Your Questions About Invest In Gold Stock

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Mark asks…

How can I start to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds or gold?

And do you know of any websites that are helpful on this topic?

Justin answers:

You don’t want to jump blindly into investing. Some important things to consider are the reason you’re investing (for short term enjoyment or long range goals such as college, a new home, or retirement), the risk associated with the various investments, and then choosing the investment, or mix of investments, that are right for you.

Once you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about investing your money on your own, you could consider a discount brokerage firm. The trades are less expensive, and their tools are geared towards the experienced trader that’s capable of making their own trading decisions. Since I am a little bias, I would recommend Scottrade (only $500 deposit required). Although, there are several discount brokers out there to choose from.

You can compare the commissions/fees of several brokerage firms at: .

Good luck investing!


Ken asks…

What should I invest in for The Stock Market Game in school?

I’m in grade nine and in my business class we are taking part in a stock market game with nipissing university. I dont really have a clue what i should invest in, but i have $500,000 to use and it should have been spent a few days ago.. my bad. So give me any ideas on what are some good stocks that i could invest in.. the money HAS to be spent though. Thanks !

ps. I’ve already invested in about 250 stocks in gold.

Justin answers:

How long till its over is important, but here is my list. Some speculative, but I actually own all of these in my portfolio


fwiw, I think Joe ICE list is horrible.

John asks…

How do I invest in gold futures?

Is it a fund, a stock, or something else?

Justin answers:

It’s both, but don’t. Not a good investment

James asks…

Is it time to invest in gold?

Face it, the U.S. is going to default which means stock markets tumble and gold goes up. Boehner is only negotiating with Congress members and has cut off Obama. Doesn’t he realize that the Obama can veto anything he does? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have the 2/3 majority in the Senate to override the veto. This will all be Boehner’s fault.

Justin answers:

If the government continues to pay its most important debts first then the US will NOT default. That is nothing but an Obama, Reid, Pelosi, scare tactic.

Michael asks…

what gold stocks are worth investing in?

Justin answers:


Thomas asks…

How Much is a Gold Brick Worth? and How to buy one? how much does it weigh?

Im planning to invest in Gold rather than in stocks 😉 so i was wondering…. How much does a Gold brick weigh, and prices, and where to buy a Gold Brick!?

Justin answers:

Gold is about $624 per ounce right now. I don’t what size brick you had in mind, but it would be costly. A 10 pound brick would be 160 ounces x $624 = $99,840.

Go to to buy gold by the ounce.

Donald asks…

how could i buy soft gold stocks?asap?

hi…im tring to find out the most reliable company to invest in for soft gold…i need to make sure their going to be around for a while..but im not sure how to look it up…if anyone can help me on this asap that would help me out soooo much!!!

Justin answers:

Contact your broker.

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