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Joseph asks…

How can I make an application to make a checklist based on answers to questions?

I don’t have any programming experience, and I need an application that asks yes/no questions on bubbles of a flow chart. The yes and no answers have to be able to lead to separate bubbles each with a different question. I also need for each of the answers to trigger an item on a list that may be printed.

Is this possible? And is there a tutorial or template available online, or can someone explain to me how it would work.
I have been looking for tutorials on VBA, but i haven’t found any that explain very well how to do this, just millions of examples. I was wondering if anyone knew of “tried and true” tutorials that are easy to understand.

financi4 answers:

Get visual basic. Free from microsoft website. Easy to learn for this kind of thing. Just read a tutorial about the If commands and Else etc.

James asks…

A checklist of things to look for in Abstract Reasoning?

I’ve got my UKCAT test on Thursday and I’m still struggling with Abstract Reasoning. I’ve got the “How To Master The UKCAT” book, but the checklist given there is inconclusive even the majority of the warm-up questions given.

Has anyone here made a more complete checklist as a way of simplifying and breaking down Abstract Reasoning questions to make them more easily solvable?

financi4 answers:

AR is a nightmare. I hate it too.
Try here for some tips

Good luck with the UKCAT!

Robert asks…

Office jerk checklist question?

I have Office Jerk and Office Zombie for the iPod touch. I finished the checklist on both games and I don’t know how to get a new checklist. I go to “update” on the checklist and it says “There was no new content on this server.” It’s been like this for weeks. Is there some full version that I can buy so I can get a full checklist? Or is this game just really stupid and only has one checklist? Helpp!

financi4 answers:

After completing the checklist there must be some task to complete!

Daniel asks…

Need help on these questions cant find any answers for them? cant find anything to help me find these answers?

Need help on these questions cant find any answers for them?
* How should a paralegal document an accident scene?

* What conditions should be prevalent when the scene is investigated?

* What items should be included on the investigation checklist?

* Why is it important to identify the correct defendant(s) in a tort case?

* What could happen if incorrect persons or businesses are sued as defendants?

financi4 answers:

Sorry this is not the place for homework help.

Google is your friend.

David asks…

My new barn checklist…Please make sure im not missing anything?

My family just moved to this 9 acre home and it has a barn and 6 acre pasture sooo…. we started looking at horses and we found these two companion only horses. i don’t really want to ride at home i wanted experience first with owning my own horses. i have been riding for awhile and have leased a few times so i think im ready and my dad also has some experience with horses. anyway just to make sure i have everything on my checklist……. please check my checklist!
Questions to ask before buying the horses:
-What did you feed them?
-How often do you feed them?
-Why are you selling them?
-*Questions about vet services and farrier serices*
-Are they comfortable being around people?
-Are they comfortable being groomed, handled, and haltered?
-What was their average daily routine? (I dont want to freak them out)
Checklist for the barn before they get there:
-bedding is down
-I have made multiple trips out to see them so i will know what they eat and it will be there
-halters(extra ones)
-leadropes(extra ones)
-water buckets
-fly masks
-winter blankets
-first aid kit
-saftey check on barn and pasture
-grooming supplies
-muck rakes
Thank you so much if you answer:

financi4 answers:

What the first answer said about conformation is very useful
and if you don’t know what to look for, have an experienced
horse owner come with you ! Since the horse are just going
to be for companion, I wouldn’t worry too much about their
conformation and movement, however, check their hooves.
If the horses are fine barefoot, then that is a bonus.

Your checklist looks fine, I would ask a few questions about
their health and if they are ‘easy keepers.’ I don’t think you
should ask how comfortable they are being groomed, handled,
etc and if they are good with people- you will find that out
for yourself when you see them. I would ask if they are good
to trim, bathe, trailer and are up to date (UTD) with the vet.

Barn: have an emergency vet pager/number and leave it on
a chart by the barn door (on the inside) also with your number
in case you’re not around and someone needs to find a number.
Otherwise, you pretty much have most of it down. If you ever
decide to start riding them, then have a trainer/instructor help
you to find, fit and purchase tack. 😀

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