Your Questions About Invest In Gold Stock

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Ken asks…

Are gold stocks considered safe in these troubled time?

Will we see a rise in gold price in the future? Are gold stocks considered safe heavens in 2009?

Justin answers:

If you’re going to invest in gold, I wouldn’t put much in. Remember, gold is not a very liquid asset.

James asks…

What is the best way to invest $ 50000 for a profitable return in the long term?

bank deposit? invest in stock market ? private insurance ? real estate is profitable , what would be next option to you make your money grow without investing in real estate?

Justin answers:

Have a mixture of Deposits, Gold, stocks and mutual funds

Robert asks…

How can I invest in buying/selling gold?

I have 5 thousand dollars and want to invest in gold commodity. Is this money enough to buy and sell gold? Is there a website where I can buy and sell gold?

Justin answers:

Open a brokerage acct like I have….like Etrade. You can do it all on line including the transfer of funds. But listen to me GOOD, never, never, never ever put all your chips on a single stock.

I’m suggesting you buy a gold stock otherwise you need to buy the coins, or whatever and then you need a safe at home ya da ya …..etc

Good luck,

Paulee and look at financial shows like “Mad Money” msnbc or Fox Bulls and Bears

Charles asks…

What are you doing to prepare for the major ecomomic depression that may befall us?

Although we can prepare, there’s no guarantee anyone will be perfectly ready for such a thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

So far I’ve just started to invest in gold, I’ve started growing my own food and I’ve advised my family members to do so as well, I’ve also stocked up on canned foods, and I’m working on getting a passport.

Justin answers:

As for the gold you are investing in… Read section 9006 in the new health care bill to take effect january 1 2012. It speaks of gold. Why would a health care bill talk about gold.

Joseph asks…

How do you make money in buying/investing and selling gold?

Here’s the thing, I don’t have much money in the bank yet.
I just started my career., I only have $2000 dollars in the bank.

Anyway,’s the thing I want to invest in gold and silver.

How do I do that?
Should I have gold and silver physically?
Or should I buy some sort of stock or something?
Who do I sell it to?
How do I sell it?

I’m seeing this investment on a 10-20 years investment.
Before I actually go into real estate that’s my grand plan.

Justin answers:

The price of gold and silver can go down as well as up so is more a lottery than an investment unless you know what you are doing.

Michael asks…

What’s the best way to purchase Gold & other precious metals?

Specifically, if you’re looking to invest in Gold, and want possession of the actual coins or bricks upon purchase (instead of just receiving a certifcate of ownership)

Justin answers:

Any large bank will offer you a range of services to buy gold, the usual routes are gold coins or even krugerands. Just walk into your local Citi or Bank of America, and ask to talk to someone about placing an order.

Taking physical posession is a relatively expensive way to get exposure to gold. You will have to pay a margin to which ever company you get the coins from, a fee to the bank, plus safe storage costs. There’s nothing to stop you keeping your gold at home, but no insurance company will pay a claim if you are broken into.

If you want to invest in gold I’d suggest you consider the streetTRACKS Gold Shares Exchange Traded Fund instead (symbol: GLD). It gives you pure exposure to the price of gold, and is much cheaper and quicker to buy (you order through a stockbroker, just like a regular stock).

Richard asks…

How much money should I have to buy and sell gold?

Guys Please don’t say get stocks instead or don’t invest all in gold or wait blah blah… I need real information on how much minimum capital I should have to trade gold? Which site/s will allow me to trade it on live gold prices?

Justin answers:

To trade futures with Interactive brokers, you need about $7500 per contract. Their margin requirements are usually at exchange mins, so you may not do better. Intra-day margins used to be 50% of that, may have been reduced or eliminated, I don;t ever run my acct so tight that it matters to me.

You can use less capital by trading options and using spreads and straddles.

John asks…

What does stock market plunging over 500 points mean for average ppl?

will it affect the average people who have saving in the bank?
at what point does the stock market crush? 1000 point?
should I get my saving from the bank or invest it in gold or something else, I don’t want it to be worthless if the stock market crushes.

Justin answers:

Crashing in the market don’t affect you if you don’t own stock. Simple as that.

Now, what does it mean for the economy in general? Basically the markets are telling us that they see dark times ahead.

As for moving your cash in to gold, there’s no real need to do that. Your cash will always be there. The only reason you’d want to move it in to gold is if you think that we are heading for inflation, which means the price of gold will go up (so if you buy gold, and it goes, when you exchange it back to dollars you’ll have more dollars).

But there’s no guarantee gold will go up.

So no need to panic if you don’t own stock, you can just ignore all this insanity.

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