Your Questions About Invest In Gold Mines

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Joseph asks…

What is the all time best thing to invest in?

What thing (can be anything, from stocks, baseball cards, gold, cars, etc….) is the single best thing to invest in?

Somebody told me land because there will always be a limited supply of land (there can never be anymore) and the population will always be growing so demand will always increase. So even though local prices may fluctuate year to year depending on city issue and the economy and other factors, but overall the value of land will always rise with substantial time? Is this true?

Justin answers:

This isn’t the ‘all time best thing’ as nobody knows that answer …but Africa has always made me money…mining – oil – mobile phone companies etc…

Charles asks…

Is COPPER a good investment for precious metal investors?

I know Gold and Silver secret has now been discovered. I am time to move on since I had already made (secret!) good amount since the 80s. Now, what about Copper ?

Justin answers:

Copper is NOT a precious metal….no one walks around proudly displaying their copper ring or bracelet.

Copper is a BASE metal…an industrial metal…in high demand in a good economy since it is used in many manufacturing processes (wire for example).

You make me smile about a gold/silver “secret”…so funny.

You will not make money off of Copper like you will on Gold/silver…Why? Because the price might rise $1 and that would be great for copper mines but no one is going to stock up on copper as they would a precious metal. You can make money if the price rises by investing in copper mines if you have the skills to find the right ones.

Paul asks…

what is the best market i can invest $2000 and make a good profit?

where can i invest $2000 to mke at least $1000 a month. wat do i have to do n where?

Justin answers:

You may open a trading account with a lowest commission based broker. Email to me and will let you know.

There are three stocks I am buying

1.) Cheap gold play–>”NAK” on AMEX
The world 2nd largest copper mine to be developed in Alaska

2.) Titanium/Uranium/Iron play—>”ANARF” on OTC BB
The two gentlemen have done twice to turn a $30 million company into $ billions. This is their third journey.

3.) Diamond play–>”DMDXF” on OTC BB
This one is more speculative, the good track of record on competent management will help you to minimize the risk. The CEO is on the 2nd journey in discovering the world class diamond mine. You can call him personally to find out how much he knows.

Please do you due diligence as you should ALWAYS take a grain of salt on any one’s remarks.

Happy investing…

Daniel asks…

What are some good trustworthy sites for me to invest in gold? Have any of you invested in gold?

I hear now is a good time. Any legit info?

Justin answers:

You can buy shares in gold mining firms. If you have a really sizable amount, you can talk to your banker. Buying gold means that you incur storage costs. For a small investor thats bad.

James asks…

Is there a resource for finding out when gold and silver mining companies are going to start trading publicly?

That are not already. And I’m particularly interested in exploration companies.

Justin answers:

Do you know how long it takes for a “find” to become a mine??? Anywhere from 5 to 10 years. They will start a company a lot sooner than that because they need investor money.

But you are buying into a dream and moose pasture if you get in early…most such companies don’t result in a paying proposition. For the investor most are losing propositions.

You have to have pretty solid investigative skills to sort the wheat from chaff. Exploration companies are the worst…because ALL they have to sell is drilling results at best and you really have to be good at understanding them to realize the scams from the real.

If you are Canadian you do have access to more start-up mining companies than Americans. I would never invest in a mining property that was a start-up if it was in the states of Nevada or Arizona…by their own admission there are countless scams in those states…In fact I would probably never invest in an American start-up period….though I must confess it is fun exposing them when they are frauds.

There are frauds in Canadian mining companies too but there are some good ones if you are good at searching. Here is a reference that lists all the mining producers and explorers on the Toronto TSX and TSXV

These are not the newest ones perhaps but it will keep you occupied for days maybe weeks.


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