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Donald asks…

Can anyone help me identify these coins?

I am collecting foreign and/or old coins and I can’t gigure out what kind of coins these are.

1. Okay,this one looks like it has Japanese or Chinese writing on it,and it has a man that looks Japanese or Chinese. It is from 1991 and it says 100. Under that ithad four symbols. On the other side there is a man with a long beard and a hat with two more symbols on each side. It is silver and is about the size of a quarter.
2. This one has a picture on it that looks like a sheild with a star over it and a kangaroo and flamingo on each side. Above that is says THREEPENCE and below the picture says 1936. On the other side is a picture of a man that looks well dressed,bald and has a short beard and mustache. He also has a crown on. The writing around it says Georgivs V D.G.Britt:Omn:Rex F.D.Ind:Imp and it make a circle arounfd the edge. This one is a little bit smaller than a dime and is very thin.
3. This one has a fence with chains on the sides and a crown on the top. It says one penny then has a 1. Then on the other side is a picture of a woman with short,curly hair and a crown. It says Elizabeth II and D G Reg F D 1997.

P.S. On the very top part,I meant to say figure,not gigure.

financi4 answers:

1. South Korea – 100 won
2. Australia – 3 pence, the bird is an emu
3. Great Britain – 1 Pence, The fence like thing is a portullis, the gate on a castle.

Paul asks…

I have this foreign coin that on one side it has the number “100” on it and on the other has…?

what looks like an elderly man with a long beard. He is wearing a hat and is also wearing what looks like a robe around the shoulders. On the side with the “100” on it it has small dots around the edges. It is almost as big as a quarter. It is silver. It has writing on both sides and the writing is block-like that mainly contains blocks and circles. Can anyone identify this coin for me or give me a website that can help me? Thanks!

financi4 answers:

Is this it?


If so, it is a South Korean coin.

Thomas asks…

I’m having trouble identifying a foreign coin?

I inherited it from my father and I have absolutely no idea where it might have come from.

It’s an oval, almost egg shape (approx. 11x10mm) and made of a silver metal. It’s nicely weighted for its size, so I don’t think it’s aluminum.

There are no pictures but on each side is a row of dots and a bunch of lines that look like Arabic script, but I can’t be sure.

This is unlike anything I’ve seen before and I’m not even sure it is a currency coin. Does anyone know anything about this? Any information at all could help.

financi4 answers:

Take it to a coin shop where it can be viewed in person.

You can find shops in your area by putting coin dealers and then your city and state in the search box at

George asks…

I bought some coins the other day and need help identifying one?

It’s a tiny bit smaller than an old 2p coin and is silver-coloured but not silver. The writing is foreign, possibly Asian but not Chinese or Japanese. Front has a portrait of a man wearing glasses and he’s looking to his left. On the back is more foreign writing and a picture of a thing with eagle legs and a crocodile(?) head? The wings are stretched upward and it’s wearing a sporran-type thing over its privates.

My coin is from Thailand! Now to find out the year & denomination…

financi4 answers:

I hope with these listings you can identify the coin.

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