Your Questions About Invest In Gold Bullion

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Charles asks…

About investing in Gold…?

I want to invest some money in Gold. Where should I look, should I invest in coins, bullion or ETFs? What should I do? What is the most lucrative and what is the most safest should some kind of depression or recession come around?

Please give me the basics.

financi4 answers:

As far as gold is concerned I would buy gold mining stocks now such as Yamana Gold or Barrick Gold. They should report a nice quarter with the rise up on gold. I agree with others, buy some buillion for now wait for gold to get down to 720 and get into the ETF.

George asks…

Any experience in buying gold bullion?

I’m looking for a different way of investing and you can buy 2.5g bars for about £100. Hardly gold finger I know, but one a month after a couple of years would build up. Does any one have any experience of doing this. What I really want to know is how easy are they to sell, say I had been collecting for the past 20 years and was wanting to cash in today? As if they sell for £100 obviously you wou,d be selling them to brokers for less. It’s just the only places that seem to buy gold that I can see are the rip-off old gold people.

Anyway if you have an experience or advice it’s welcome. Thanks.

financi4 answers:

The easiest to sell are coins, as they have known gold content, so the true value is apparent. But buying gold for long term investment is a gamble, because history shows that the price always falls, at some stage. Personally, I have done OK with Krugerrands, but you have to decide when to sell, just as you do with shares.

Chris asks…

Investing in copper bullion bars?

I was looking into investing in gold and saw that copper is becoming the “new silver”. Everyone is advising to stock up on copper whilst its cheap as its value is rapidly increasing. Does any of you believe its a good investment also?

financi4 answers:

Silver is sold in quantities as small as one ounce. Copper is sold by the ton. Storage is not practical for an individual investor.

Consider investing in a copper mining stock like Freeport (FCX) instead.

Steven asks…

Anyone know where to buy 4 9’s good Bullion gold in Florida? Trustworthy!!!?

Looking to invest some dollars that won’t disappear like all my stock and property $$$ have.

financi4 answers:

I buy my Krugerrands from a local coin dealer. I have no reason to think he is not trustworthy. Brick & mortar establishments don’t stay in business very long selling fake coins.

But if this worries you, buy from the government mint – Kitco, is also a good source –

A small comment on your previous investments. You seem to be chasing the current hot investment of the day – stocks, property, and now gold. Have a long term plan. I do have precious metal, including gold & silver (Morgan silver dollars), mutual funds & even some stocks.

I wouldn’t be suprised if gold is near it’s peak & getting ready to back-off a few hundred dollars.

Mark asks…

What should i invest my money in?

Ok i have 3000 dollars to use to start investing should i
A: Put it in the stock market
B:Buy collectible coins
C:Buy gold bullion or diamonds
D:What do you think might be better and i have not listed it
i have no debts and i am pretty well off from my parents so no need for me to worry about my job which i really just have for fun
I have been studying up on the stock market!!!!!!!

financi4 answers:

Stock market.
I think it is a good time to buy. You should do well if you are in for at least couple of years.

Daniel asks…

investing in gold. any ideas i need guidance?

im thinking of investing of gold and silver since the prices are going crazy.
1 oz of silver is 44$ now and expected to hit $250 by the end of the year
anyway my question is. there are different kind of gold with dealers. coins ( different golden coins )
bullions , and other golden object

also is it better to buy gold shares or physical objects and keep it and monitor the prices !
which is best ? and which is more expensive and better to invest in. like 14K, 18K, white gold ?
any ideas ?

financi4 answers:

Stay out of the stock market. Don’t bother with the ETFs.
Buy gold or silver bullion preferably in normal, easily recognizable bullion formats.
And take physical delivery.
This is how you will preserve the value of your wealth as the world’s top currencies die, and they are going down fast.
Got some stuff to look at below.

Thomas asks…

Investing in gold and silver?

I am interested in investing and I’ve heard gold and silver prices are rising every day. Should I buy a bunch of bullions? If so is gold a better investment than silver. Should I get lower purity gold bars (.995) or higher quality ingots (.9999 or ”four nines”)?

financi4 answers:

Bullion gold is bullion gold. Whether it is .9999 or .995 doesn’t make that much difference.
Waiting for gold to hit an all time high, and then buying it, is not a great investment idea. Just because it is near an all time high, doesn’t mean it will go higher. Same with silver.

If the economy turns around, I would see gold and silver lose 1/2 of their value.

I own both – gold & silver. But I bought mine in the early 90’s when the price was 1/3 of what it is now.

Michael asks…

Should I Take My Cash Out of the Bank?

FDIC insurance only covers 100,000 per person. I have multiple CDs in the same bank. I’m worried about a depression. Is it time to put cash under the mattress? Is there a safer way to invest? I’ve already bought made gold bullion 10% of my portfolio.Any ideas?

financi4 answers:

Do not keep more than 250,000 with one bank. I think 100k would be better just in case the rule gets changed again. Multiple accounts with the same bank will not work. Yes, 100,000 was the standard amount, but at this time, it has been raised to 250,000.

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