Your Questions About Invest In Gold Bullion

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Paul asks…

how do i buy gold bullions? they are not coins are they?

i asked yahoo earlier about how to invest and have money in my old age. someone advised me to buy gold bullions

financi4 answers:

Gold bullion is simply gold (in coin or bar form), where only the value of the gold is being considered and (in the case of coins), collectible value is not being considered.
Gold bars are usually slightly cheaper than coins because they have no collectible value and never will. I personally would stick with coins, because they can have collectible value and are generally easier to sell than bars.
Here is the web site price list of a major gold bullion dealer. Note that bars are slightly cheaper per troy ounce than coins:

Ken asks…

Canadian $50 cold 1989 – worth how much ?

Well my grand dad past away few years back, Today me and my dad were just cleaning things up and i found an Canadian gold $50 coin, How much would it be worth ?

Here’s the picture except its 1989 instead of 2010,r:20,s:42,i:203

financi4 answers:

Gold is down $30 or so today. It would be worth no more than $1650. Don’t take less than $1600 for it. Stay away from those Cash for Gold places.

James asks…

whats the difference between 1/ oz gold eagle or 1/4oz gold maple?? Which do i invest in?

Why is there a bigger premium on the gold eagle? Arent they both worth the same in gold or is it more of a collectors value?

What is the best coin bullion to buy solely for savings and investment purposes?

thanks for answering
sorry i mean 1/4 oz gold eagle and 1/4 oz gold maple

financi4 answers:

What you you mean by “1/ oz”?

EDIT: Both coins contain 1/4 troy ounce of gold, but the American Eagle contains copper making the coin heavier with 22 karat gold. The Canadian Maple Leaf is 24 karat gold. They should both have the same value though.

William asks…

Why is China out to buy more Gold than the United States, they are considering buying 1 trillion!?

“China is out to have more gold than America, and Russia is aspiring to the same,” McEwen said yesterday in an interview at a Bloomberg Link conference in New York. “When you have debt, you don’t have a lot of flexibility.

China, which has just 1.6 percent of its reserves in gold, may invest more than $1 trillion in bullion, Pento said.

financi4 answers:

Commies are planning to destroy our country!!

Charles asks…

Bullion investment. Why gold is good for investment? I don’t think it is even usefull?

Gold is a great investment tool for its price is always raise from time to time.
I just wondering why it tends to raise, so i googled it.
I found the answer is like this:

Gold reserve is limited while there are more and more population each day.
Everybody needs gold for jewelry so the demands raise up while the supply is limited. That makes the price of gold always raises, so the investors tend to invest not just in stocks, but also in gold bars.

Is it a right answer? I’m also confused why the price of gold follows the price of the world oil. Oil is needed by human being, but gold?? I dont think i will die if i do not wear any gold in my body.

Another question is why the world bank (i think it’s the world bank) increase or decrease their gold bars savings to standarize the world economy???
Is it because there is no more measuring tools for money? or it’s because the price of gold is the same in the whole world? Is there a possibility that someday people realize that gold is actually useless so gold has no meaning at all???

I’m curious for the answer and appreciate the good answer.

Many thanks’

financi4 answers:

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Robert asks…

Where can I buy precious metals with cash?

Suffice it to say I’m very concerned with the way the nation’s and world’s financial state is headed. I want to invest in gold, silver, platinum, palladium… “real wealth,” per se. I want to have actual control of the metal and store it in my own safe. Is there any place I can walk in with cash in hand and leave with said metal (either in bar/bullion form or in coins) in hand?

financi4 answers:

Rather than buying bullion you would probably be better off buying and selling precious metal mining stocks. Doing so you don’t have to worry about storing, transporting or insuring a commodity. Also, it is much easier buying and selling stocks with lower transactional costs and commissions. Also, gold sitting somewhere in a vault doesn’t earn any income where many mining stocks pay a dividend. If you insist on wanting to own bullion, you’re probably better off owning an ETF which invests in bullion. For smaller investors, owning the actual bullion is rarely a good idea. Good luck.

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