donald asks…

I’m interested in gold coins. What is the best way to invest in gold?

Buy gold coins and hang on to them or buy stocks in gold investments or holdings?

financi4 answers:

If you really want gold in coin form, then buy Krugerrands. There will be no question to their authenticity; it is the most recognized gold coin in the world.

Otherwise, you can buy a Perth Mint Certificate, which is issued by the sovereign mint of the same name in the state of Western Australia available through dealers around the world, which is a claim on physical gold held at their vault. The mint is insured by Lloyd’s of London, and the Certificate can be later sold for whatever the gold price is, or redeemed for the actual gold to be delivered to you.

You can buy gold mining stocks and that assumes the risk of the mining company itself. You can also buy gold ETF’s but there again, you assume the risk of the ETF issuer.

David asks…

I want to invest money in some stock or something…?

Well I want to invest my money in something, but I honestly do not know how. I know you can like invest in gold and stock etc, but I have no idea how any of that stuff works. Can someone helps me out?

Okay, where can I invest?
WHat Can I invest in?
What is the minimum amount I can invest?
can I take it out whenever or do I have to leave it in there for an allotted amount of time?

thanks! -im kinda clueless incase you couldnt tell.

financi4 answers:

Here are a list of common investment options that people choose:

1 – Bank accounts and bank certificates of deposit
2 – Stocks or stock mutual funds
3 – Bonds or bond mutual funds
4 – Real estate
5 – Small business ownership
6 – Tax certificates
7 – Money market mutual funds

Bank accounts are easy to open and begin saving. Just walk into any bank and tell them you would like to save for the future. The bank will pay you interest at the going rate. Unfortunately banks tend to pay very low interest (especially right now) so they are not the best option for long term investing. However because bank savings are guaranteed by the FDIC and your principal deposit does not fluctuate in value, bank savings are ideal for emergency savings and short term savings goals.

For long term investing (20 years or more) stocks are one of the best options. They are extremely convenient and tend to generate very high long term returns (around 10% per year on average historically). However stock returns are unpredictable. In some years you will make money, in others you will lose money, but if you are able to stick it out for 20 years or more, stocks will likely outperform many other investment options. To get started you need to open an account with a mutual fund company such as Vanguard, T Rowe Price, or Fidelity OR you can hire a personal financial advisor to help you select individual stocks or mutual funds.

Bonds are a good option for intermediate term savings goals (money you might need in 10 years or less). They generate more consistent returns than stocks, but returns tend to be lower. Use bonds for specific financial goals such as a down payment on a house in the future or for retirement income.

Real estate can be a highly profitable investment option. However it takes a lot of money and a lot of work. You will need to buy a property and rent the property out to tenants. Done effectively, you can earn very high returns on your investment – however there are a lot of risks involved. I would strongly recommend reading heavily about real estate investing before considering this option.

Owning a small business can earn amazing returns, however this takes a lot of work and special skills. Consider this option if you want to work for yourself. This is not a good option for passive investing.

Tax certificates are issued by state and local governments when people are behind on their property tax payments. The government sells the right to the taxes due to investors (like you). Until the property owner pays the taxes, you earn interest. Interest rates can be extremely high – in my state it is 24% per year! Tax certificates have unique risks, and require a lot of effort.

Money markets are very safe mutual funds that earn low rates of interest (similar to bank savings accounts). They are not guaranteed by the FDIC, but rarely default, and when they do, investors tend not to lose much money at all.


There’s a rundown of common investment options. Many people choose to hire a professional financial advisor to help them choose investment options, however investing in stock and bond mutual funds is very easy to do on your own and many people choose to go this route and do not hire a professional.

Consider contacting a mutual fund company and opening an account. Invest in stock mutual funds for the long term, and bond mutual funds for shorter term goals.

Michael asks…

would it be smart to invest most of my money in gold?

I was wondering if it would be smart to invest most of my money in gold stocks or is that stupid, it seems to me that gold is sure bet to increase in value, and you are safe having your money in gold no matter what the stat of economy is but I might be wrong, so what do you guys thiink, thanks for the opinions

financi4 answers:

In fact the US dollar is about to come back… And that is an understatement. I wouldn’t even think of investing in Gold right now. And that diversified portfolio non-sense is what everyone who doesn’t know how to make money in the market. Pick no more than twelve positions before you become a sophisticated investor (you aren’t there yet Kimosabe). Read “Come Into My Trading Room” by Elder and follow the book trail that he gives you. The next 12-15 years will be a major opportunity to get rich… And it’s time for you to learn how.

John asks…

How do I invest in stocks/gold?

financi4 answers:

Local coin show / shop or for gold – for stocks

Thomas asks…

Why is gold not a good investment?

I get into to arguments with people all the time about investing in gold. I not its not a good investment but that’s it. Could someone with more knowledge about gold and gold stocks please explain it more for me and how I could defend myself in one of these “gold arguments”.

financi4 answers:

Im not a fan BUT its going to hit $1550 in mid summer….
Just wait and see

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