Your Questions About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Investing In The Stock Market

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Joseph asks…

What are the advantages and disadvantages in investing in the stock market?

Please give me lots of reasons, thank you very much.

financi4 answers:

1-you own your own business with literally do nothing.
2-flexible holding position, which you can liquidate it anytime you want, no string attach.
3-unlike other business, you need a team. But here, you can work yourself, and from home!

1-very steep learning curve in the beginning.
2-it is not that easy to control your emotion.
3-you can end up broker if you do things wrong.

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Daniel asks…

Are there any advantage/disadvantage in investing in one stock market as opposed to another??

Hello everyone, I am a recent college grad and Im looking into investing into the stock market. There’s a company that I beleive I’ll like to invest in but I see that they are in both the NASDAQ and LSE. As of this posting, the NASDAQ price is $5.14, volume 487192, whiile LSE price is 86.02, volume 8219409. Will I be better of investing in either Market??? Thanks.

financi4 answers:

You must be referring to “index funds” there are 1000’s of companies on the NASDAQ stock exchange – index funds are different than individual stocks

David asks…

Why would people want to invest in the stock market?

I am doing an econ essay and I need many advantages and disadvantages of investing in the stock market. Thanks.

financi4 answers:

There are corporations that are making record profits. Investing in the stock market doesn’t come with a guarantee of success.

Mark asks…

what are the precautions to be taken by investors before investing in stock markets?

also, what are the scams in stock exchanges and the advantages and disadvantages of investing in markets? plzzzzzzzzz, reply, coz i need this info for my math project!!

financi4 answers:

No principal guarantee in stocks you purchase. The values fluctuate up and down. Their value can go down to zero. A potential investor should research the companies before investing, see the historic values since inception. To help protect value in a stock portfolio one should be diversified. That is own stocks in many different sectors, Large, mid, small caps. One big disadvantage is you don’t have immediate access to your investment. When you sell stocks it can take up to a week to receive a check. There wouldn’t be any scams in the stock exchanges. Scams would involve taking money from investors for stocks that don’t exist, so they wouldn’t be listed with an exchange.

William asks…

investing in stock market and staring your own business?

Hi, I’m naive about stock markets functions. Let say I want to buy 20 sugar cane acres to sell sugar cane for ethanol process( it cost around $200,000) but what if I invest those $200,000 in some company stocks that works doing the same process?

the only difference of the above investments would the “control” ? is basically the same or not?

advantages or disadvantages? is this the real function of stock markets when it comes to real invesment into a company?

financi4 answers:

If you know how to start the business and what need to start it then you can start your own business otherwise you should invest in the same business.

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