Your Questions About 10 Golden Rules Of Investing

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Robert asks…

How do I run until I’m in shape?

Just trying to get some input now that I’m going to start running to get into shape a shed a few founds. I just want to know how many miles I should start running and how I should gradually increase the distance amount. Also, what tips or techniques can you give me? Such as foods, best time of the day to run, etc. Anything helps

Thanks guys

Justin answers:

For the first week just go out 3 times have a rest day between each run. Run slowly and as far as you can if you need to walk do so. The idea is to enjoy yourself. Go out for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Until you can run for the whole 20 minutes. Then increase your time to 30 minutes. Or add 2 minutes to each run. So you run for 22minutes then 24 and so on. The golden rule don’t add more than 10% at a time. Drink lots of water. Don’t eat anything heavy before you go out, best not too eat for at least an hour before you run. Drink after your run. Running slowly burns more fat than running fast. Change your route often if possible it will help to stop you getting bored. But find a route that you like and every couple of weeks see how much faster you can run it, to see how fitter you are getting. If you decide to keep on running and hopefully you will, invest in a good pair of running shoes. Find your local dealer and tell them you are a beginner and they will help you get the right shoes. Try to find a local running club that will give you lots of encouragement.
Good luck, get out there and have some fun.

Joseph asks…

How do the rich get rich without being born that way.?

unless they invented something or started some big company like pizza hut getting rich today is an impossibility. Really hard work will only get you a great paying job that’s not rich just well off. And all the tools necessary to venture into investments like real estate take tons of cash and unless your born with it your screwed.

Justin answers:

Donald Trump has been bankrupted before yet he always manages to climb the ladder again.

Getting rich is a skill. It involves so much more than just hard work.
My dad has worked hard his entire life. Do you know what he has to show for it? A bad back.

Simple tips:
1. Always save AT LEAST 10% of everything you earn.
2. Invest your savings (stocks, bonds, loaning to others, helping others get businesses started, etc.)
3. Follow the Golden Rule of Investing “Diversify!”
4. Manage your investments.
5. Find experts and get their opinions on investment opportunities.
6. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.
7. No Pain, No Gain.

James asks…

I have $5 taken out of my check each week for my company’s stock plan?

I work for a fortune 500 company and had then deduct $5 each week out of my check. I know this is extremely low but I have no clue how stocks and shares work. Could some tell me should I have them deduct more money and how the money will accumulate?

Justin answers:

Investing in equities is always a good idea in the long run, but investing in just one stock seldom is.
As a rule of thumb i advise people to invest 5-10% of their earnings into diversified retirement savings- and for anyone over 30 just starting, that figure needs to be higher.
The golden rules- start early. Diversify your investments. Stay invested in up and down markets, and take advantage of dollar-cost averaging- which means the same amount invested each week averages out highs and lows in the long run.
For advice, look to your local Primerica representative- google your local office.

Chris asks…

What are some of the strict rules of the Separate Baptist?

Justin answers:

Wow, when I first started going to church I attended a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church; these two types of churches seem similar. When I realized they were not biblical and left the church, I had no friends, and a head full of bad memories. Their practices are legalistic at best, but their belief, which I went on line to read, contradict each other and are scary. An example of the contradictions: Article 3 says, “We believe that man is in a fallen state before God and is unable to liberate himself by any ability he may possess by nature.” Which basically says, Man is bad and cannot come to God by “any” means he possess; therefore, if he’s left to his own devices he will die in his sins. If we compare that with Article 11: “We believe that Jesus Christ, by the Grace of God tasted death for every man, that none can partake of His Holy Divine benefits except by repentance toward God and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; Infants and the innocent, due to lack of mental ability excepted, they being included in the convenant of God’s Grace.” They spelled covenant wrong. And, what is an “innocent?” That a rhetorical question. No one is innocent according to Article 3. A baby is selfish; that’s its nature. The baby cries when it diaper is wet because it does not like the feeling of a wet diaper. It does not have the capacity to think, my parents are sleeping, and they have to work tomorrow; so, I’ll deal with my diaper until morning. What the church is saying is because these innocents and infants can’t make a choice for Christ they are in a select group of people that are protected and saved. Are they saying, these innocents and infants are part of the elect? Why didn’t they just say that? Because they don’t believe that; they believe in works righteousness. This brings me to their practices, because it is done to earn salvation:
-You can’t drink. I know a pastor who won’t have wine vinegar on his salad because he thinks its sin.
-You can’t dance. (That reminds me of a joke)
-If you miss a service or a time to go door to door and witness the pastor or someone else will make you feel guilty.
-Your tithing will be watched. You’ll be made to feel guilty if you don’t tithe.
-If you know your bible you will not fit in, and you’ll be labeled a trouble maker. You’ll jump from church to church in the same denomination thinking it’s just the pastor who’s too dogmatic. When you visited every church in your area, of like faith, you will have no friends and think you were rejected by God. Finally, you’ll figure the problem wasn’t with the pastors, it was with you.
I know many good intelligent people in those churches. Why are they still there? I’m convinced, and many have said, “All my friends go there, I have too much invested, I’m a deacon or Sunday School teacher, it’s like a social club. We also must remember many of the members are pulling a salary from the church, why would they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. The others either turn a blind eye, or are ignorant and blissful.

Do not challenge them theologically unless you have time. Most baptist can recite and memorize proof texts like it’s no ones business. If you question their doctrine, only do it on one point at a time and open your bible and read the entire chapter in question. You will find 9 out of 10 times the verse they used, as a proof text, is out of context.

My suggestion to you is not to think twice but think three times.

Ken asks…

does anybody know any real treasure hunting websites?

i need to pay back a 10,000 dollar student loan and im hoping to strike it rich by finding a historic treasure so i can pay back my student laon.

Justin answers:

There are countless websites w/ good info., but I think you should start with the basic cornerstones that treasure hunting of today is built upon. As a student, you should be familiar with researching various subjects. In this case, I’d highly suggest investing in copies of Karl Von Mueller’s Treasure Hunters Manuals numbers 6 & 7. Combined, they represent the BIBLE of serious treasure hunters. READ THEM COVER TO COVER. LEARN FROM THEM. KNOW THEM! The author lets you know that treasure hunting can be done on a shoestring budget, and a metal detector isn’t always needed! However, one of these books contains instructions on how to build a decent (for the time) inexpensive metal detector. Of course, your local libraries should have books on the subject, and best of all: they’re FREE! If you must buy a detector, stay away from Radio Shack crap! Stick w/ Whites, Tesoro, Bounty Hunter, or Fisher brands. Check w/the manufacturers for seasonal deals, then check out auction sites for the used variety. See if you can find a local detector dealer/treasure hunting club–they’re likely to give you lots of useful information.
Research your local areas first. Gas is expensive, & you will be astounded by what can be found in your own back yard! BE AWARE TO BE SAFE! Be aware of areas that may have unexploded shells, uncovered mine shafts/wells, and rotten structures at risk of collapse! DO NOT WALK INTO ANY OLD MINE!

Check w/ your local county and state offices to see what laws for or against T. Hunting exist! Get permission from all landowners to detect their property! Learn where it’s illegal! Learn the proper techniques for digging up said treasure. It’s like being a courteous camper; leave no trace that you were ever there! Cover up your holes, pack out any trash you dig up & maybe someones’ trash left in the same area! The hobby/vocation of treasure hunting is very fragile, and we hunters must depend on each other to avoid property damage of all kinds. Please exercise upstanding morals and The Golden Rule. DO UNTO OTHERS! How would you like it if you woke up 1 morning to find your lawn defaced with huge open craters, or your front porch shattered, or (shudder) someone looted your grandfathers’ grave for his gold fillings!

All of the above, and more are dealt with in the books I mentioned (6 & 7) I’d also recommend looking into the magazines Western & Eastern Treasures, & Lost Treasures. GOOD LUCK!

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