Your Questions About Invest In Gold And Silver

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Donald asks…

With 40k would you invest in real estate or gold and silver?

What is the best way to spend 40k?

Justin answers:

Gold and Silver are too speculative. Over last 10 years they have appreciated nicely so many people have come to believe that they are safe. However we need to keep in mind that Gold touched a high of $900/Oz in 1980 and and then over next 23 years constantly kept going down in value and reached a low of $270!!! Can one imagine to wait that long and take 75% loss in value? See the chart here. Click or copy and paste:

Same goes for silver. It touched a high price of $40 in 1980 and for people who invested at that price saw price hover around $5 or so over next 25 years!!

There is no guarantee that the same thing can’t happen again in those two commodities. Actually chances are it will repeat in my opinion.

So, out of the 3- Gold, silver and Real Estate-, Real Estate is the best choice. It also offers very nice income these days particularly when interest rates are low.

Steven asks…

What company is the best to invest in right now?

What company do you think will do well within the next few months in the stock market? What company would be my best bet investing a few hundred in?

Justin answers:

Silver stocks. Down historically. The only way to go is up up up. After elections will be the time the Plunge Protection Team(PPT) gives up on trying to manipulate precious metals markets down to hide inflation/weak dollar.

I’m liking C’ouer D’alene and i’ve put my money where my mouth is. (stock symbol CDE) Also Yamana Gold (AUY)

David asks…

Is it a good ideal to buy silver bullion?

I been thinking of buying silver billions.just don’t know when would it bee a good time.or should I just keep my money?

Justin answers:

Many financial experts, including Howard Ruff, suggest buying silver right now because it’s still not in line with it’s historical relationship with gold. Check out this article from his blog. Http://

Joseph asks…

Is silver a better investment than gold?

I’m gonna be working this summer and I am also planning on putting most of my money towards investments. Are silver and gold good investments that will make me more money, or are there any other options.

Justin answers:

Have a bag of junk silver lying around, as protection against total financial collapse, and invest in companies that dominant their markets and pay consistent dividends for the long run.

Ken asks…

what are the first steps of local economic recovery?

How can poor people prepare for currency collapses when they don’t have money to buy gold or silver?

Justin answers:

Stay away from gold and other precious metals that have already skyrocketed in terms of price. Poor people need to do what all other people do to ensure a positive future. Spend less and save more! Don’t chase investments that are already inflated either. People have a natural tendency to want to buy something that is already had a good run because they think it will go higher. Gold is at all time highs still and there isn’t much reason to think its going to continue this run much higher. Find a good stock and invest in it. Many are trading at low P/E ratios and there is a good opportunity to make money. Have a buy price is mind and a sell price. Put in a stop loss order to prevent a big market swing from killing you. Follow this advice and you should do fine.

Daniel asks…

Im wanting to Make silver wire jewelry that is melted together in places.?

I was given a roll of silver wire since I’ve recently started jewelry making. I want to be able to soften or melt the wire in places and connect it to the other jewelry pieces. Is that an option w a torch? What else would I need? And what are some good steps to try? Would another metal work better? Something that wouldn’t turn your skin green though…. Any suggestions nice comments would be great!

Justin answers:

You’ll need an annealing torch and you’ll need silver solder. The annealing torch will soften the metal and make it easier to work with, but to make the metal stick together you should use silver solder. Solder can be used with either the torch or with a jeweler’s soldering iron with a fine tip. Don’t buy from an electronics store -invest in a proper jewelers torch and jeweler’s soldering iron. I prefer the torch. I thought the iron would be easier but it wasn’t. Gold is slightly easier to work with than silver -but far more expensive. For small joins I like silver paste -it has the flux and silver pre-mixed so there’s no guessing and you can use only what you need. There’s less mess to clean up. You can also buy soldering wire and you must use flux so the silver jewelry component and the solder will mix and meld.

There’s lots on line about using silver wire, annealing, soldering and more. There’s a steep learning curve -you won’t be making designer quality jewelry overnight. Be prepared to spend some time experimenting and learning the technique. Use safety equipment such as glasses and gloves. Practice safe torching and soldering -both are tools that can burn your house down if used unsafely. Keep a working fire extinguisher close by and don’t even think of working on a wood or laminate surface!

Here are a few simple resources to start, you will need to do lots of independent reading and practicing:

Robert asks…

Best way to invest over the long term?

I have 80k that I have to invest/lock in until hit retirement age of 55. I have not yet sat down with a broker or financial advisor. I reside in Canada and primarily deal with td Canada trust. I was wondering what I should invest in over the long term to get the greatest return. What would be a safe estimate on return in twenty years? Your opinions are appreciated.

Justin answers:

Investment in gold is a best way to get much more profit then investment, day by day cost of gold rising up, i am sure over the long term you’ll get greatest return. For more information about gold and silver investment Contact Us at 1-877-448-5766 for your free consultation.

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