Your Questions About Invest In Gold And Silver

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Robert asks…

How Much Are ONE KILO – Silver Bars, Gold Bars, Platinum Bars and Palladium Bars?

Of the finest quality at current trading price.

Also would be helpful if you would be willing to do the maths for me but –

How many one kilo bars would you be able to purchase at £150,000 for – gold, silver, platinum and palladium if £150K was to be invested into each.

Thank you!

Justin answers:

Gold is £23282.71 per Kilo 6 bars
Silver is £359.63 per Kilo 417 bars
Platinum is £35928.00 per kilo 4 bars
Palladuim is £9754.13 per kilo 15 bars

John asks…

How to invest in metals?

How does this work?
How do you make money investing in something like gold or silver?
Also, how do you make money investing in nonferrous metals as well?

Justin answers:

The easiest way is through ETFs. GLD is a gold ETF (there are others). You make money by buying low and selling high – the ETF tracks the price of gold – gold goes up, the ETF goes up. I don’t know how closely the ETF tracks the metal.

You may also be interested in a broad commodity ETN, ticker DJP – it invests in oil, nat gas, gold, copper, soybeans, etc. Follow the link.

Michael asks…

What is the best precious metal to invest in right now?

I would like to invest about 500 dollars over the next two months (more in the future). I know it isn’t a lot, but I would like to put something away while I am still younger (19). I was thinking gold, but the charts for silver look much steadier. Also, I have heard that palladium and nickel are good options.

I just need some advice. Thanks guys!

Justin answers:

Gold’s value right now is near a record high, and it’s only getting less common.
Right now if you want true value out of it go with Rhodium, although most people can’t afford it.
The value of gold is only going to rise and rise. Can’t go wrong with Palladium either.
I say Gold.

Richard asks…

What/Where should I invest my extra cash per month? Best information?

I currently have $500 and soon about over $1000 of extra cash to spend each month and I want to invest into something. I have a 401k setup at work but want to invest something outside of that. Should I invest in stocks, more mutual funds, or what? What magazines or websites have the best information about this?

Justin answers:

You really need to do your own homework on it, but I would buy gold and silver. If you leave it in a bank you will lose value through inflation, unless you can get a very good rate.

Joseph asks…

Can someone please explain why gold is worth so much?

Why is gold worth so much right now? If the economy were to plunge, what would gold do for anyone?

Justin answers:

Sorry Dan B you are out of the game, he is not really updated his price if it was 1500/ounce i would by right away right now the actually gold price is officially 1604.30 as of 5:35 mountain time. Gold is that expensive because of the press and media and all the hype that goes with it. So then when people listen to news or watch news on tv these guys are saying gold is good for protecting wealth then lots of people think seriously about it and people start to buy lots of gold, the wealthy start to invest to protect there wealth and that fuels the supply and demand theory, when you have a commodity that is becoming rare and that a lot of people in the market buying at good prices for these days gold will increase, and by meaning good price i mean at 1600, because you wait another week or so or maybe even in years to come it won’t be 1600 it will be really expensive. And another reason why gold is rising and not just gold but other precious metal commodity is rising because of the people not trusting the fiat currency. Meaning when ever the USD drops people start buying. This is because people now know that fiat currency is could crash and become worthless, it has happen in the past before for example germany after world war 1 this is a great example. Back then after the war ended Germany has to pay off massive war debts because it was all their fault for all the destruction and the treaty of versaille basically blamed everything on germany. So the had to print a lot of paper money, like massive amounts. That made the currency really not valuable for couple of reason they have so much of it and its basically useless the prices inflated so high as well. It got all out of wack. So now if the economy were to plunge gold would do wonders, first of paper money would not be accepted because its useless meaning you really can’t buy much with it. Gold would be traded along with other precious metal for food and shelter and clothing so my advice is do some research like i have, buy physical gold, silver and lastly crash J.P. Morgen the Fraudsters.

Daniel asks…

Why is everyone buying Gold/Silver but the price is going down?

Just wanted the avg. person perception. The paper market price is going down but the physical demand is skyrocketing. I cant buy eagles cuz there all sold out and any that are avail. have almost 8 dollar mark ups…why the rush since everyone is loving stocks?

Justin answers:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think your premise is incorrect. Everyone is not buying Gold/Silver. They had been for about a dozen years, but there has been a big pullback. Price is driven by the law of supply and demand. The supply remains constant for all practical purposes, but those individuals who have invested in gold/silver they created a bubble similar to the housing bubble. Gold/silver will come back. When the economy collapses, (and it will), you will see flock to gold and silver again and you will see new highs on it.

William asks…

What is the best precious metal to invest in right now?

I would like to spend about $500 over the next two months. I know it isn’t a lot, but I want to be able to get the most out of my money. I was always thinking gold, but lately I have heard silver, nickel, and palladium are good choices also.

Im 19, and I waste too much money. I want to buy something growing in value, and put it away for a few years until I really need it. I just want to make the best choice.

Thanks guys!

Justin answers:

Any of the platinum metals

Charles asks…

Why was Gold only worth 300 dollars in 2001, after a long decline from 2300 dollars in 1981?

If you bought Gold in 1981, how much money did you make when you sold in 2001?

Justin answers:

Because gold is a hedge against inflation. During the late 70s, the money supply was expanded, which caused severe inflation. This caused uncertainty in the stock market, credit markets, commodities markets, etc. People moved their cash into gold because it generally works as a safe haven asset, and protects against inflation. So not only was the value of the dollar decreasing, which caused a rise in the price of gold, the demand for gold was increasing as well because of all the insecurity in other markets. This is why the price surged to an inflation adjusted $2300 an ounce. Silver spiked as well.

While all this was happening, Fed Chairman Paul Volcker raised interest rates. This convinced more people to save their money rather than spend it. Therefore, the money supply was decreased by the increased rate of savings, which caused the value of gold to drop, since the value of the dollar increased. The economy began to rebound so people had less demand for gold as a “safe haven asset”. Both of these reasons are why the price fell back down.

The reason it was so low in 2001 was because the a large chunk of the money supply had been invested into the dot com bubble (NASDAQ) and other asset classes. Right around the same time was when the real estate bubble began, so a lot of investment capital was going there as well. People, in general, thought the economy was on much safer footing than they did in the early 80s.

If you look at gold now, it is still far below its inflation adjusted highs. In my opinion, the economy is still on very shaky ground. I suspect that if interest rates don’t go up, the value of gold will continue to rise. If interest rates do go up, then you can probably count on the economy floundering, which might increase the desire to have gold as a safe haven asset.

It is very important to remember that an ounce of gold is always an ounce of gold. Much of the changes in the price of gold are the result of a change in the value of the dollar. For this reason, holding gold does not really increase your wealth as much as it preserves your purchasing power.

There will, undoubtedly, be a time in the future to sell your gold to make gains in dollar terms. I have no idea when that time will be, but for the last 6000 years, gold and silver have been used as money. I suspect that won’t change any time soon.

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