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David asks…

I have about 500-1000 dollars every month to invest, what should I do with it?

I have about 500-1000 dollars every month to invest, what should I do with it, I already have a high yielding roth 401k but it is maxed I am not allowed to put any more then I do in it, due to restrictions from my employer, I am 25 and currently in school for another 6-8 years, due to my full time career :/ to afford school lol.
I was wanting to maybe invest in stocks and open an Etrade account but was very turned off when I found out some dumb rules, like taking 5 days to transfer cash, cant buy stocks for under $10/share for like 2 weeks etc…. So I am open to stocks although I am not sure how to research companies, or what I should or shouldn’t do.

Justin answers:

First of all, GREAT JOB on maxing out your 401(k)! Not many people can achieve that – very impressive.

My advice assumes you have no debt (if you do, it should be paid off before any investment activity).

Unless you’ll need the money sooner, I would recommend opening a Roth IRA and maxing your contribution. In 2008, you can contribute up to $5,000, which works out to $416/month (or, if you’re starting now, you have 10 months – you can make 2008 contributions through April 15, 2009 – which would be $500/month).

I personally enjoy the convenience of mutual funds – they do all the stock picking, and they will also set up automatic monthly investments from your checking or savings account. If you go this route, pick a solid fund company like Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, or Fidelity.

It sounds like you might want to take a more “hands-on” approach. You can still set up a stock trading account in an IRA (preferably Roth at your age) – again, only if you won’t be needing that $$ before retirement. But be sure to follow the golden rules so that you don’t lose too much money:

1. Never have more than 10% of your portfolio in any one stock (I prefer 5%, but 10% at the absolute maximum).
2. Always place a stop-limit order for 10% below your purchase price, so that you cut your losses when a stock tanks.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

John asks…

Why is it that the people in America despise Muslims?

Extremists blew up the twin towers but blame has been place on Muslims as a whole which to me seems ridiculous. Are some completely blind to reality?
I’m not a Muslim by the way , I’m Agnostic and Australian.
Rehan . Thanks for an answer to the question unlike the top 4 answers.
Tim: I hate to break it to you but terrorists are extremists.

Justin answers:

In Muslim countries, few have restrictions in building, in running a business or having a home. There is a common thread that runs through the various sects. But over the years, the Muslim community has grown to almost 2 billion. The majority live in and around Indonesia, then Pakistan (created after WWII along with Jordan for Muslims & Israel for Jews). Later, Kuwait and Dubai have risen. Now Saudi Arabia is totally Muslim & do not allow Christians there. Only Muslims can live in Makkah (Mecca) or even go there. The restrictions for Jews & Christians is controlled: from books you can bring in, to jewelry you can wear or people you can see in most of the 47 Muslim majority countries around the globe.

Thus, Muslims themselves, aren’t used to restrictions let alone be asked not to offend others of different religions & cultures from theirs. The Golden Rule is not part of the Qur’an, especially the Hebrew edition which states: “Don’t do to others as you wouldn’t want them to do to you.” It is a big leap for many Muslims to find themselves living in societies that have so much freedom that they can’t see how Americans can ignore the obscene, the insults, the attacks on other citizens in commercials to comedy acts which you would not find in a Muslim country.

But if you consider Ben Laden, he was educated in the West. But, until now, only a small elite class of Muslims came here to be educated or invest here. The majority did not get involved with the regular American middle class, let alone those that were poor. It has only been those that have gone to schools in their own countries, sponsored by America, England, France, Sweden, etc. That more Muslims wanted to see America for themselves. Harvard even opened a Medical School in Dubai–so times have changed.

But don’t forget, there were three targets by these planes. They used trusting Americans to do their bidding. Some say the OK bombing was one of the early targets–as witnesses have stated the men involved did not speak Spanish but either Arabic or Farsi. The same has been said of the attack of the plane over Long Island. Actually recording from well-respected professionals show a surface to land missile taking out the plane. What about the Jew in the hotel, Rabbi Kahane, many Christians said he asked for it, but he was expressing his own view in a free country–but still, it was a terrorist attack. So was the first bombing of the Towers in the basement. Then there was the high school students on their way to school being attacked by Muslims where two died and one was in a coma for weeks.

We have objected here about cults, like the Jonestown folks–and they moved where we could not bring the people back. Or the Heaven’s Gate people that committed suicide and the majority were professionals. We also have had to deal with the “Moonies”. They number in about 2 million. They own a college in Long Island and Connecticut & a radio station.

Members of the Unification Church believe the last prophet Messiah is Sun Myung Moon. Just as others have had visions, voices or awakenings alone, chosen to be the one, it is no different with the Unification Church. The members believe that Jesus appeared to Moon when 16 & asked him to accomplish the work left unfinished after his crucifixion. After a period of prayer and consideration, Moon accepted the mission, later changing his name to Mun Son-myong (Sun Myung Moon).

There are so many religions out there, some are a greater threat to civil liberties then challenging the status quo. Unfortunately, no matter what you believe or accept from Islam if only 1% became extremists, you would have to deal with around 10 million terrorists. While I know many Muslims that disavow these acts, others have been forced to participate. My own Grand-Uncle’s grandparents, in Arabia, were given the choice to convert or die. He cannot return to his ancestor’s religion–it would bring shame & risk the lives of relatives. Others are recruited from our own prisons (latest court case in NY)–as Muslims are more than willing to provide protection in exchange for conversion when released. Former Aryan members have been sponsored by terrorists–especially those that also hate: Catholics, Afro-Americans and Jews. It doesn’t take much to make a mountain out of a mole-hill & find people that have lost their jobs, need a home & cannot feed their family. Such folks can swing either way, become very loyal to the American values or join groups that want to make a change in a revolutionary way.

Richard asks…

Any ideas which reliable shares to buy in stock market India?

Its high to invest in stock market india please can any one give ideas on which are the reliable company shares to buy with minimum risk.

Justin answers:

Hi Tina,
it depnds what kind of player you are like a short term or long term..

If you are a long term player than invest in energy sector and infrastructure….. Like tata power, DLF, reliance energy (highly valued as of now), RPL, power grid etc….these shares are like fixed deposits and should give 100% return in long term…..

But if you are looking for a quick money thatn here is the golden rule….

Spare one day in a week fully for trading…. Small shares like UCO bank, TTML, Nagarjuna Fertilisers, SAIL, National steel etc moves 5-10 rs up and down. You can buy a lot for 250 shares and can earn easily upto 1500 in one single transaction….with an investment of 10k only….

But keep looking at there sometimes u get the right tips….

Also paly in virtual trading sites like there u can practise and improve ur decisons

Joseph asks…

What necessities does my pup need?

So far I have
– pet tag
– leash/collar
– puppy shampoo
– crate (although, sadly, I learned I need to buy another one, she’s too big for it)
– pet food
– doggy bowl
– dog bed
– snacks
– toys (although she prefers socks… shoes… purses)
– shots (finishing up)

I know she needs to be spayed
(still too young right now, 4 months old)
and microchipped, but anything else?

Justin answers:

Congratulations on your puppy!

I’ve raised around a dozen puppies separately at this point, and here are the things I have come to view as necessities. Some of them are already on your list, but hopefully this will help out. 🙂

1. A high-quality brand of dog food, I prefer Nutro or Canidae for my own dogs.

2. A food bowl and water dish. I’d recommend an ‘automatic’ water dish, so you don’t have to refill it constantly.

3. Lots of toys. Different varieties of toys as well, so you can get a taste for what her favorites are. Try tug toys, plushies, squeaky toys, frisbees, tennis balls, kongs, toy tires, etc. Generally Retriever types (goldens, labs, setters, spaniels, etc) like tennis balls the best, Bull-breeds (pits, mastiffs, rottweilers, bulldogs,) often like tug toys, terriers (westies, scotties, jack russells) like anything they can shake, Toy dogs (chihuahuas, papillions, mini poodles, dachshunds) often like plushies best, and herding dogs (german shepherds, border collies, aussies, bouviers,) like a mix of toys as they get bored easily, but it depends on the individual temperament of your dog.

3. A crate. Your puppy may not seem to like it at first, but trust me, it is necessary. Most dogs come to adore them, and think of it as a den of sorts. Make sure it is big enough that she can turn around and stand up in, but not so big that she could go to the bathroom in one end and sleep in the other. Try putting a nice, soft, comfortable blanket in there, and maybe a toy or two. A rule of thumb: If the bedding isn’t soft enough that you would sleep on it, it isn’t good enough for your dog, either.

4. Some nice dog beds in central areas of the house, like the living room or kitchen. The aforementioned rule of comfyness applies. Also, if you are getting any dog more then 100 pounds, you may want to ‘double up’ the dog beds (put one on top of the other) or invest in a memory foam dog bed. carries some nice ones for about 65 dollars.

5. A set of brushes for grooming is imperative. If you brush your dog for 10-15 minutes at a time, at least four days a week, the shedding around the house (and on your clothing) will be next to nothing.

6. A collar, leash, and ID tag with your name, your dog’s name, and your phone number on it. If your dog gets lost, having an ID tag ups your chances of finding your dog by 200%. It will be the best nine dollar investment you ever made.

7. Dog treats, my dogs prefer Canine-Carry outs, but it will depend on your dog’s tastes.

8. A good set of books on dog training, dog breeds, dog psychology, and obedience training. Knowing what to do before a problem arises will take down the stress of getting a new dog considerably.

9. Something to clean your dog’s teeth. I recommend greenies, but make sure that you take the bone away from him whenever you aren’t able to keep an eye on him, as any object like that can be a choking hazard if he decides to swallow it.

10. A bitter apple spray of some sort, in case you have a chewer. It is always best to have those on hand.

11. A nail clipper and some talcum powder just in case you accidentally get the quick. (The vein in a dog’s nails) Flour works in a pinch if talcum powder isn’t available.

12. Shampoo is another necessity, I’d recommend either a shampoo especially made for dogs, or a shampoo made for babies. Remember to avoid the dog’s eyes, and to dry off his ears completely afterwards to avoid an ear infection.

13. If you have a smaller dog that you plan to allow on the furniture, I’d recommend buying a ramp or a staircase made for dogs. It is too hard on their backs to jump everywhere.

14. A dog gate, in case there are areas of the house you’d like to keep him out of. A kitchen, office, or bathroom, for example.

15. Some good, pet friendly cleaning supplies. A high quality vacuum, a lint roller for dog hair, a swiffer wetjet, Clorox disinfecting wipes, febreze spray for pet odor, a stain remover, etc will help you keep your house looking great, and will give you something immediate to use if there is an accident of any kind. I can guarantee you, at one point or another your dog will throw up or have an accident on your carpet or floor and you’ll need to get it up quickly and effectively.

16. A container for food to be in, so you don’t end up with the dog tipping over the bag or insects getting inside of it.

17. Piddle-pads or another such housebreaking aid, unless your puppy is already potty-trained.

18. A pooper scooper so you don’t waste paper towels or something similar when cleaning up accidents.

19. A first aid kit for dogs, that includes items like benadryl, tweezers, a dog-safe antiseptic ointment, etc for small emergencies. I found out the hard way that my puppy was very allergic to ants, and I cringe at the thought of what would have happened to him if my vet didn’t recommend I keep liquid children’s benadryl around the house, just in case. Also keep your vet’s number taped somewhere that you can easily find it so that if there is a need for advice or an emergency vet appointment, you don’t have to waste time going through a phone book.

That is all I can think of for now, but remember to ‘dog proof’ your house before she gets there. That includes removing anything she might chew on or knock over that you’d rather her not, making sure electrical wires are inaccessible, that hazardous plants or cleaning supplies are put up or locked securely in a cabinet, that the trashcan is put somewhere she can’t get to it, and that anything she may mistake as a toy (I.E. A pillow, a book, dvd, or a remote control) is put out of her reach. Also remember to make a vet appointment as quickly as you can to have her checked out, and get her started on heartworm medication ASAP.

Wow, this got really long. Sorry about that. :-p

I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions at all on the subject; please feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to assist you. 🙂

Good luck!

James asks…

Jews,Atheists, Gospels And Catholics Are Grain Of The Same Sack?














Justin answers:

Hi. I am a Christian, but I also believe in reincarnation. If any of you are one of those literal Christians and want to get technical about it, in the New Testament at Matthew 11:10-14 and 17:10-13 Jesus is quoted as saying that John the Baptist is the prophet Elijah (who lived around 200 years before).

However, that is not why I believe. I believe in reincarnation because I remember bits and pieces of several past lives. I believe in Christ because I loved Him and Hiis message the first time I heard it and because I saw Him once.

Ximmamra, I am glad you have a good life and you are entitled to your beliefs – but why bash the beliefs of others? What does that prove? The answer is nothing.

In response to Julia D., I think most of what you are describing are Catholic beliefs. I am Christian (no particular denomination) and my beliefs are almost exactly the same as those you described with the addition that I believe in Christ, I believe He is exactly who He said He was and I believe in His message (love one another, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, let he who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone, etc.). I am of the opinion that the catholic church has gone off the deep end on the virgin birth and original sin thing (among others), but I try and keep an open mind – and I’m not sure you have these concepts correct from a Catholic viewpoint either.

Ximmamra, Jaranita and I’mACatholic, please consider that just because someone does not believe exactly the same as you, this does not mean they do not believe in a higher power (whether they call that person God or Light or Spirit or whatever). Or that they are not a “real Christian” just because their Christian beliefs are different than yours. Christian beliefs have changed dramatically over the centuries and vary widely between various sects and there is some question as to the completeness and accuracy of both the old and new testaments of the Bible, mostly due to age, translation errors and deliberate changes made by various power groups over the centuries. Read some history and do some investigations and you will see what I mean – many scholars believe entire sections were removed and that some sections were added centuries after the birth of Christ. Consider also, it is man who is petty, caught up in the minutia of dogma and literalism – surely God is bigger than that. Surely it is the big things that matter, like being kind and loving one another, like following the golden rule and the ten commandments – and doing our best to judge not. Consider this also – maybe this is part of what Christ was trying to tell us? – stop squabbling among yourselves over the details and being vile – instead love one another and treat others as you would like to be treated. And Jaranita, where did you get the idea that the concept of an indestructible spirit is satanic? The “indestructible spirit” is a well-known and documented term for God. And many good Christians believe the soul is indestructible. Myself, I don’t know, I’m still thinking about that one.

Robert asks…

a questions about sleep issue!!!?

today when i tried to sleep i felt like my heart stopped or i forgot to breath and i couldn’t come back from there you know i took after a while a deep breath and the after i almost slept again the same?never happened is first time,is from that i quit to smoke? i have 2 weeks without any cigarette can be from that?

Thank you
and i am afraid to sleep :((

Justin answers:

Your sleeping pattern will be adversely affected by sedentary behavior , lack of regular sleep pattern and use of stimulants eg: coffee , alcohol or nicotine

and now i will introduce you to the golden rules for good sleep:

1- Establish a bedtime routine , with regular times for going to bed and getting up.

2- Sleep only as much as you need to feel well rested and wake up feeling refreshed

3- Get up at the same time every day -lying in on days off disturb sleep patterns, taking a 10- 20 minute afternoon power nap is better option for your body

4- Make your bedroom quiet and relaxing ! Reduce unwanted noise and light . Invest in good mattress and pillows and keep the room cool

5-Don”t go to bed hungry – carbohydrates have a mild sleep – enhancing effect , so try toast , cereal or some fruit . Large meals close to bedtime are hard to digest ; keep to light snacks and avoid sugary, spicy or fatty foods wich act as stimulants .

6- Avoid drinks containing caffeine ( coffee, some teas , colas and chocolate ).

7- Early evening exercise will promote sleep ! Your body temperature rise and later falls , making it easier to sleep . Try not to exercise too close to bedtime ( within 2- 3 hours )

8- Consider relaxation techniques eg. Deep breathing relaxing each limb in your body

9- If you wake at night – get up, do something relaxing in another room( jigsaws are recommended) and then return to bed later .

George asks…

Hey fashionistas… can you help me out?

Okay so I need alot of people to answer my questions!!!!
1. How do I become the popular, funny, I’m already pretty(I don’t mean that in a stuck-up way), nice, stylish,trendy,fun, NICE, girl at my school?
2. What’s the best haircut for dark brown hair (straight) that ends right where the armpit begins and a heart-shaped face?
3.What are some cute trends that no one will have? Like DIY’s would be helpful…
4.What’s the best makeup? More natural than anything?
5.The best cheap designer purse?
6. And last, what do you like better…. Social Explosion, LaTour, or Robot Inc. for a fashion line name?
*****Do not be rude when you answer these questions Im serious please be very nice and don’t post anything about going to enatural care or whatever and don’t put websites I only want pictures like links and stores and opinions but don’t put stuff like you’re stupid or I don’t know just for points and stuf like that etc. THANKS LOVE YA! IF YOU ANSWER I WILL VOTE YOU BEST ANSWER FOR 10 POINTS AND IF I POST ANOTHER QUESTION AND YOU FIND IT I WILL VOTE YOU BEST ANSWER!!!!!*****And please please again don’t put anything about those things bother me and just answer my questions don’t put stuff like be yourself or whatever I just want answers to my questions. BTW I’m not a geek I’m not average I’m like one group below being popular. Okay so there’s popular, pre-popular, average, and nerds. Okay anyways!!! Please answer my questions thank you!!!!
The purse doesn’t have to be designer and the trends don’t have to be DIY’s…. videos and pictures would be great too!!!
I know popularity won’t matter when I’m an adult and no I’m not trying to be like the popular girl who ends up working at Mickey D’s! I mean like the girl who’s super friendly to everyone and everyone wants to be her friend cuz she’s so stylish and trendy, That girl. Not a cubicle worker.
When I say natural makeup I mean like makeup that looks natural and when I say hair down to where it is and how it is, that’s not they style I want that’s how it is! 😛
Lol I’m very stylish but I just want more.

Justin answers:

Haha wow long question
you are so cute! Haha
im guessing you are revamping yourself up cause you are starting a new school, or you are coming back from holidays/break or something 🙂
ok babe
first up- i like the name social explosion, doesnt sound too nerdy but it will catch your attention
now take this from someone who knows 😉 ive been through school and i was pretty popualr bak in my day (it was only about 3 years ago) anyway

the first golden rule of being popular is to be nice- never say you hate anyone and never talk about others to people other than your true true best friend, that you willhave to find on your own a best friend
if you listen to others- and i mean really listen to others, you will become popular is double the time
second is being confident, stand up for what you believe in, but dont go crazy and start arguments
when meeting others, be friendly, always smile and instead of waiting for them to introduce themselves go up there and beat them to it 🙂
you have to make a reputation as the nice cool girl that everone likes
cause if you at like a cow people will hate you and beong popular is when everyone likes you, so be nice. And talk to everyone make the effort

as for hair, for some reason people always envy girls with long long hair and i mean just past your boobs. I dont know why but they just do, and it helps that your hair is naturally straight. So to grow your hair, buy some sharp scissors like fingernail scissors or even hair scissors and occasionally cut off split ends. And make sure you do go to the hairdressers to get your hair cut into the style you had before it grew out. Now about the style part you might have to ask your hair dresser what will suit you best,make sure you tell her you want to keep the length though.

As for style
if you arnt really as i say ‘gifted in fashion and style’ meaning when choosing what looks good, you need guidence – then invest in a fashion magazine, ones that tell you the latest styles and trends. Depends what you have in your country. Vogue is a good one but can be expensive to buy monthly, other alternatives are instyle, some gossip magazines, teen vogue, grazia- thats a good one, etc
another way is to ind a celebrity that you like and that has good style. Every week or month google them and check out what they are weaing, they are probably the best style trend setters out there that can help you. Good ones are blake lively, alexa chung, selena gomez,emma watson, olivia palermo,whitney port, lauren conrad, miranda kerr, lourdess (madonnas daughter), jessica alba, leeighton meester, – a really good thing is to google ‘model off duty trend’ that is a good one! Its edgy and casual, and fashionable and effortless all at the same time
also when buying clothes, buy from a variety of stores thtat way people wont really know where you shop and wont copy you,when shopping have a budget, dont go overboared.
**** an remember whatever you wear, make sure you look classy and not tarty*** no 1 golden rule for fashionistas! You can look classy in a short skirt if you know how to wear it.
And remember if you want to make a statement at a party, buy a red dress, and your style has to represent you, making you look effortlessly cool and mysterious (boys like that)

by the way tips for boys, when your around boys, dont talk about others and just have fun like they do, be cheeky and flirty without leading them on – unless you like them. And dont act like a skank/tart i dont know what word you girls use these days 🙂 cause guys will just use you if you come across as ‘easy’ (take note: that movie easy A is what you shouldnt do act like, you see how those boys used her and didnt even care)

as for make up
natural is good
avoid foundation, unless you really have to. Invest in make up brushes they will help
mascara, a bit of eyeliner on the top half of your eye (underneath the lashes to make them look darker), a bit of brozer on the cheeks and some clear lip gloss to finish
(there are tutorials on youtube if you wanna go for a more dressier look – smokey eye is good for that) makes you look mysterious- dontgo overboard on the make up, its only there to compliment your face not take over it
and invest in a facial scrub and moisturizer, it will leave your skin fresh, clean and glowing
SLEEP wil also leave your skin glowing, you shound aim for 9 to 10hrs a night (min 8 but deffs 9-10)

for younger girls, like yourself, make sure your eyebrows are immaculate – and thick is in, thick eyebrows are good and they make you look younger- (thats a good thing)
so go to a salon and get them waxed probably once to twice a month
same with legs and armpits
waxing is better
but if you can only shave, then you can only shave its ok:)

also for purses
the best thing to do is go down to your nearest shopping mall and spend the day with your mum or a friend and look for a purse that you will like – like an investment purse where you wont need to buy one for a while
and always remember
life is hard and you will come across situations you wont like, handle them with grace and confidence
and remember when your popular, you might have one million friends but never forget the best friends that have stuck by you since day dot.theyre the ones that wil never walk out
and also i forgot to add, if someone is being teased no matter who they are stick up for them, and remember this- how would you like it if you were in theyre position.

Pretty much told you how i became popular, and i suppose i have to pass it on – it was pretty damn good my ways. Lasted me from grade 3 till last year of high school/ senior school and it was full proof
(the only way it can fail is if you are a cow to start off with and you slowly go back to your old ways) not saying your a cow, but remember ALWAYS be nice ALWAYS & dontboss peopl around cause thats how you lose respect. And you need that to become popular


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