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Michael asks…

is it safe to invest in gold. people say by stoping online trading , gold rate drops to 1300 – 1500 / gram?

financi4 answers:

Like Gopal, I’m expecting a correction. Don’t get me wrong i’m not shorting it. Just don’t think its the time to load up on gold.

Don’t listen to “people”

Robert asks…

Where is the best place to buy gold online in the uk?

I am looking to invest about £1000

financi4 answers:

Bullion vault

Donald asks…

Investing in Gold. What does it mean Real Gold or Paper Gold?

The days have now gone when gold use to be kept in lockers i.e the Real Gold.
Now a days we can purchase gold online and can be kept in our demat account. Does that mean we only purchase paper gold. Would i able to use that gold for making jewelleries for my wife after 10 years. What rate would be applicable? can i convert paper gold into real gold? please explain all about gold. Thanks!!!

financi4 answers:

Gold only retains it’s value if it’s been kept in registered vaults and can be tracked directly to it’s origin. Gold that you take delivery off and physically keep yourself have the risk of requiring re-assayment to guarantee the buyer that it is indeed gold hence it’s sold to you at a premium and bought back from you at a discount. Gold that has been used to make jewellry not only results in loss of gold in the process but has to be sold as jewelry or as salvaged gold and therefore re-origined as it’s origins can no longer be definitively proven. Consequently investments in gold are often just gold deposit certificates which are redeemable for the physical gold, naturally with the subsequent loss in value if you take delivery of the gold.

You can buy ETF’s which are exchange traded funds. These do not necessarily invest in gold but use portfolio replication techniques to assemble a portfolio of investments, some in gold, some in silver, some in companies that benefit from gold prices in order to emulate gold prices. These have the advantage in the the cost of storage of gold is compensated by the business operations of the companies invested in and hence the investment can more accurately track the spot price of gold rather than account for the cost of storage. The distinction between a physical gold ETF and a gold ETF is largely marketing to the uninformed, both are synthetic replicated portfolios and not necessarily investments in gold itself.

Ken asks…

How much money in USD is a 10 gram .999 fine gold bar worth right now?

I am looking into investing into a gold bar online, so how much is it really worth and where could sell it?

financi4 answers:

Today : About 519.00

Gold is sold by the Troy ounce which is around 31.2 grams. A regular ounce is 28 grams.
I believe John W did his calculations using a regular ounce.

Paul asks…

I don’t have much money to invest, what kind of gold coins should I start with?

I would like to start acquiring gold coins such as the Swiss 20 Francs or gold bars etc. but not something that the government could confiscate (ie us coins after 1933). What would be a good online website to buy gold from? Would gold bars be good as well? How about the effects of grading, certified or not, year, etc. affect the price (in particular – swiss franc).

financi4 answers:

Frankly, i would save until you had enough to buy 1-ounce Krugerrands. They carry one of the lowest premiums over the gold price, and they are the most recognizable bullion coins in the world. Smaller gold is okay, but some of them have some numismatic element, which can be unstable, and i don’t think the extra premiums are worth it.

Other posters have advised against gold simply because of the 1980 spike and subsequent crash. While it is true that you would have lost a ton of money in that particular instance, you have to ask the question, how many people actually did that? Most gold bugs would have recognized gold’s ascent early on and ridden the price up to just below bubble levels.

I also don’t recommend gold ETF’s simply because you don’t really own the gold, but rather a share in what the ETF issuer says it owns. If the ETF were to go belly up, you might not get back what you put in. The risk is very very slight for corporate incompetence and malfeasance, but it’s there, nonetheless.

I myself don’t “invest” in gold, i have it as a permanent (never sold unless all hell breaks loose…) hedge in my portfolio, being about 10% of my net worth, and rebalanced regularly. As i earn income i convert about 10% of that into gold, and sometimes i pay a lot, sometimes less, but the gold price is actually irrelevant to me. I also have a similar percentage in silver, and i’m currently overweight in silver.

James asks…

Diablo 2 LOD account want to trade for hero online stuff/gold?

Hello, I have many years invested in D2 LOD and some very nice items. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading some Hero Online Gold and or Items for either my items or maybe even my whole account?
well since its me who is asking I will be the one to give something first and I don’t know weather your going to believe me but i am trustworthy

financi4 answers:

Just out of curiosity, but how exactly is this going to work? I mean, how do I know that you’re trustworthy, and how do you know that I’m trustworthy? How exactly are we supposed to trade what we’re supposed to trade? I could go in in-game with you on Hero and give you stuff, but then how do I know that you’re going to give me stuff back on Diablo II?

Chris asks…

How can I Invest in Gold? Any one know any websites or places I can goto?

I’ve bought and traded bullion online at a small scale but anyone else have any tips or experiences?

financi4 answers:

Please let me save you some money 🙂

1. Please don’t buy Precious Metals or any investment based on a website advertisement. Only buy from licensed USA (if you are in the USA) registered commodity broker in your area.

2. I think the run on Precious Metals is pretty well done.

Other FYI:
3. There is no tax on an investment until you sell at a profit.

4. If you take possession of a physical metal it is much harder to sell. You have to go to a dealer.

5. If you buy from a website you may not be getting what you think you are getting. There are a ton of scams out there. They could ship nothing, ship something that is less than pure actual metal or contain other metals that are less valuable.

Just don’t do it.

Put the money in a ROTH IRA and invest in the S&P 500 Index. Wait 10 years and you should be much happier.

Richard asks…

Where can I invest my e-gold?

there are many high yielding e-gold investment plans are they safe? and can u please tell me some websites which deals in high yield investment plans for e-gold or any other online currency which is easily transferred to and from India.

financi4 answers:

Transactions in e-gold are not legal, and violate the regulatory framework in India. This warning comes from the Reserve Bank of India. The RBI has warned the public, banks, moneychangers and financial institutions against using e-gold as a currency.

Joseph asks…

Where can a person purchase gold bullion?

Now is as good time as ever to invest in gold with the dollar value going down. However, I would like to purchase it in the physical sense and keep it in my own personal vault.

Does anyone know any reputable places to buy gold bullion or authentic gold coins online for investment purposes, then have it shipped to your doorstep?

I am against buying it and owning a virtual “share” of gold. If the economy were to ever collapse, I doubt the Gold would be mailed out to my doorstep. So my goal is to get real gold that I can store.

That’s what many of the top richest people in the world are doing, and I think I should too.

Any ideas?

If someone has a reference that states it is illegal for US citizens to own gold, please share.

Where would be a good place to buy gold coins? I’ve got a hefty amount to invest (over $9,000) in Gold or Silver.

I’m looking for the best bang for my buck and I figure “collector” sites may be pricey simply because the items are for collectors. I’m looking buy for the material, not for nostalgia or collector value.

Any suggestions?

financi4 answers:

I don’t think it is illegal for a US person to buy and hold gold. However, do you really want a chest full of gold coins under your bed? What would the cleaning lady think!

Better bet, buy a gold ETF instead. Streettracks has an ETF (Ticker: GLD) that pretty much correlates to the price of gold.

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