Your Questions About Invest In Gold Mines

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John asks…

How do i invest in something to get provide?

Can i also invest into websites i am not really rich but i can load up the sum in time

Justin answers:

Invest gol at and you will get 10% a month from your investing, join in this stock investing ing gold mining, visit the web site and joint in start from USD 6000, and you’ll get 5000 CPS. If you want to joint use my refferal ID 100000166617.

Steven asks…

Is the plight of college students akin to the Gold Rush?

With the people selling mining equipment (colleges and student loan providers) making all of the money, while most of the prospectors (students) are left bankrupted and ruined?

Justin answers:

Interesting idea!

Probably not though. I’d think it’s more akin to the company store of the early 20th century mining and textile villages. In the early 1900’s we told “poor, uneducated mountain folk” that they should come to the city and get a job so they could have money. We told them that their subsistence life (“everything I need, I get from my land”) just wasn’t very good. 2-3 generations later, they’re still poor but now they don’t own the shack or a pot to ….. The company store did pretty well though as did their employers.

The biggest student loan provider is now the US Govt. They’re the company store. You end up in debt to them so that you’re forever required to continue to work (and pay taxes) in order to pay off the company store. The college is really nothing more than the manufacturer of goods was in those days – they benefit greatly when the company store extends credit because they sell more product.

In both examples though (prospector or mill worker) – the worker has the choice. You can always elect to not go. You can elect to not borrow money. You can “just say no.” But, like the prospector’s drive for riches they saw possible – many won’t say no and like many prospectors (and most mill workers) – most will not achieve the riches they are chasing. Some (perhaps many) will even end up worse off than they started.

BUT – some people will indeed achieve great success. They’ll find “the mother-lode” and “make it big”. Interestingly, it’s not all that hard to predict which. Those who do their digging where gold is known to be (engineering, medicine, some business, etc) will be pretty well assured of sparkles in the pan. Those who do their panning in a creek that is known to have been panned out or that never had any gold in it probably won’t do too well comparably.

Those miners didn’t all lose their fortune to the sutter’s store though. A whole lot of them (just like the college students I know) lost their fortune gambling, drinking, and enjoying the company of the ladies. Those who followed the gold fields and then walked away from the vices didn’t do too terribly bad and some became incredibly wealthy.

Many lost their fortunes to the sutler’s store because they invested in the tools and then waited for some gold to come find them. Instead of finding out where the gold was and going there – they thought they could hang out in the saloons of San Francisco and find gold littering the floors. (in fact, some ingenious individuals did indeed find gold on those floors – most didn’t bother looking for it.) Sloth! Sloth cost many of them their chance. The same is true of many of the mountaineers that came down from the hills to the mills and mines.

What it really came down to then was individual choices (prospectors, mill workers, adventurers, and students alike) – the choices are yours. But, like a poker player, if you want to play – you have to ante up. Most poker players will tell you it’s a bad idea to gamble (degree in Art History or Creative Writing) with borrowed money but that borrowing for a sure bet (engineering, medicine, etc..) is a pretty slick trick. Gambling for personal enjoyment (degrees in art, music, philosophy, etc..) is best done with money you can afford to lose.

I like this analogy…

Donald asks…

If we are going into a high inflationary 2008 @ the same time Homes and Shares are high priced where to invest

I have been told in high inflation houses would be a good investment however given the high prices what will happen to home prices this time? I dont like gold so what else can i put my super into?

Justin answers:

BTW there are gold shares also (mining companies)

But maybe you can also just wait a few more months,
so that

* Inflation and / or recession really settles in
(a high probability),

* Interest rates get dramatically lower (at least
compared to the inflation rate, or because the
central banks would panic and lower them, then
money would flee from savings accounts towards
other assets),

* Shares get even cheaper: they might be the first
to rebound then.

You might try a stock pricer:

On the other hand, seems that real estate will need
much more time to recover.

Ken asks…

mining: How is Perseverance impacted by the international gold price?

2.Is mining good or bad?
3.What is law of demand?

Justin answers:

The Us has gold which has not been mined. The price of gold has been down, so we have stopped mining it, and invested more in military. Our Perseverance is impacted by what we can sell gold to other countries for, because this may have to do with how much money we have as a nation. Mining is not good or bad. I’m not sure what the law of demand is. I guess it has to do with supply and demand, meaning that little supply makes a great demand. It sounds like a law for me to follow.

Daniel asks…

How seriously to take expected share growth?

A company was pointed out to me, its selling at $0.057 and its expected growth is 123.9% for the next yr.

How seriously should it be taken?

It’s a gold and nickel mine here in West Aus and I keep hearing good things about this company from every day people to professionals and everything I’m reading in my research kinda sounds promising.

Justin answers:

The research is key. There are poorly run gold mining and exploring companies out there that can lose money even when gold goes up, such as CDE Coeur D’alene . If your research shows it is well run, then buy some, and welcome to the adventure of investing!!

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