Your Questions About Invest In Gold Bullion

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John asks…

Is it wise to invest in gold bullion now?

1oz gold bars(.99) pure bought from reputable Bullion dealer

financi4 answers:

Instead of buying the gold itself, you can trade GLD, a gold index fund backed by gold bullion.

If the question is whether it is wise to invest in gold, the answer is yes.

With many countries now own huge sum of US treasuries by countries like Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, even Russia, the value of currency will have a significant change in the near future. Currency market is now depended on a few strong currencies such as the Euro, the yen, the British pounds, and the US dollar. But none of these currencies are now backed by any substantial collateral. Since 1972, the US has backed away from the gold standard for currency. This policy works as long as the US economy continues to be strong to support the US dollar.

As the future economy is uncertain, these huge holdings in the US dollar by these foreign central banks will change the landscape of the world currency market. A currency is strong because its economy has strength. With continuing dwindling GDP growth, and mounting debt with no sight of reduction such debts, eventually, other central banks will get leary about the strength in any currency.

In not too distant future, these central banks will start to demand a substantial collateral for the currency. Return for the gold standard may be inevitalbe. Or a standard on certain commodity such as oil. If one country starts to demand such change, all countries will follow suit.

So if you invest in gold now, you should get some returns quite handsomly in the near future.

Charles asks…

How do I invest in gold bullion?

financi4 answers:

Gold as an investment hasn’t come close to stocks or real estate.

However, times change and it’s possible that gold and other precious metals may see a nice run in the near future.

Owning the yellow metal outright opens up all kinds of things that can and will go wrong, especially loss due to misplacement or moving.

So, there are two safer avenues to pursue that I believe may offer some good opportunities.

Either consider buying stocks of some gold producing companies (I am accumulating one particular company because it’s a smaller player and may be aquired by a larger player…called Yamana Gold, AUY).

Or, buy a bunch of gold producing companies by investing fixed amounts on a weekly or monthly basis in a gold mutual fund.

And you may wish to pursue interest in this by buying rare gold coins..however, be aware, many are forgeries even with papers showing authenticity.

As you can see, investing in gold is dicey.

Consider investing in uranium companies, like Camaco (CCJ).

A lot to consider, but whatever you decide on doing, it’s best to do it consistently and on a regular basis.

That’s the best way to invest in anything given the short term fluctuations.

Good luck!

George asks…

Is there a way to invest superannuation funds in gold bullion? What super funds allow that?

Specifics. I am not referring to super funds where they put a percentage of their funds in gold. Rather, I want to choose a fund where I can determine how much of the money is set aside in gold bullion.

financi4 answers:

SBI Gold Deposit Scheme, where you get interest in terms of gold.

David asks…

Where could I purchase gold bullion in the UK?

If I decide to invest in gold ie gold bars, coins etc where in the UK would be the best place to look? Do you know of anywhere that sells bullion more so in the North of England?

financi4 answers:

Buy both silver and gold, and hold it yourself.
There are numerous coin/bullion stores around there, and if not, there is always APMEX, which sells on-line… They’re very good.

We are experiencing really unique history in the making. The dollar, the euro and the British pound are all on their way to the fiat currency graveyard… Fast. The world has never seen a reserve currency die. The only way to preserve the value of your money is precious metals.

Robert asks…

In which market would you choose to invest and why; gold bullion or share holding?

financi4 answers:

Gold pays no dividend or interest. Plus it is in bubble territory. You’re speculating that it will keep going higher. Just like tek was gonna go higher in the late 90’s, and real estate in the late 2000’s.

Invest in shares, or better yet find a good mutual fund(s).

Ken asks…

Where can I buy gold bullion or coins in the Edmonton Area?

I want to invest in gold right now and don’t know of any good areas to buy from. Can you all please tell me where I can buy? Thank you for your time.

financi4 answers:

I buy my Krugerrands from a local coin dealer. And I imagine you could do the same up north. I believe your canadian mint, also produces gold & silver coins.

William asks…

Should I invest in gold coins? Bullion or investment grade gold and silver coins?

I am learning that bullion gold coins are simply the price of gold, at the moment, and that can change daily. I’m also learning that investment-grade gold and silver coins have a numismatic or rarity value.

Where is the very best place to buy the best investment gold coins at the very best prices? I have spoken with so many dealerships online that charge 28% markup on their investment spreads all the way up to 45% markup from the original cost of the coins.

Is there a place where I can save money thereby creating a faster return on my investment?

Which is the better investment, everyone looks at bullion when they think of gold, but I am learning more promising returns on the investment-grade gold and silver coins. Which is better, and why? This seems to be a huge discussion and I haven’t agreed with any of the answers posted on this site as of yet.

financi4 answers:

Your state treasury office?
I’ve heard you can just walk into the that state building and buy gold coins.

Richard asks…

Is investing in gold bullion a good idea?

Anyone know the in‘s and out’s/pro’s and con’s of this, I have heard it is a fairly safe form of investment.

financi4 answers:

You would be gambling on a price rise, when over the last 20 years, or so, the price has risen, fallen sharply, stayed low for several years, then risen again in recent times. Various happenings affect the price;such as – stock market crash, world conflicts, (e.g. A Middle East war), supply and demand.

Chris asks…

how to invest in bullion?

how to invest in gold bullion rather than miners,

financi4 answers:

The easiest & cheapest way, is to buy the GLD etf. If you want bullion itself, then buy from Kitco. If you want to buy the physical metal itself, remember, you buy at a premium & you sell at a discount.

Personally I think you’re a little late to the gold party. Should have bought it 2/3 yrs ago. Buying high rarely works out well. Gold is likely in a bubble.

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