Your Questions About Invest In Gold And Silver

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Steven asks…

Is it about time to invest in gold and silver since the dollar is losing it’s value?

I’m wondering that because I’ve noticed the dollar is going down in value. Also, a lot of my family are starting to collect silver coins just in case the dollar can’t buy anything anymore.

financi4 answers:

A lot of people are selling gold cash 4 gold is booming due to the economy

Donald asks…

can i invest in gold/silver as an EXTREME beginner?

I would consider myself pretty young when it comes to investing, seeing as Ive never done it before. and that I still live with my parents. and that I haven’t even graduated yet. anyway…
I own 2 pure silver coins that have doubled in price from about 10 years ago, and after some lovely inner monologue and some light though confusing research, I came to the amazing conclusion that something that becomes more valuable the longer you own it is good! But the problem is, I’m not sure how to start investing.
I know the bare minimum, including different ways to invest like owning gold rather than owning stocks and how the price of gold is dependent on the market.
So assuming I was to safely invest in gold where I literary buy it and keep it, how would I go about doing that? where do I get gold and silver besides ebay? and what advice does anyone have? thanks!


financi4 answers:

If you haven’t got a lot to spend I suggest buying scrap gold to start out. You also need a text kit to make sure of what you are buying. I’ve bought scrap gold stamped 14k only to find out it wasn’t. Stay away from electroplated crap. Silver can be bought the same way. Estate sales will sometimes have silver forks and such but not always.

Paul asks…

Can I invest in gold and silver without actually possessing it?

Futures are temporary/short term. How can a buy precious metals without physically owning them?

financi4 answers:

Yes. The best way is through a company called Gold Money. Http:// The owner of Gold Money, James Turk is the leading expert in the gold and silver markets.

Also if you want an ETF that can be converted into physical metals in the future then Google Eric Sprott.

Richard asks…

how to start invest in gold and silver in uk ?

what is the process to go about ?

financi4 answers:

Try with this broker

James asks…

Time to invest in gold and silver?

With so much uncertainty in the economy is it time to invest in gold and silver?

financi4 answers:

Actually, it HAS been, for about 5 years I’ve said this.

People who laughed at me for being alarmist are thanking me today.

Much high certainty than CDs, stocks, mutual funds, bonds.

While it can be volatile, it’s at least always valuable to some extent.

Also, stock up on some food if you haven’t, you can’t eat metals.

William asks…

Christians – Is it wise to invest in Gold and Silver?

What is the best thing that we can invest in now?

Ezekiel 7:19
19 ‘ They will throw their silver into the streets,
And their gold will be like refuse;
Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them
In the day of the wrath of the LORD;
They will not satisfy their souls,
Nor fill their stomachs,
Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity.

financi4 answers:

Mat 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

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