Your Questions About Invest In Gold Bullion

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George asks…

Can I melt gold flakes/nuggets? then mold them?

I am investing in gold(small quantities) and may acquire a lot of gold “nuggets” or vials of gold “flakes”. I believe it maybe bullion gold. or whatever type of gold that is found in california/canadian and alaskan mines. Can I melt them and mold them into one bar? should I just buy bars elsewhere?

The reason I ask, is cause I am looking to save some money by buying large quantities of nuggets/flakes from second-hand gold sellers.
Any ideas, thoughts, opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
I AM BUYING NUGGETS. ABOUT 5 GRAMS WORTH. Can I smelt/mold the nuggets together?

financi4 answers:

Take this the right way, but you don’t know what you are doing. You would be better buying gold and silver jewelry that no one wants and melting them down. BUT you have to know the difference between gold , gold filled, gold plated. Even if a bracelet for example says 14k gold on the clasp. The clasp could be solid 14 k gold, but the bracelet could be gold flashed or plated.

You can smelt gold down if you want, but do you know what the different carrots are of the flakes? Are the flakes real? Fools gold sure looks real, but it isn’t gold. Good luck.

Richard asks…

Should I buy Gold/Silver bullion now?

I am looking to invest in something. I am thinking about gold and silver. I am wondering if it would be a good long term investment (1-5yrs). Do you think that silver and gold will go up? Will one go up more than the other? I would like to know about when and what to buy. Are coins or bars better? Any information/advice is greatly appreciated.

financi4 answers:

Investing in Silver and Gold is something I think every investor should do. If you follow it on a semi-regular basis, it can help you learn how the markets move in general. Both metals are kind of stuck right now in their trading ranges, I actually expect the price to fall further in the near future, that includes the rest of the market as well. The best place for your money in the next month or so is to keep it on the sidelines.

Investors who want to invest in gold and silver should only start out with 5% to 15% of their portfolio in the precious metals. As for the future of gold and silver prices, ultimately they will go up, silver will multiply more than gold, so silver would be the better investment to increase your money. Gold is better for preserving value and wealth.

John asks…

When investing is it better to trade short or hold long with respect to holding gold?

I have a gold bullion account and am a novice investor. Is it more sensible to try and make money on the swings in the market, or would it be better just to hold your position and wait (in the hope that gold will continue stay above inflation and the debasement aof our currencies)?

I have been advised to buy in the dips and sell at the peaks- which is almost impossible to forsee- do any of you have any experience in the markets or advice on any of this?
Thanks in advance.

financi4 answers:

Great answers already…

Market Timing is a losers game.

If you are in a wealth protection stage of your life Gold is a great asset to round out your portfolio. But actively trading it can be very risky.

80% of mutual fund manager cant beat the market…so if you create a balanced portfolio and re-balance once a year you will beat 80% of mutual fund managers.

Daniel asks…

is it best to buy silver bullion or coins?

I don’t know any thing about buying silver or gold. I was wondering what would be the best to buy? I have 4 American Eagles. I was wondering too if that was a good way to invest in gold. I really don’t know. I took my CD money and bought American Eagles. With what I have left over I would like to get some silver.

financi4 answers:

Below are some other ways to buy silver

1. Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollars are by far the most widely collected United States Coin. The dollars which are 90% silver and contain nearly an ounce of the precious metal were struck from1878 to 1904 and then in 1921, were produced in the hundreds of millions far more than ever needed for the time period.

2. American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagles have been the official Silver coin of the United States since 1986. The demand for these coins has increased significantly in the last few years. These 1 ounce .9993 Silver coins not only hold silver value but a collector value as well.

3. Junk Silver

Junk silver refers to coins with 90% silver and 10% copper content. Because junk silver coins have value as bullion, legal tender, and at times as collectibles, pre-1965 silver coinage really is an excellent value for anybody wanting to keep some silver stocked away.

4. Silver Art Bars

Silver Art Bars are usually .999 pure silver bars sold in 1 thru 100oz increments the minimum value of the silver art bar is its raw silver value (the current melt price). The Silver Art Bars also carry additional value depending on the rarity of the silver art bar and its popularity within the collecting community.

5. Silver Rounds

Silver round are coin-shaped .999 pure silver bullion made by private mints not backed by any government for the purpose of silver collecting and investment. They are basically the same as the silver art bars as far as having both silver and collection value.

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