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Steven asks…

How to execute a Macro in Excel VBA automatically?

I have a range of cells that needs to be filled by the user, once he/she has done with entries, I need to execute a macro. I would like to do the “execute of macro” automatically without user invocation. For example,



Apple x x
Banana x x

The user can enter upto 10 rows in Column “A”. Column “B” thru “G” are kind of Checklist, if “X” do something kind of situation. Once they enter all there data in Column “A” and specifies appropriate Checklist, I would like to execute my macro.

I am new to Excel VBA and trying to learn, so please someone help me even though this could be a basic question.

Justin answers:

The easiest thing to do would be to install a button:
(assuming you have you macro handy)

Click on View, Toolbars and select Forms.
Click on the command button tool: the cursor will change to a small cross
Draw a button on the sheet in a convenient place: a dialog box will pop up
Assign you macro to the button.
Click on OK
Click away from the button
Your button is now ready for action

However, if you truly want it automatic, then

Navigate to the VB editor

in the top left pane, double click on the sheet name that holds your data:

A new work area will open up in the top left, click on the drop box and select ‘Worksheet’: the following statements wil appear automatically

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
End Sub

Now type in the following code:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
   Dim MyRange As Range

   MyRange = Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Select(“A1:C10”)
   N = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(Range)

   If (N = 30) Then
      Call yourMacro
   End If

End Sub

Replace the name yourMacro with its real name

Now it will execute automatically when you have all 30 cells filled with non-blank data (and you press enter on the 30th item).

Hope this helps

Michael asks…

Do you Want to Join a Clan for MAG (Massive Action Game)?

A few of the guys in my old clan dropped out and the other guys do not pla anymore so I deleted my old clan and I’m now holding open tryouts to anyone interested in joining my clan.

– I play with the PMC Raven
– I only play on weekends
-I always use my headset unless it is charging

Here is a simple checklist you should look into before messaging me on PSN
– I’m above level 8
– I do have a headset/microphone
– I play on the weekends
– I do not have a problem adding more friends onto my PSN list
– I play with the PMC Raven
– I’m not currently in a Clan or I do not mind leaving my clan

That is pretty much it so if you are interested just do (one) of the following

– Message me on PSN
– Reply or answer this question
– EMAIL me (I have a BlackBerry I get emails all throughout the day)

One last thing if you message me on PSN please put why you are messagin me (example)

Subject MAG Clan

I’m messaging you cuz I want to join your clan in MAG I saw your question on Yahoo! Answers

Alrite now that is it your message does not have to be exactly like that but make sure I know why you are messaging me. If you did not pick up my PSN from the message up there it is:


Justin answers:

Well, if you’d like to join my clan, we’re always looking for people. And the best part is that our practices are on the weekend! My clan’s PMS|H2O (PMS tag for girls, H2O tag for guys), and our website’s ; we’re under the Playstation Divisions. In terms of general clan info, the PMS branch of the clan is the world’s largest multi-platform all-female gaming clan, with well over 800 members in different Divisions; the H2O branch has over 1000 members. We’re sponsored by many different companies, and even have pro gamers that travel across the country to compete in various tournaments.

As for me, I’m one of the MAG Division Leaders. I go by PMS Asuka on the site, and I’m currently level 60 in Raven. However within a week or so I’ll mostly be using an alternate account on Raven with the clan so my main account can veteran over to Valor. I’ve been in the clan for almost a year now, and not only am I a MAG Leader, but I’m also the Practice Manager for the PS3 Rhythm Division (aka Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc.).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me on the site. I’ll also be sending you a PSN message later today. Feel free to submit an application for the division if you like what you see! Here’s a quick link to the application section:

I hope to hear from you soon!

Richard asks…

Landlord trying to charge me for previous carpet stain that I got out…and other charges.?

When I moved into my apartment last year, there was a huge dark stain in the middle of the dining room floor…at least 2 feet wide and 2 feet long. The landlord told us that it was some type of pet stain that she had tried to get out multiple ways but hadn’t succeeded. My roommate and I took a picture (along with everything else that was wrong or falling apart with the apartment) with her digital camera which does have dates on it. We did not receive a checklist to do from the landlord and did not give her the pictures yet (but we still have them).

Fast forward to a year later when I’m cleaning the place to move out….

I had spilled a couple of light beverages on the carpet so I was using OxyClean to get them out. I thought I would be nice and work on the large disgusting eyesore that had been there when we moved in; after a couple of hours, I managed to get it a whole lot lighter than it was. (note: I did not bleach the carpet).

Our landlord finally did her walkthrough and has decided that the stain I cleaned looks “worse” than it did before and is now going to give my roommate and me estimates on how much it will be to have the carpet cleaned. Keep in mind the other small stains we had made are completely gone and the only thing wrong with the carpet is normal wear and tear foot traffic kind of dirt.

Can she charge me for messing with and trying to fix a stain that was already there? (my roommate and I both think it looks much better, though you can still tell a stain used to be there…).

She’s also trying to charge us for little things that broke that were no way our fault – for example, the handle of the oven that is at least 30 years old fell off just by us opening it normally. The faucet for the sink came off because her son (she never had regular repairmen come, always just a relative of hers who was not qualified to do work) did not use a long enough screw to keep it secured. The fridge, which is just as old as the stove, also had a shelf inside break.

So my question: how do I keep my security deposit in this situation? We were not in any way negligent of the apartment and I’ve never had such problems before. Anyone who knows specific laws or guidelines would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Justin answers:

If she wants anything replaced , let her know that you want to keep the old one (if you have to pay for it , it your property) she will soon change her mind , most landlords do this so that they can pocket your deposit .

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