Your Questions About Invest In Gold And Silver

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Richard asks…

If I wanted to invest in coins from the US treasury, which should I buy?

If I wanted to invest in coins for the long hall from the US treasury, which coins should I buy? The gold is a hundred dollars overpriced for each coin, so that doesn’t seem likely.

Justin answers:

You actually buy the coins from the bureau of the mint. Investing in mint products is not that easy for they usually make to many. The coins sell for less money on the secondary market than you paid. It is a hit and miss thing, people who bought the 1999 silver proof set did well but not the 2000 for it retails for just a little over what was paid and dealers pay less, so you would have lost money when you sell. One must look into the future to see what won’t sell and buy it. The 1995-96 Olympics have a great number of coins most collectors could not afford all of them so they got ma and did not buy any or very few of just the neat ones. Very few bought the uncirculated version on the paralympics, rowing or high jump dollars. They are all over $300 each now. It is a hit and miss thing. A sure bet is the key and semi keys of the regular series coins such as the 1914-D cent as well as others.

Robert asks…

What can I do to ensure the return on my investments outperforms inflation?

Not the Consumer Price Index idea of inflation (2%), but the inflation that takes into account food and energy, education and healthcare (more like 7%). Am I limited to gold and international bonds and stocks while the P/E ratios of S&P 5oo companies averages 29?

Justin answers:

The pros say the secret to successful investing is ‘Time-ing’!

Here is a site that offers 4 interest paying currencies & Gold/Silver as investment or safe storage, your choice.

You may be able to switch back & forth from currency to precious metals, I haven’t tried that yet.


I have stocks, & physical Gold/Silver, & believe me the physical Gold has givin me aq ‘Much’ better rate of return {about 24%} over the last 6 years, than my stocks.

George asks…

Is Gold and Silver a good investment?

Do you think Gold or Silver is a good investment? If so, which is better? I know that China just bought gold for their reserves or something which is why the gold value is up but do you think it will become greater in value in the following years like in about 10 years? 20 years or so? Or will it just go down?

If someone wanted to buy gold, is now the best time to buy as the value will rise higher or should he wait until the gold has devalued?
What’s a share market?

Justin answers:

Gold is the best for investment. At present the gold is on the higher side. The best time for investing in gold is when the share market is on the rise.

Chris asks…

What should a 16 year old with $4000 invest in?

I live in Canada. I want to invest for the next 5+ years to pay off college :S
what should i do?

Justin answers:

Buy some HFD.TO on the stock market which is trading right now at 28.97 which is a steal at this price and sell it in a few days when it goes up to 33 or 35 (maybe even higher)

Keep buying low and selling high. Of course for stocks if you want to make money, learn how to do it and I learned how from many hours following Brian Shannon at

Remember the stock market is a casino and you are gambling when you play.

I also suggest getting out of the Canadian dollar for our currency is fiat and we are going to have this collapse. Take the $4,000 and buy real assets like gold, silver, food, water, seeds, ammo, drugs, alcohol and whatever else you can produce or buy cheap.

I am not kidding when I say this, and I have spent several hours researching the issue on my youtube page.


Thomas asks…

In what Winter Olympic Sports is Canada most likely to win a gold medal for 2010?

Canada was shut out of winning a gold medal at their last home Olympics 1988. Do you predict the prospects for success will be higher?

Justin answers:

1988 was a long time ago. We barely invested any money towards supporting Olympic athletes. Using that as your judge doesn’t tell you much.

In the last winter Olympics Canada was fifth overall in medals (24), with 7 gold, 10 silver, and 7 bronze.

I’d probably guess hockey, curling, some kind of skating and skiing for sure. It’s pretty impossible to predict but I’d say it’s a given that we’ll have a good spread of medals.

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