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Michael asks…

The Space Industry ?

Why is it that america is paying billions upon billions – to investigate space (at the expense of healthcare and about a million other public services) and yet as soon as OUR industries turn a profit for america (in mining gold etc), these industries will become privatised and taken out of americans hands.

They won’t even have to pay tax!!!

Why are Americans investing by the trillion into these orgs – that will not even pay tax for america once they are set up?
Oh … every bit of info on Google and Youtube is discredited..because erm…it just is.

I see.

financi4 answers:

Hey. Us aerospace engineers need our welfare too!

It provides us employment and advances scientific and engineering progress. That in turn leads to economic expansion.

Charles asks…

i have about 2000$ is savings bonds.. a buddy of mine says cash them in and but gold bullion.. is this safer?

and will it turn out a bigger yeild? how do YOU think i should invest it?

financi4 answers:

Buying gold is very speculative. It has big rises and big drops.

David asks…

i have about 2000$ is savings bonds.. a buddy of mine says cash them in and but gold bullion.. is this safer?

and will it turn out a bigger yeild? how do YOU think i should invest it?

financi4 answers:

Savings bonds pay a really low yield, but there’s very little risk.

Gold swings up and swings down.

In the past, gold has moved contrary to other investments, and it could be used as a hedge, but it’s stopped doing that.

Best way to invest $2000 is to buy a deep freeze and some shelves, and start buying groceries in bulk when they go on sale. You can save yourself $500/year or more in food costs that way. It’s hard to match a 25% return *anywhere*, and this one is really safe. You ARE going to continue to eat, year after year, aren’t you?

William asks…

How am I going? will I be wealthy when I am older?

I am a 21 year old guy who loves business and building an empire, my grandfather did and he was very rich.
I work 2 jobs, bring in about $500 per week and invest about $1,000 a month into my assets etc.
I either save or invest, I have developed the mindset that investing is my reward for work as it improves my net worth and builds my assets.

I currently have a share portfolio worth in the region of $40,000
I have shares in the following areas:

1) consumer staples (food, liquor and fuel)
2) brick and mortar businesses
3) Gold mining (as well as an extra $2,500 in physical gold)
4) Hire / rental / cash advance business / loans
5) beverages / liquor
6) funds containing shares in the ASX 200 and NASDAQ.

I have no debt and drive a nice car paid in cash.

When I get paid, I put a portion into savings, then a portion into shares (monthly $1,000) then into bills and general expenses.

I have made a habit of doing this.

am I on the right track?

financi4 answers:

See this Foundations of Finance enables students to see the big picture by letting them understand the logic that drives finance rather than having them memorize formulas. The book motivates the study of finance with a focus on five underlying principles.

Daniel asks…

Mr T Subbarami Reddy Union Minister of state for mines, why is so slow in mineral exploartion & extraction?

Mr T Subbarami Reddy Union Minister of state for mines said
in business line news paper that they are commited to making india self sufficient in terms of gold and diamond by investing and focussing on mineral exploration and extraction in 10 years ?

( Pl read Businesline 10/02/2008 mumbai edition)

financi4 answers:

Committed to do something and actually doing something are two different ball games.If the
various earlier Indian governments had really
the interest of the country at heart,by now India would have explored and exploited all its resources and been a superpower.Even now it is better late than never.Let us hope things
change.As Mr.Obama, the Democrat
Presidential candidate in the US has been campaigning for a change and that he is the one to bring about the change,let us hope our
politicians also exhibit the same kind of zeal and verve and change themselves to better
and more responsible leaders.By this I mean,
they should embrace rectitude and probity in their political lives and give up self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment and start
really working selflessly for the country.

John asks…

If Aliens landed tomorrow, better to have your savings in dollars or gold?

To be clear, we’re talking space aliens, not illegals.

Everyone’s debating the value of gold over “fiat” currency. But if you’re planning for a worldwide economic upheaval, I think you need to consider the specific type of crisis: a worldwide banking implosion is one thing. Alien Apocalypse is an entirely different problem.

If they want to eat us, then I guess you really want your savings in stinger missiles (to shoot down their flying saucers.)

If they just want to enslave us, then I suppose the dollar is done and you want gold.

But what if they have their own gold and they want to use our economy intact? to more efficiently organize us to mine iron ore for them?

Consider that space fuel is expensive, so it’s not really cost effective for them to bring over an army of middle managers to organize the newly enslaved population. In that case wouldn’t US dollars continue to have value here on earth?

(Please indicate whether you are generally pro or anti “invest in gold“, and why, especially if you would invest differently for the alien Apocalypse.

Also, are you for or against Ron Paul?)

financi4 answers:

If I had to guess, aliens are probably not after our gold…
They’d be interested in other natural resources they need for survival, food, maybe water, maybe non-precious metals used for building materials, maybe some rarer ones like Uranium or the such. Whatever the case, you’re not going to buy **** with gold so its better to have your savings in money. Nobody’s going to give you water for some jewelry. Do you know why gold is precious? Two reasons. It doesn’t react well, meaning it wont rust and stuff like that, and its shiny. Other than that, its just about useless. If there were aliens, they’d be after something else. If someone told you, “The world will be invaded by aliens tomorrow, which would you like to have your money in, gold or dollars?” I’d look at them like they were a ritard and go and find something to defend myself. If they contact us, it doesnt mean they’re evil, just smarter.

I am anti “invest in gold” because gold is a worthless shiny metal and I do not care for Ron Paul.

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