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William asks…

Where can I find a financial advisor in the Philippines?

Where can I find a financial advisor in the Philippines? Is there a financial company that has advisors or stockbrokers that could do all this work for me. I want to invest in GOLD and SILVER there but I don’t want to deal with any scams.

Do you know of any financial companies in the Philippines (Makati, Manila, Alabang) that have financial advisors?

Justin answers:

Have you checked with your local bank manager lately? You would be surprised at what some of these bank managers for bigger bank mangers like Philippines National Bank (PNB), Metrobank, Citibank, HSBC, Bank of the Philippines (BPI) and like banks know. Get to know your bank manager. Many of these good people surround themselves with circle of friends who have financial contacts that have become very successful.

Robert asks…

Is there a reliable website to buy gold and silver that’s not overpriced?

I have some money to invest – nothing big and want to buy gold or silver bars or coins. Every site I hit if I read something says they mark it way up. Just need simple advice on best site to check current gold/silver prices and best site or two to buy gold/silver on.

Justin answers:

Save enough money, then open a stock trading account. Then buy GLD or SLV ETF. It is the cheapest way to buy gold.

Joseph asks…

What does silver’s outlook look like for the 2nd half of 2011?

With QE3 rumored, and another stimulus by Obama, on top of debt controversy and Euro worries, it’s no surprise commodities like gold & silver are hot right now. But what does their outlook look like for the 2nd half of the year. Gold seems a bit overbought, but silver seems a bit undervalued even at $40. I’m thinking silver could be at $50 by year’s end. What do you think?

Justin answers:

The Dollar is quickly dieing. The silver to gold ratio is incorrect and the price of silver will go way up real soon, within a year to year and a half. Might go from below $40.15 (where it is now 8-17-11) to $100 to $200 by then. We will one day some time soon go off the Federal Reserve Note and return to a Gold Standard.

Here are some sites for more info and to educate yourself more:

Do a search on Youtube for “silver investing” and buying silver.

John asks…

Should I forget about Gold and Silver and put all my money into the DOW?

because it’s unamerican to own physical gold and silver coins. they are nothing but a “barbarous relic”

and why does this question keep getting a violation?

Justin answers:

I like gold and silver coins but I have just invested in tuna fish, I bought a case at Sam’s club, if the Japanese nuclear reactor melts down we will not be able to eat fish for years 🙁

Chris asks…

How can an individual buy gold but not the gold on paper?

My investments have lost so much value that I am thinking of investing in gold instead. But I want tangible gold that I can have in my possession. I don’t want a certificate or something like that.
My investment manager charges my account 1% fee for their services and my account lost 10% total value in one quarter. Seems high risk to me. I agree I need to become more informed, who has time?

Justin answers:

Your answer is two fold.

1. To buy gold, the best place is probably eBay. Or a coinshop near you, shop to compare.

2. You should do more research before deciding whether gold or silver is better for you. It worked for me, but I was very careful what I knew and what risks I’m willing to take. So read more before jumping into another pool.

Charles asks…

What would I need to make QUALITY jewelry, where would I buy products?

Ok I have decided to invest some time and money into some jewelry making products and give it a go.

Thing is I have been looking on ebay and all the chains and findings seem to be either gold or silver plated.

I need quality products like solid silver or gold?? How many people actuallty use plated stuff? How long does it last for?

What is the name of the wire/thread/string I need to make jewelry with genuine pearls, good quality beads etc…

I have some designs ready, and even if they dont sell, its still a hobbie but I dont want them to be made like the cheap stuff that comes out of china…

Justin answers:

If you want solid gold or silver, it’s going to be expensive. Buy Bead &Button and see the supplier’s list at the back.

The wire and cord I use to string are tiger tail and nylon. I prefer nylon because tiger tail ocassionally stain beads. They also sometimes don’t fall as nice and the necklace will be crooked if the owner stuffs the necklace into a small bag or something .

I use plated stuff because it’s not easy selling solid gold (silver is okay but I use it for my expensive looking pieces). The plated stuff can last a year.

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