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James asks…

ID Card Questions?

My husband is taking terminal leave from the Army before his ETS date.

His ETS date is 25 Mar 08, but he is taking terminal leave on 05 Feb 08, so that will be technically the date that he signs out and we leave for Missouri from Ft. Hood.

He says that he has to turn his ID in with his clearing checklist. My question is…

1) Do they still take it even though he still technially has over a month left in the Army, for ID purposes?

2) What do they do with the Spouse / Dependent cards? Do they just let them expire.
He will not be returning over 800 miles to turn in an ID, lol. That is the point of taking terminal leave, to clear before you leave and your ETS date.

Justin answers:

He has to turn it in. With my husband, “they” took his ID. If your husband qualifies for an extension to use the benifits; it’s in DD2 14. He has to take it to the copeland building to the ID section. *Be aware, they might not know what they are looking at because we found out a month later by mail, my husband had a 180 day extension of benifits. We had to get another ID taken to the nearest facility.Deers told us.* (I still have my old one. Yes, they just let them expire. If you use it, they will cut the top off like if you are renewing your Driver’s license.) I hope I make sense. Best wishes to you both.

Donald asks…

I need to make a checklist for parakeets.?

I had to let my friend take care of my parakeets because I will be going on a vacation in a few days. But he asked me for budgie checklist. What should I include in my checklist? Food, daily and weekly and monthly cleaning? Bathing? Any suggestions. This question is for bird experts or bird owners. Thank you.

Justin answers:

I’m not a bird owner, but I’ve done a lot of research. I think you should tell your friend to clean the cage daily (or as needed) and alwayss leave a tub of water for it to bathe in. Also, have him or her change it’s toys every few days. They’ll get tired of having to play with the same, boring old toys EVERY single day. Also, parakeets go to sleep at about 6 pm. So, make sure not to wake it up or anything. Well, that’s all I’ve go to say. Hope this helps!

Steven asks…

What’s the most atypical item in your bug out bag?

There are many websites with checklists of recommended items for a bug out bag. Which special item(s) in your bag are omitted from many popular checklists?

I see questions about bug out bags posted in the YA Camping category, in the Hunting category, and under Travel – Packing and Preparation. I posted here thinking I’d get more interesting responses from the preppers here in Politics.
I see. I ask on a holiday, and y’all answer after having a few drinks. Jolly good show.

Justin answers:

Hmm…. Since I don’t pay much attention to ‘checklists’ provided by others I’ll guess that the bubble gum is something most don’t have. Perhaps a tire tube patch kit for our bikes too. Also a couple of extra links for the chains.

John asks…

What questions to ask a cosmetology school?

I recently requested information for a few different cosmetology schools.
What questions should I ask when I go in for a tour or when they get a hold of me?

Justin answers:

This is by far the best checklist I’ve seen of the questions to ask when you talk to admissions representatives or tour cosmetology schools: You can actually print out this checklist and take it with you to your tour appointment if you want. It’s got stuff like – how close it is to home or work, which programs it offers, what the student-to-teacher ratio is (so you know how much individual attention you’ll get), the quality of the facility and student salon, if they have any financial aid options, whether they have flexible scheduling, how much it costs and what’s included, whether they have job placement services, etc. Anyway, it’s all on that checklist. You want to take that one with you!

Mark asks…

What are the questions you want to ask to a president of a country?

Ok.If you are given a chance to ask five 5 questions to a president what would it be?It’s hard for me to think about this one because actually i don’t even care about a president.Pls. help me coz one of my friend need this one as soon as possible..T.Y in advance..

Justin answers:

I am 32 years old and that was the first election I participated in. Only because for the first time in my life a Presidential nominee touched my heart and I actually believed in what he said to us. I backed Mr. Obama 100% and voted hoping he would bring the Change we needed so very badly.

#1. Why did you lie and mislead the people??
#2. Why don’t you answer to your peoples concerns about your bad performance??
#3. Why are you unwilling to explain yourself and your ignorance as President??
#4. Can you provide a checklist for the people of America to see that shows exactly what you have accomplished of your promises?? If you’ve accomplished any at all…
#5. Can you please step down as our President and allow a more qualified individual to do the job you are so incapable of doing?? PLEASE!!!! Before any more damage is done by your ignorance!!!!!

Chris asks…

Questions to ask before I sign the lease?

I am going to review the terms of a lease on rental property sometime soon. I have already asked some basic questions and everything. What are some things I should ask before I sign the lease?
I am going to read the entire lease before I sign it. Who know, I might not like all of the terms and not even bother. But if it is just a basic lease, what are some additional things I should ask? I just want to make sure I cover everything.

Justin answers:

For the protection of both parties there should ALWAYS be a Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Report done at both ends of the rental period.

Here is one to use as a guide:

You can note all the less-than-perfect conditions at move-in so you won’t be responsible when you move out. And both sign it and keep copies.

It doesn’t obligate the landlord to repair everything on it, but it does document the tenant isn’t responsible. If nothing is noted the condition is assumed to be ‘acceptable’ to both parties.

George asks…

How do you go about choosing a pediatrician?

My baby checklist said I should start ” interviewing pediatricians ” but I’m not exactly sure what that means, do they mean interview them literally like, as you would do a job interview or? I have no idea how to go about doing this, any help or tips would be greatly welcomed.

Justin answers:

Yes, you interview them to find one that best meets YOUR needs. (Just as an employer interviews candidates to find on that best fits the job opening.)

Think about your parenting plans and philosopies and what is important to you in a doctor. (Will you be breastfeeding? Any interest in an alternative vaccine schedule? Do you want a doctor primarily for medical issues [vaccines, illnesses, monitoring physical develpment] or do you feel the need to be told how to handle feeding and sleeping and discipline and toilet trainng stuff? And, in general, do you want to be actively invovled in baby’s medical/health care, or do you prefer to be told what to do and follow on blindly?

Think about practtical issues: (Will you be returning to work? If so, a doctor with evening/weekend hours might be helpful. Does your insurance put any limits on your choices? Will the doctor attend your child in the hospital should he require hospitalization at some point? (Some docs no longer do this, relying on ‘hospitalists’ for in-patient care. (Of course the hospitalist sends reports on to the regular doc.) Is the office convenient to your home?

Talk to friends (ideally those with similar philosophies) and find out which doctors they like .. And dont’ like. Check the practice’s website.

This should let you narrow it down to a list of 2-4 doctors. Then you call each office, explain that your looking for a pediatrician for your soon-to-be-born baby, and ask to meet with the doc. (There should be no charge, or at most a token one.) When you go in, look around the waiting room. Are there separate waiting areas for sick and well kids? Is it overflowing with patients? (Might suggest that the doctor is overbooked.) Is the atmosphere freindly and child-friendly?

When you meet with the doc, ask your questions, and just try to get a general feel for her personality and practices. (If you’ll be breasfeeding, don’t just ask ‘do you support breastfeeding?’ They will ALL say they do. Ask more pointed questions — do you have an LC on staff, or one you can refer patients to? Under what circumstances would you recommend weaning/supplementing? How do you feel about extended breastfeeding? (Even if you don’t anticipate going beyond a year yourself, a doctor who is enthusiastic about it is more likely to be supportive and educated in general.)

This should allow you to select the best doctor for your needs. You’d then call to let them know you want to hire them, and when you go into the hospital for labor, you’d also tell them that Dr. Jones is your pediatrician.

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