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Donald asks…

Are all women Gold diggers? if so why? are they naturally attracted to Gold as soon as High School ends?

if you have “money” than you can get any women right?
so it means “money” is far greater than “love”
so for women,money>love
for men ,love>money
did it prove anything?

financi4 answers:

Thie following may help you.

Why are woman preoccupied with materialism?
Why are men preoccupied with physical sex?
Why are women preoccupied with their looks?
Why are men concerned about the length of their penis?
Why are woman preoccupied with money?
Why are men preoccupied with physical sex?
Why are woman preoccupied with the size of their breasts?
Why are men preoccupied with physical sex?
Why are woman preoccupied with the size of their hips?
Why are men so preoccupied with physical sex?

The following was written by a 55 year old male who has a non-social science graduate degree and has studied these subjects for over four decades and has at least figured the following out:

We humans (Homo sapiens) are hardwired to have those preoccupations as it is in our genes, incorporated into our DNA. It what’s makes us so successful as species. There are after all seven billion of us on the planet.

The driving force behind these preoccupations is to have children and to a lesser extent fun and pleasure. Male and Females approach sex from that background.

Meaning a woman filters which male can provide the best for her and her offspring. The woman not only has to be pregnant for nine months but will the primary caretaker for the rest of her life for the offspring.

It is this “burden” on woman that makes them so complicated to males with respect to sex. Therefore, sex for women imports materialism, physical sex (pleasure), their looks, money, the size of their breasts, the size of their hips, his looks and other criteria. Everything that will be best for her offspring.

Women have a huge investment in procreation and therefore they have a lot of criteria to satisfy.

Or to put it another way, if a woman and a man are going to have child(ren) which takes decades to raise, woman want to be sure the male can afford it. It’s best for her gene pool, her children.

Look at nature, why are male birds prettier? To attract mates. In actuality the plumage is to their disadvantage. The male peacock his unbelievably beautiful plumage which not only makes him stand out but makes him heavier and harder to flee from predators. The male peacock pays a high price to look that good.

SOME women, not all, choose a male based on how he can provide for her and her offspring, such as; buying her gifts, expensive cars, luxury trips, etc. THIS is hardwired into them.

Is Hugh Hefner, Bill Gates or Adolph Hitler that physically attractive? No it’s their money/power that they can provide to her and her offspring!

Men on the other hand do not share this burden. Their job is done usually all to quickly for woman! For men it’s now time to impregnate another woman because it is best for his gene pool to have as many children with as many women as possible.

This is not to overlook the pleasure of sex but that is fleeting and momentary. After all sex is fun.

To support these assertions contrast the phrases “mothering” and “fathering.” Mothering carries with it so much more than fathering! That’s not a coincidence!

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