Your Questions About Company Owns Snickers Candy Bar

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Mark asks…

what are ‘light caramels’?

i have come across numerous recipes asking for light caramels.
what are light caramels, where can i find them and what are the more common brands?
hi thanks for the quick reply but i’m still a little hazy on the caramel.
is it similar to choclairs from cadbury?
or is it more of a toffee?
and do you know of any brands that they come in?

Justin answers:

Sweetie,have ever had a carmello bar?Even snickers or milky way?They have light caramel.You can purchase actual “caramels”,in your regular grocery store.You should check the candy isle.A more common brand,or company is brachs they make caramels.They are individually wrapped,and they are golden in color.The package will say,”caramels”.Also,you can make your own,here is a recipe:

Light Caramel Sauce Recipe
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup firmly-packed brown sugar
1/4 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt

In small saucepan, combine all ingredients except yogurt; mix well. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Boil 8 minutes without stirring. Cool to room temperature. Add yogurt; blend well.

Yield: about 1 cup

Now,to make these into actual “caramels” simply take the mixture to the next stage,it shouldnt get dark.You would want a “soft ball” stage for caramels.This simply means,with a candy thermometer it should read 235 degrees F.You can pour this into molds,individually,or you can pour into a pan and cut,which your best bet would be molds seperately.Then remove them,and you have caramels.

Good luck hun,and have a good day.

Michael asks…

i am allergic to dairy products, what kind of chocolate can i eat?

Justin answers:

You’re going to have to read the labels and make sure the company didn’t put milk in the dark chocolate–many companies do. Chocolove and Endangered Species chocolates don’t put dairy in their dark chocolate, and Newman’s Own has vegan dark chocolate. There’s a company called Go Max Go which makes vegan versions of popular bars (their Jokerz is akin to Snickers, and the Cleo is the best peanut butter chocolate cup ever). Sjaak’s also has vegan chocolate candies. You can get these at your local Whole Food or natural foods store or order online.

However, some of these companies used shared machinery, and if that’s an issue for you, you’ll have to be even more careful.

William asks…

are dove the chocolate and dove the soap the same company?

Justin answers:


Dove Chocolate:

“DOVE® Chocolate dates back to the mid-fifties, to a small candy store on Chicago’s south side.

Leo Stefanos would worry whenever his two young sons dashed after the neighborhood ice cream truck. To keep them safe, he spent months developing his own ice cream treat. Before long, the DOVEBAR® was the talk of the neighborhood. In the late ’70’s, Leo’s son Mike took over the store, and the popularity of the DOVEBAR® began to spread beyond Chicago.

In 1985, the DOVEBAR® company was bought by M&M/Mars, makers of quality products such as M&M’S® Chocolate Candies and SNICKERS® Bar. DOVE® Chocolate, inspired by the chocolate on the original DOVEBAR®, was introduced nationally in 1990. Today you can enjoy DOVE® Chocolate in over 30 countries around the world!”

Dove soap is a Unilever brand.

Paul asks…

what are david beckham’s endorsements? if they’re european products tell me what kind of product it is?

and how much endorsement money does he make

Justin answers:

Here’s some info about Beckham’s Adidas endorsement. Check out the links below. His other endorsements are listed below. Beckham’s so popular that he can command this much money and companies are willing to compete for the rights to use his image.

1- David Beckham – soccer
Sponsor: Adidas
Estimated Value: $160 million (lifetime)

David Beckham has been wearing Adidas since he was 12 years old. And he’ll be wearing the three stripes until the day he dies. In the summer of 2003, Beckham signed the biggest commercial contract in sports history. Under the terms of the contract, the midfielder would receive about half his money in a massive down payment. Beckham will get a percentage of profits from the sale of sportswear. He also gets paid for promotional work.

Why is this contract so large? The people at Adidas worried that rival Nike would persuade Beckham to switch brands. In addition, Beckham sells more products on his own than all of Adidas’ other clients combined.

If Beckham lives another 40 years, the contract would be worth about $4 million a year. His soccer salary is $6.7 million per season. He makes over $20 million a year in endorsements. Using these figures, the Adidas deal accounts for about 15% of his income.

List of endorsements, and counting:
Got Milk?
Marks & Spencer
Snickers Candy Bar
TBC Cosmetics

Richard asks…

Q About 3 Musketeers Bar?

Does anyone know what Minnesota city the 3 Musketeers Bar is from? I’ve been looking around but all I can find is that it is from Minnesota…Thanks!

Justin answers:

The 3 MUSKETEERS® Bars are made in Chicago, Illinois, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and Newmarket, Canada.
Mars, Incorporated
In 1920, they moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Mars founded Mar-O-Bar Co. And began to manufacture chocolate candy bars.[1] The company later incorporated as Mars, Incorporated.[1] In 1923 he introduced his son Forrest’s idea,[3] the Milky Way, which became the best-selling candy bar[1] Mars moved to Chicago in 1929[1] and settled in River Forest, Illinois. He became an honorary captain of the Oak Park, Illinois police department.[1]
In 1930, Mars developed the Snickers Bar.[3] In 1930, his son Forrest Mars, Sr., with the help of Hershey’s president William Murries, began producing M&M Candies (with the “M&M” being “Mars and Murrie”).[citation needed] Forrest Mars, Sr. Went on to grow the company through the addition of such products as Uncle Ben’s. Forrest Mars, Sr. Died in 1999 and left the company to his children who still own it today.[citation needed]
Mars died of kidney and heart problems in 1934[1] at age 50.

The famous “Three Musketeers” candy bar got its name in 1932 when it was originally made of three pieces of candy: one chocolate, one vanilla, and one strawberry. One for all and all for one!
It takes about 400 cacao beans to make one pound of chocolate. That means there are thousands of beans in our Mt. McKinley Mountain of Chocolate alone!
Theobroma cacao, the scientific name for the tree that cocoa and chocolate are made from, means “Food of the Gods”.
Many of us believed an old myth that chocolate causes acne. The good news for teenagers everywhere is that modern research showns that’s just not true. The only effect of chocolate on your face is to induce a smile.

Ken asks…

How do i know if i’m addicted to Caffeine?

title pretty much sums it up,
How would i determine if i am “hooked” on Caffeine?

i have seen other comments on this subject and i have to say its rather ridiculous some of the answers, one guy even suggested that 3 candy bars a day is TOO much… thats a snack to me lol.

but i’m not here about a Snickers addiction, i’m here because i can only get REAL sleep when i’ve had about 3-4 cans of Coca Cola, and i’m a happy camper after drinking several 32oz’ers of Rockstar Energy Drink, Jolt Soda, 9x shot espresso, you name it. i see people everywhere saying “q.q i have 4 cups of coffee a day” -.- people like that bug me, STFU, if 4 cups of coffee disturbs the average american, then you should NOT look any further…

My diet consists of:
Coca Cola,
Rockstar Energy Drink,
AMP Energy Drink,
Rockstar Energy Drink,
Coca Cola,
and lots of water.

so… assuming you havent had your own coronary seizure reading all this, what do you make of it?
i’m also a smoker, Xray of lungs suggests i am not a statistic to the tobacco company though. at all, or have even been smoking at all, been a smoker for 9 ish years…maybe 7 idk can’t remember, haven’t had a dose of Coca Cola yet.

Justin answers:

Brother it’s your life. Live it the way you want. To hell with what anyone else wants you to do.

I drink 3 to 4 POTS of coffee every day along with around 4 liters of cola. I sleep like a baby. Been doing it this way for about 40 years now. Started drinking coffee around 14 or so. Started smoking around 17.

Live while you’re alive. You sure can’t enjoy anything when you’re dead.

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