Your Questions About Invest In Gold Mines

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Steven asks…

Is this a good time to invest in gold mining stocks?

financi4 answers:

Sure if u wanna lose money!

Thomas asks…

What percentage of my portfolio should I invest in gold or gold mining stocks?

I’m 40.

financi4 answers:

Precious metals are often considered a safe haven in inflationary times. Also with this recent trendy commodity boom, speculators and hedge funds have thrown billions into the markets, taking them to non-fundamental highs. Commodity investing is highly speculative and in fact trades on basic supply/demand economics. The problem is that the average investor doesn’t know what these figures are, so they have to rely on some broker to trade correctly for them. It’s a big risk. My answer to you is that you should invest whatever percentage you don’t mind losing. Also, if it DOES happen to appreciate, start taking pieces of it out. There is an old saying in the commodity investment market: sometimes the bull, sometimes the bear, but never the hog.

Paul asks…

If you had $3,000 to invest in “Gold mining stocks” which stocks would you choose?

If you had $3,000 to invest inGold mining stocks” which stocks would you choose?

Newmont Mining (NEM)
Lihir Gold (LIHR)
Barrick Gold (ABX)
Northern Dynasty (NAK)

or would you go with GDX ETF?

financi4 answers:

Yamana Gold (AUY)
Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM)
Goldcorp Inc (GG)

Yamana would get the biggest chunk, maybe $1200-1500. The rest divided between GG & AEM.

I’d buy now before the next wave of “stimulus” & banking “reform” send inflation skyrocking & the dollar into a freefall.

BTW, Barrick is hedged against the movements in gold price, so you will see little gain vs the gains in gold prices.

AMEX GOLD BUGS INDEX (HUI) is another good option


David asks…

Which of these is the most secure way to invest in gold and why?

–> Gold Certificates
–> Gold Accounts
–> Gold Exchange Traded Funds
–> Gold Futures and Options
–> Gold Mining Shares
–> Gold Mutual Funds
–> Personal possession of gold bars or coins

Imagine if another depression were to happen.
Also, keep in mind that personal possession is subject to theft…especially if a person ends up homeless.

financi4 answers:

Definitely personal possession of gold bars or coins; also look into rare coins. Then of course, you would have to store it securely, perhaps in a safe deposit box.

Daniel asks…

Gold mining stocks to invest in?

Does anyone have any advice on what gold mining stocks to invest in?

financi4 answers:

Also check out Newmont Mining (NEM) here:
and analysts opinions here:
today’s price @ 11:55 EDT = 63.62
avg target price is $77

Hope this helps..

Charles asks…

What are the best stocks under 5 dollars for a first time investor?

I want to invest and need to start with stocks that will go up-but wont cost so much to start with. What should I invest ingold mines-medical-???
What market would be best too look at ? Mine stock ,fuels or medical ?

financi4 answers:

Most stocks, but not all, under 5 bucks are not what one would call investments. They fall under the heading speculations, especially the gold mines. There is one medical stock that even though it is a speculation it has some merit. It is not under 5 though but not too far away. MEDX. They have several drugs in phase 3. And S&P rates them a buy. They are involved in the options scandle. I once owned the stock but sold it. I have been thinking of buying it back. There is a company TINY that invests in companies that do nanotechnology. It is really speculative and I expect it to probably go under but it is selling about as low as it has sold in a year. It might go up again in the near future. It is about $10.

Here is one to look at INPC. It is a communications company trading at 6.41, close to 5. Running a deficit but projected to make money this year and more next. Analysts tend to be overly optimistic though. It popped out at the top of the list of a S&P screen of stocks under $10. Another LIOX. Also running a deficit but expected to post a profit. $5.37. It is sort of an internet company, but after reading its profile I am still not sure exactly what it does. Now. You might very well buy stock in either of these companies and make some money, but there is a whole lot of risk. Either could double in value or could go broke.

If you sign of for an account with Fidelity you can run these screens yourself and pick your poison.

James asks…

What do you think of investing in IAU Comex gold?

Is it better than investing in a Gold Mining stock such as Kinross or Barrick? Is it less tied to the U.S. dollar? Safer investment, etc.? Thanks!

financi4 answers:

The value of mining stocks has not followed the rise in the price of gold. At some point that price gap will be filled. Until the mining stocks move into an up trend investing in IAU or GLD seems to be the best bet.

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