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Thomas asks…

If Taxes are raised on the Rich the Rich going to try to find ways to hide or cheat or to avoid higher Taxes t?

If Taxes are raised on the Rich the Rich going to try to find ways to hide or cheat or to avoid higher Taxes they will try to find loopholes and Tax shelters and other ways to avoid high Taxes they will not keep their money/wealth inside their Businesses create Jobs and hire Workers to avoid higher Taxes they will try to get round the higher Taxes with loopholes don’t you agree they will try to find ways to reduce their Tax Burden they will not reinvest/invest just to avoid higher Taxes because they have other ways to avoid higher Taxes ?

One of the more notorious examples is the tax shelter. Because the sale of capital assets are taxed only when they are profitable, investors hid much of their income in these shelters. In the late 70s, when capital gains became much lower taxed than income, tens of thousands of useless or empty office spaces were opened up nationwide, designed to “lose” money. Many of these tax shelters were for esoteric assets like collectibles, freight cars and even llama breeding. Between 1979 and 1985, tax shelter “losses” jumped from about $10 billion to $160 billion a year. (1)

Another role of tax shelters is to convert highly taxed income into low-taxed capital gains. This represents a pure revenue loss to the IRS, with neutral or even negative consequences to the economy.

When the government artificially raises the profitability of an asset, especially through highly specific loopholes, then investors will start making sub-standard investments that the free market would otherwise refuse to make.

What Conservatives Won’t Tell You: Higher Taxes Equal Reinvestment And Jobs

By Ray Medeiros

What the conservatives do not know or don’t reveal is, higher taxes make businesses re-invest most of their profits into the corporation.

This is one of the reasons President Clinton had a booming economy. He raised taxes on the wealthy. Rather than pay the higher tax rate by extracting profits for personal use and having it sit on the sidelines, they re-invested it, creating a chain reaction of jobs.

What we are seeing today is lower taxes leading to owners extracting money rather than reinvesting it. The cash sits on the sidelines in bank accounts, or in their wallets. So let’s raise taxes, and “force” this idle cash back into businesses for reinvestment and create the jobs this country needs.

Justin answers:

Why do you think it’s right to take someone else’s money because they are successful? If you feel you need money get more educated or work two jobs. Say you make 20,000 a year, do you think they should make you support someone who makes 10,000 a year? When you start going overboard on taking peoples money you kill the goose who lays the golden egg(paychecks for those who work) what then? You eat the goose and nobody gets paid and now you have more poor people. I have never worked for a poor man and I bet you can guess why, a poor man isn’t hiring. There will always be the rich and the not so rich. Don’t let money envy rule your life. I have worked for as little as 10.00 a day scrapping chicken shit. I did that until I found something else. My children had gumption enough to do more with their lives than I did. They went to school part time while they worked. Two still work two jobs even though they don’t need too. I like to think they got that from me, working two jobs and getting money without asking for help and by god I could have used some. I don’t regret doing it though, because everything I have, I got myself.

George asks…

Question about Gi quality?

My question lies in obtaining the best gi that I can find. I want something that will not tear and if it does it will do so after YEARS of pulling on it. I’m starting in Judo this Wednesday.

I saw this site ( and in there they were raving about their blue and their white “gold” Gi’s. They are very expensive, so for you experienced Judokas and BJJ practitioners what do you guys think of these Gi’s?

These two:

Also why are the gold and premium so much more expensive than the regular white Gi’s? Is it just better quality or is it just that they are “GOLD” and a marketing ploy?

Justin answers:

I believe the “Gold” weave gis are very thick and heavy. There are different benefits to the degrees of gi/lapel thickness. Sometimes a thick lapel is harder for the opponent to grab. However, wearing those heavy gis can really do a number on your skin and make you over heat during warm weather training.

It is well worth the money to invest in a good good quality gi. I have trained in both traditional and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I would recommend that you stay away from anything that cost less than 120 dollars. When you buy a good gi it may last for 5-10 years. On the flip side of that coin I would get approval from your instructor as some schools have rules on what they want you wearing. I had a crappy GTMA (Golden Tiger) gi for 3 years and had no idea what I was missing. I really thought that they were all the same. I was very wrong. Nice gis are stronger and softer at the same time. Also they have rubber infused in the lapel which prevents most stains and bacteria growth.

I have one blue and one white Koral (I went with the medium priced “Koral Classic” gis: $140-170). Again talk with your Sensei as some schools have specific guidelines or even discounts from a wholesaler. Personally I wanted nothing fancy, yet good quality. Some of the more pricey ones have cool patches, skulls, and designs…to each his own.

My teacher who has used 5-6 different brands over the years recommends KORAL, ATAMA, KEIKO, or Vulkan (although Vulkan tends to be overpriced for similar quality). Keep in mind that they are over sized at first and they they do shrink. Once you get the right fit, say after 2-3 washes, I would never put it in the dryer again.

Once you know your size/brand combo you might find deals on Ebay or whatever in the future. You should eventually buy at least 2 or 3 gis. That way to do not wear a dirty one. I have rolled with classmates they did this in the past and it is disrespectful and very nasty to wrestle against stinky fabric in your face. Also, it is more sanitary in general.

NOTE: If you are just beginning sometimes it helps to have a cheapo gi to get your feet wet. Then when you decide that you are in long term bump up to a higher quality product. It makes throwing, grappling and wrestling much more comfortable (for you and your classmates).

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