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Daniel asks…

Law homework please help! what type of business structure should they choose?

Pauline wants to form a business for her screenwriting services but has no savings; so, she’s considering going into business with a few friends. Axel is a retired bus driver with no dependents; he just won the lottery and would be willing to invest $100,000 in the business. Bertha is a 21-year-old college student who just inherited a small commercial property with offices. Bertha doesn’t want to help run a business, but she is willing to let Pauline and others use the offices for the business. Clarence has a small amount of savings and about $10,000 he could contribute toward the business.
He currently works as a pizza delivery person, but he considers himself a born salesman. Clarence is eager to act as Pauline’s manager and to pitch her screenplays to studios. If these four agree to form a business together, what type of business structure should they choose? What would be the specific advantages to each person over other business structures? What would be the disadvantages?

financi4 answers:

LLC. Each partners interest could be apportioned based upon the initial capital contributed to the start-up. Also, the benefit would be taxes. No double tax such as with a corporation. I.e., corporate tax and then a tax on the shareholders upon any distribution. In a LLC only the distributions to the members is taxable, just like a general partnership.

James asks…

How to prepare a prenuptial agreement?

I need to get a really simple prenuptial agreement prepared. The objective is just to keep prior assets as separate property (and any income/proceeds/appreciation in value of prior assets) in the event of seperation and we don’t care about any terms relating to the future. The situation is basically that I have a sum of money that my parents inherited from my grandparents and they put it in my care to invest. We now live in different countries and it would be very complicated to transfer the assets without a tax disadvantage. I just want to put their mind at east that it will remain available to them if they want the money. Unfortunately the lawyers I contacted in Toronto quote at the very least $500 + HST for something so simple. Alternatively, there are some legal forms that you can purchase for $25 ( and adapt yourself, but I’m not sure if these are valid documents that would hold up in court. Any advice how to proceed?

financi4 answers:

If you have assets enough that require a prenuptial agreement…

Get a lawyer and do it right.

Joseph asks…

I’d like to build the world a home, and furnish it with love, grow apple trees? Does it apply to election 21.8?

Given the movie Anger Management had an obsession about removing things from our lives that caused upset and dealing with these issues, and the majority of women only think men get mental illness and that excludes the majority of course graduates being psychology major as women 90%

Do you think the issue clearly shown by men as the blue worm on Chanel TCN as the most disenfranchised voters is having any bearing on either party and if not, why not when women complain they cant get a date when 67% of men still get refered to on a date as a sponsor?

Clearly issues of gender shouldn’t be relative in an election but why are men, the most disadvantaged when it comes to finding employment and keeping it, in issues of mental ill health do women get any special or different treatment allowing better healing, and do you really think jokes about something missing on the Y Chromozone as to NOT being an X are helpful? The same way physician heal thyself is on passionate debates at election time.

Has the Aussie Election effected the way you relate to you partner, gender respectively and if at all?

Do you think Julia Gillard feels pretty pretty?

Or Tony Abbott is proposing something?

Or do you think Mayor Ruddolf Juliani needs to be in Australia for the election? Who cares what is politics are, the Federal Government has underfunded the aged care system, Aged Care Nurses have taken a 30% dip in salary, the ALP adverts must look very attractive to actually bring back work choices, and as for the comment at the end, no one can predict the future, good choice!!!

I actually think Labor are writing pro conservative commercials and the Liberal Party of Australia are saving their money to the end?

It is simple it is hard hitting and gets their policy out there, but what is the Liberal Party of Australia’s conservative view on aged care?

I think the whole election campaign has been contrived from wrongly blaming Kevin Rudd for the leaks when there were six key Labor Heavies at the meetings on June 1st and 3rd when he was overthrown as the most popularly elected Prime Minister, and if Julia takes a dip at the polls and goes the way of the Kennerly Government in NSW hitting the rocks in a screaming heap, we dont even know if a man, visa vie Paul Swan will take a tilt at the top job the way Keating did Hawke?

I actually think its too problematic putting them back in, going from being a Claytons voter when you decide on the day, it really looks Shabby to be Labor in bad taste? They havent done a thing right, even the numerous times Julia Gillard yelled and screamed over the top of Kerry Obrien a bright red beacon for Labor with high standards of accountability, do you think Julia has admitted Labor Failing by throwing out the Labor Rule book? Its not about me or I, as in I look great in designer clothes and fake make up on the Telegraph Newspaper? Its about we the Australian People wanting to be democratic and seeing a wealthy property developer with Zionist backing, I mean, what it wrong with Benjamin Netanyahoo funds, Lahood? Seriously do we want Australia to be a nation of 17 political parties always agrueing blaming and never accepting responsible attitudes or policy, or to add value, invest instead of spending money and get healthy returns, because profits are worth more than wages?

I seriously can not see any virtue in the social injustice the way Labor have damned the poor in a philastine attitude of let them eat cake, mostly male unemployed then saying male average wages are higher than women? Who are they conning with the majority of unemployed male under a feminist regime???

Anger therapy tape, hit play, I disagree with the anger management movie:
Love the Carpenters!!!!
And what about?
And finally:

Do we get too much news on politics and little content in tv adverts?
Or is it all contrived, should it matter where an election campaign is funded from at all?

financi4 answers:

You wrote: “…I’d like to build the world a home, and furnish it with love, grow apple trees?…”

You know that they made that song into a Coca Cola commercial, right?

– Stuart

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