Your Questions About Invest In Gold And Silver

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Ken asks…

What currency should I invest some money into?

Let’s say that in a short amount of time the United States currency failed. Before that would happen, what currency would you invest into to secure your money? I know gold, silver and platinum are an option but what foreign currency do you suggest? This is just a hypothetical situation.

Justin answers:

India and china Are the worlds super fast growing countries… So I would say either rupees(india) or yen (china). Or even the great british pound because of how much more it is worth than the US dollar

John asks…

What’s a trustworthy internet site to buy coins from?

I’m looking to invest in some gold and silver. I don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for coins (or bars) and then get burned. Please help me with a trustworthy site.

Justin answers:

Check out the ebay site for “Great Estate Roadshow”. They are a relatively new company.

Thomas asks…

Is going into the stock market and the gold and silver a good idea?

Hey, I’m 19 and always interesting in stock market and gold and silver. I have a job and I am saving money the best way I can to prepare my future. I want to get into it but I don’t know where to start and don’t know what to do. If any any body can tell me would be great, also, if any body know there is any books at there to read about this stuff. I would be happy to know it. Thanks in advance.

Justin answers:

Awesome question! Due to the powers of compound interest, saving and investing when you’re 19 is a very great idea. Moreover, the fact that your eye is on gold and silver is even more impressive. Gold and silver are great hedges against inflation and bad economic times. The supply of physical gold and silver bullion is so limited that many think it’s going to appreciate strongly in years/decades to come as global demand really picks up. I personally agree with the other answers that you cannot take too much time preparing yourself! Visit The Motley Fool for information on stocks and investing. Visit Gold Why for information on gold and silver. Take your time. When you’re ready to buy, I would recommend Scottrade as a great brokerage for stocks. You can also “buy gold and silver” through your Scottrade account if you choose to invest in the GLD and SLV exchange traded funds. Keep in mind that GLD and SLV are “unallocated” gold and silver funds – you don’t own the actual physical bullion. For that reason, I prefer going after physical gold and silver bullion, especially fractional gold bullion coins such as the 1/10 ounce gold American Eagle. A great place to buy gold coins is Blanchard and Company. Once you own your physical gold bullion, make sure to store it in a very safe and secure place (such as your safe deposit box).

Steven asks…

Is etrade free ? how much do they charge a month or do thery only charge for transactons?

I want to invest in gold and silver, is e trade free or do they charge a monthly free if so how much. Also any advice on how to invest in gold on etrade will greatly be appreciated

Justin answers:

Did you know you can go to their online site and read all their fees?
Generally there is no charge for opening an account
They will have a minimum requirement deposit
Expect each trade to cost you about $6 to $12
This is for when you buy, and again for when you sell

If you have just $300 to invest – it’s not a good time to get started
Wait until you have a larger chunk of money

Donald asks…

is anyone aware that the global economy is near to collapse ?

paper money would be worthless(hyperinflation),and are you investing in gold and silver?

Justin answers:

Hyperbole is fun, but you do realize the word “worthless” actually means “of no value”. And the word hyperinflation refers to general price increases of at least 100% annually. If you really think that’s going to happen, gold and silver will be quite illiquid. Who are you planning to sell it to and for what?

Richard asks…

Why do so many people come out against gold & silver investing?

Are they just angry because their IRA’s & 401 K’s have not earned anything over the last 8 years, while gold & silver investors have more than doubled their money?

Justin answers:

The price of gold has not changed. The value of our dollar has been devalued… Along with the value of anything else whose value is expressed in dollars, like your retirement accounts, or savings accounts.

The things of real value in our economy are the things we manufacture and the services we provide. When we don’t increase manufacturing or services but instead greatly increase the quantity of the pieces of paper called greenbacks each one of them becomes less valuable relative to the things that have intrinsic value.

The Democrats have been inflating the economy since the very week Obama was elected and more than anything else is the reason the price of almost everything has gone up and continues to do so.

How much have the Dems inflated our currency? Here is a Federal Reserve chart that answers that question:

Daniel asks…

Is it good for society as a whole for individuals to buy gold and silver?

Does it help the economy if more people buy gold and silver? Does it create a wider gap between the upper and middle class (which is bad)?

Justin answers:

It’s a good question, but complicated. You might check out this site, it has a lot of articles about investing in gold and silver, and also several recommended books. It seems to have a wealth of information for the beginning gold and precious metal investor.


Michael asks…

is precious metal investment safe and good ways to invest? what do is your opinion on investing on gold?

or silver? how do you make investment on gold or silver? and what do look for before purchase?

Justin answers:

Most of the Indians invest money in purchasing yellow metal, though it may not yield high returns. But it is a safe investment. In case of need, one can mortgage it with bankers. But the problem with yellow metal is we can not wear them because of threats from snatchers .

David asks…

What products are safe to invest in, with today’s bad economy?

Stocks? Bonds? Mutual funds? Gold/silver? Other?

Justin answers:

Products? Or investments.
The only safe things right now are CD’s, Money Markets, Gold/Silver(over the long run) and Treasury bonds.

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