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Paul asks…

What are the ways to beat inflation other than invest in gold, stock, commodities, realestate, antiques, arts?

I am from India. Here in india inflation is very high. The real inflation is about 15% per annum. If compounded almost every five years the prices of almost everything doubles. Yes, 100% total inflation every five years once. I want a good suggestion / idea to beat the inflation other than the known sources like investment in FDs stocks, bonds, commodites, realestate, antiques, arts which is generally adopted by everybody. I am looking for a novel idea or solution relally works because the above mentioned most of the items are almost( note : almost) speculative in nature. Please do not argue or discuss these above mentioned items. I am lookig for some other good idea in investment to beat the horriable inflation the real killer. Help will be of great use in this idea.

financi4 answers:

Well, you pretty much eliminated all of the obvious choices. Try this one on for size. Ancient Greek coins and Mesopotamian cylinder seals. Somewhat far fetched but both do have some potential. They are scarce. They are beautiful. And they are not unreasonably priced considering. The down side is they are somewhat difficult to liquidate should the need arise. I normally would not recommend such investments, but you have eliminated the obvious.

Joseph asks…

If Democrats are not invested in the stock market or gold, why would they vote for Obama?

Is hope and change that important? Or are you just voting against Romney or Johnson?

financi4 answers:

They get welfare

Thomas asks…

Based of the condition of the economy should Americans invest or mattress stash?

Im a young guy of 18 and sorry if this question sounds stupid but I hear of the US going into a serious recession or depression worse than 1929 I also hear that alot of wealthy Americans are transfering the money to Euros and Gold should I take all or some of my funds out the bank invest in stock, gold, or CD’s or is this just a phase that America is going through? I really want some solid advice even though I just started building my assets. Also I wanted to know if I should have fun with my money when Im young or save it and invest then play later?

financi4 answers:

You are young and have a lot of time in front of you. At 18 you should be buying stock, sure the market may be down for a year or two but that’s the best time to buy, everyone is scared, it’s time to be greedy! Three years ago everyone was greedy so I bought very conservatively. Now chicken little says the sky is falling and I’m buying as much as i can and if it drops more that means i can buy that much more each pay day. Someday it will go back up. However if you need the money for school then keep it all cash in a high yield savings like emigrant

The problem with “mattress stashing” is inflation. Money sitting around loses value. You should always have some cash, 10% of your investable money is enough, no more than 20%.

Gold seems like it’s high now but it’s really worth about the same as it was 100 years ago if you take inflation into account.

So at 18 for long term investing.
I would put about 50% of my money in some US stock funds
30% foreign stock funds
10% in bonds (or bond funds)
10% in cash (emergency fund) high yeild savings like above.

Vangurd has some good one with low fees

of course i just some guy on the net.
P.S. Have a little fun just don’t get carried away.

Charles asks…

Questions about investing in precious metals?

I am just starting off in the investing world, so bare with me with my lack of knowledge in my questions.

I was wondering how exactly people invest in precious metals? People tell me to invest in Gold, etc. Do they physically buy gold? Stocks?

Also, is copper a good idea? It is cheap and becoming a valuable resource.

The thing is, I hear a lot of people invest in metals in case the dollar goes down. So I assume its a physical investment rather than via stocks.

Thanks for any help

financi4 answers:

Yes, they typically buy physical gold. Of course its not usually sent to you so you can put bullion in your living room and stare at how it glitters. Its all computerised ownership, but if you buy gold, then it does exist somewhere, in some vault or other.

But really, I think you’re several years too late to be considering gold and silver.
People have been harping on about investing in gold for the past few years, and indeed they were right, but that doesn’t mean their advice is still sensible given todays prices.

If you;re new to investing, Id really start paper trading with some bue chip low risk shares.
This is no time to be getting into commodities nor should you blindly follow someone else’s advice without really understanding why you’re buying or why they claim its a good investment.

After all, when you lose $20000 on their bad advice, they really do not care.

Its not their money they’ve lost, and their advice will always have a bunch of disclaimers about not following it if you dont know what you’re doing.

John asks…

Is now a good time to invest in Gold?

Is now the time to invest gold, and why or why not? what are the Pros and Cons. Is it better the physical thing (jewel etc..) or in stock?

financi4 answers:

I believe gold is the best investment you can currently make. Global instability, inflation, low interest rates, falling dollar. Gold is a tangible item, that will always be in demand… I see $1000 an ounce by the end of the year. With much more room to run.

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