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James asks…

What do you think the greatest treasure in the world is?

“Let set sail together once again, in the sea of adventure!”

Hm, just want to know what others think, It’s for my story. The answer here is True Friendship. Friends been through everything together, they have to trust each other and work together. Tho some would mistake the ‘True Treasure’ as gold, silver, diamonds etc…

My question is in the title, don’t question, answer. =A=

Justin answers:

Such an easy question. Now lets first look at where man would be without the greatest treasure in the world. Man would still be living in caves, and tossing rocks at each other. We would depend only on food we could gather and catch.

So what is this greatest treasure that changed the world?

The concept of investing for the future.

Let me explain. When man started to plant food, they were taking a risk and investing for the future. The gamble was to risk a few seeds they could eat, then the seeds would grow into big plants to supply much more food in the Fall and they could live off it year round.

Without investments man would not have realized that staying put in one spot could be good and we would still be wandering around searching for food and fighting each tribe trying to protect their own area.

Investing brought about the idea of money, the idea of taking ships across the sea and risking lives to bring back a return on the investment.

Investing is also part of the concept of investing in peace..since peace can be more rewarding than war.

Investing also means opening up your heart to risk of rejection in return for friendship and love.

Investing is also working together and doing strange stuff like inventing new things on the belief that your time and effort will be rewarded in the long run.

Philip Maise
Pahoa Hawaii

Richard asks…

Is it smart to invest in gold/silver instead of 401K?

Should I pull all of my money out of my 401K and buy tons of gold/silver as this will be the new currency soon?

Justin answers:

Pardon me while i LOL.
Have heard the same hype about gold the last 40 years
and u know what, it hasn’t happened yet.

Invest in ammo and guns , gas, water , food if u
believe in the economy failure.
Check out what was real important during KAtrina, IKE
and Sandy . It was not gold or silver.

No failed economy uses gold/silver as currency form.

Robert asks…

How do I get started in investing in Commodities and stocks?

Is it safe and relatively easy to get started trading over the internet? through an online broker like a bank. And commodities like oil, gold, silver, and so on… would you be able to invest in those as well through an online broker or would you have to go somewhere else to do that?

Justin answers:

To trade you need DEMAT account first to trade. Yes you should hire a brokerage house person to trade for you or you can have your own online account. You should start with stocks rather than commodity first.

William asks…

What is the best precious metal to invest in right now?

I asked yesterday about non precious metals. So now I’m wondering about precious metals. I bought 2 ounces of silver because it was the cheapest. But I’ve also considered buying palladium. Maybe even gold, but I’m worried gold wont go up too much more than it already is. What is a precious metal that will most likely grow in value over time? Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium?

Justin answers:


Paul asks…

What is the best non-precious metal to invest in right now?

I am looking into buying metal bullion to keep for a long period of time in hopes that it will increase in value. However I don’t want to do the usual gold and silver. What is the best cheap metal to invest in? I have looked into Copper, Titanium, Nickel, and others. Having a hard time deciding which one would be the best long term investment.

Justin answers:

Gold = 1658 per ounce
Copper = $3.60 per pound, although typically sold by the ton.

You have to buy 460 pounds of copper to invest the equivalent of a single ounce of gold. Think about shipping costs. Storage space? Insurance? Totally impractical idea.

Don’t get scammed into buying small bars of copper or any other industrial metal. Wide spreads. Stupid prices. No chance of long term profit.

There are two firms trying to get approval for a copper ETF that holds the physical metal. If approved, that would be a reasonable way to implement the idea.

David asks…

How to use $2000 to make ‘more’ money?

So hear me out, i appreciate honest answers and i will thank you more than ever if you can help me.
I’m a little younger than 18, and i live in Melbourne. My parents don’t want me to get a part time job because they want me concentrating more on my studies, i’m an A grade student so i’m doing fine in my opinion.

I saved up since 2007 and made $5000, and unfortunately ever since i got a savings card i’ve just spent, spent, spent. and now i have a little over $2000.

I would like to know if there is a way that i could use this money and turn it into a larger amount of money? My parents said its okay to use the remaining of my bank account on what ever i want…because thats all i’m going to get until graduation :/

Could i invest? Buy gold? silver?
I have no clue where to begin, i’ve always had an interest in making money and seeing people like Bill Gates who donate $50 million to AIDS and HIV research is truly great. Not thinking just for himself but using his wealth to save those who are less fortunate.
I don’t plan on making that much money, because even if you spend there is still enough to make you spend more.

So what i’m asking is, is there a way to make $2000 into something bigger? I’ve heard of people who where in dept and had zero dollars in their pockets to becoming millionaires.
I will appreciate all answers and one that sounds the best will get best answer, thank you

Justin answers:

It’s a lofty goal and sounds nice, but you’re dreaming kid.

It takes money to make money. Even if you invested in the stock market (which I doubt you can at your age), and you averaged a 10% return (which is almost impossible) you’d still only make $200. So you’ll risk losing all of your money just to make $200. That’s a poor choice.

If you invested in bonds, CD’s, and things like that, they only give you around a 1% return a year. Again, you’d get like $2 from it. Gold? Silver? Also poor choices because they can also decline in value.

Yes, Bill Gates is a great story, but Bill Gates grew up in a pretty financially secure household, went to the best colleges, and had a SKILL. He became rich through his talents/business, not the stock market.

George asks…

Is now a good time to buy some gold and slilver?

I already invested in some Silver eagle coins. I am curious to know if buying more gold or silver or any of the precious metals is good now. I think the market will crash again after the election however that is mere speculation. Let me know what you think? Thanks.

Justin answers:

They are both very precious for sure. I was just thinking about buying some gold and silver too…lol

Charles asks…

If gold and silver values go really high, why does this increase buying?

I was just speaking to someone who works in a bank that sells gold and silver and she was telling me that when the price of silver went really high a few years ago, they sold out of silver in a day because of all the people buying it.
But this has confused me because why would people BUY something when it’s price is so high. I can understand why people would sell it at that time but buying it during that peak sounds rather foolish to me. Could you please explain the logic and reasoning behind this?

The way I look at it, if anyone is planning to buy precious metals as an investment, common sense tells me you would try to enter the market at a time when the value is really low. Common sense also tells me that investing in precious metals is mostly a long term investment so why do people rush at these short-term peaks?

Justin answers:

At the time silver prices were going through the roof. Silver was $17 oz in June 2010 and rose to $48 oz by May 2011. People were jumping on the band wagon to buy silver believing the price was going to continue to climb. The problem was prices spiked and fell from $48 an oz in May 2011 down to $32 an oz in less than week. No one has a crystal ball so no one really knows when to jump on the train and when to jump off. It’s a a crap shoot.

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