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Robert asks…

Are there positions in investment banks related to film financing ?

Hi ,

I am interested in going into an investment bank to a position that gives me exposure to either research or analysis about film financing or the entertainment industry.
I heard of such groups with specific industry focus do exist in the investment banks. Where do I find the positions, and how can I correctly apply to them?
My main goal here is to know how film financing operate as much and soon as possible,so one day I can successfully have my own entertainment business.


financi4 answers:

Investment banks seek skilled investment and one of the areas is film financing !!
People are trained in this job, and you will have to seek for this particular type of job !

Daniel asks…

Where can I get film financing?

I’m working on a film with a $2 million dollar budget, it’s an independent art film with a small cast/crew, but I’m not sure who to approach for financing? Any tips?

financi4 answers:

You could start at the nearest college. A professor might be willing to post ads for investors.

You won’t be able to get any institutional investors until this current film is produced and sold. You need help from friends and family.

John asks…

Where can I go to find film financing for my feature film script?

My goal is to produce and direct this script, as I have several commercials and 1 short film on my resume. The only big obstacle I see is that this script is a fantasy film like Willow or Lord of The Rings, so my resume might not be good enough?

financi4 answers:

Try If you give a good enough pitch for it who knows?

Joseph asks…

Imagine you were told at the beginning of your film production that does not have enough financing?

If I was told at the beginning of production that my film does not have enough financing to be made the way I originally intended, what should I do to try to save money without compromising my artistic intentions? It shouldn’t be making money, but adjusting my filming plan so that I don’t lose so much in the process.
I want to get into the film business in the future but I thought of this and I’m a bit worried.

financi4 answers:

You could make a trailer and then put it up on

It’s a place where people can donate to a project you’re making if they feel like it’s worth being made.

George asks…

How does one go about getting financing to make an independent film?

I have written a script and I don’t have the funds to make it myself, so how do I go about getting someone to fund the project? I was told by a film student to just try to get someone to fund it, but how do I find someone or a company who’ll want to fund a film? It’s a drama, and I already have a few of the actors, so the budget won’t be huge, especially if some will work on deferred payment.

financi4 answers:

I hope this will help you.

First off I will tell you this, that once you sell your script or give it to a director, it is no longer yours. If you have a certain vision for the film, you will need to direct it ! On to the meat of

If you are looking for funding, there are several ways to go about doing so.

First is to figure out how much you are going to need total, and if it is a short film or a feature length. This is includes equipment (renting or buying), feeding your cast, cast costs, location cost, consumables (gaffer tape, camera film/tape, lightbulbs etc.), costuming, effects both CGI and physical application, stunts, and the list goes on.

Once you have your budget drawn up, I suggest you ask your relatives. I know it sounds bad, however if you express to them that this is your passion and career goals. It will also help out your portfolio for professional or film school reasons,they may be more inclined to help fund it.
Go to your local Film commission (if there is one where you live) and present your project to them. Film commissions are designed to help you find locations, cast, crew and other industry professionals. They can also point you to local businesses who have expressed interest for people to come film. That is where you can barter for locations i.e you let us film here from x date to date for x hours or days, and your business will get screen time for x amount of time and listed in the credits.

The best way to show people that you are serious about shooting your film, is to create a teaser, a one sheet, a synopsys and a budget with a make shift business plan.

I hope some of this has helped you out. If you need more information there are several books that go more into detail about film funding that explain better than here.

Thomas asks…

Ir you have all the financing for a film, is it still as difficult to get a distribution deal?

Do you make the movie before you get a distribution deal or after?

financi4 answers:

Finance for the film is just about 1/10th of the part done. Most important is story and script, casting and above all making. Ultimately getting a distributor will depend on the quality of your product. If you have a good film you can get a distributor (you might get a distributor for bad films also – but then your entire finance might be down the drain). So the most important part of Motion Picture Business is Making a Good Film – rst everything falls into place. If you have a good script, the finance also comes along.

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