Gold futures – Weekly outlook: February 25 – March 1

Gold futures – Weekly outlook: February 25 – March 1 – Gold futures ended Friday's session at the lowest level since July, as speculation the Federal Reserve might end its bond-buying program sooner-than-expected continued to dampen the appeal of the precious metal. Market players were also
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The Professionals of Worth Investing

In my truthful and assured opinion, worth investing is 1 of the best issues to have occurred stock investing. At least Benjamin Graham agrees with me. Inquire Warren Buffet, I know his viewpoint will not be any various. If your portfolio is going to stand the test if time I should implore you to appear the way of worth investing. Before I dig into the professionals of worth investing, let me try a concise explanation of the meaning of the value investing.

Allow me give a checklist of definitions, maybe you will be able to determine with the one that most appropriately conveys the which means to you.

– Worth investing is when an investor invests in a company investing beneath its inherent really worth.
-When an investor specializes in buying shares that are grossly undervalued but have not lost their value.
-Worth investors purchase shares whose revenue possible is far greater than its present cost that way they are able to grow their portfolio to enviable heights more than time.
-Value investing is the technique of choosing stocks that trade for much less than their intrinsic value.
-Worth investors think in buying a stock when the selling price is low and sell when it is higher.

To be in a position to excel in worth investing there are particular certain fireplace tools you must familiarize your self with they are attempted and tested tools that excellent value investors have used and are still utilizing.

Top on the list…

The price to earning ratio: The worth investor utilizes P/E ratio to rapidly determine the really worth of a stock relative to how a lot a business is earning. The value investor believes the lower the ratio (less than ten) the much better the offer.

Strong fundamentals: The worth investor believes that for a business to a real discount, the business must have fundamentals powerful and healthy enough to suggest that it is worth more than its promoting cost. The worth investor views extremely strongly current cost in comparison to intrinsic worth and not to historic price.

Present belongings vs. liability: The value investor weighs the dimension of the present belongings more than the liability of a business. The worth investor is excited when he sees a business whose present asset is twice of present liabilities.

Earnings development: Value investor believes earnings development of a company ought to be al least from 7% – 10% for each annum compounded over the last 5 – ten years.

Earnings per share: The value investor considers EPS as a important device that helps estimate the worth of a share in comparison ton the selling price. The greater earnings per share the better the deal.

Why do value traders love worth investing?

1.It minimizes risk: risk of a share underperformance is greatly reduced because of “assure indexes” explained over.
2.Profit possibilities is great and guaranteed
3.The energy of compound curiosity
4.Obtaining stocks at discounted price.

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Your Questions About Invest In Gold Mining Companies

James asks…

Marriage Question, he has everything she has nothing.?

My husband and I have been married for a little under a year.

I came into the marriage with a lot of student loan debt, poor credit and no savings. My husband has a fair amount of stock, and some credit card debt. He has two nice cars he owns outright, as well put a hefty down payment on the house we live in together. He bought the house just before we married.

The house is his, the car I drive, everything is his. I work for his company, in a position unrelated to my major in college. All the furniture is his, and we had a grand wedding which his family paid for.

My problem is that I don’t feel like we are progressing as a unit, a couple. Everything is his. When we have arguements he sometimes throws statements at me like “This life brought to you by Chris Smith” or “This life brought to you by Chris Smith and family” ( his family helped him buy his business, and I work for him..).

I married him to have a life as one together. I love him. Yet because of our prenup and the his and mine mentality about material items it is hard for me to think about planning our future together. Plus I am stuck paying back my loans and cannot invest in anything, have to pay for healthcare out of pocket because at the biz we have NO benefits.

Anyone have advice on how to move past the barriers and make it easier to think about life as a couple?

We moved to a small town right before we married, because of the buisness. There are limited job opportunities in our area. I make 10 bucks an hour, and even though I am a college grad, I would have to drive an hour and a half each way to try to make more money.

I feel like I should quit working for him, drive the distance, and create some stability for myself. Benefits, retirement, and then at least this life would be brought to myself by ME.

To all who think I am a gold digger, because it will implied. The business is small, and can’t afford to pay competitive wages. 10 bucks an hour is stretching it. If I were in a larger city my job would be salaried at between 65,000-90,000+. Not only that but I only charge him for for 40 hours, and generally work 60 a week. We both regularlly work weekends in order to keep up. If I quit he would have to hire 2 people to replace me and pay them more than I make. I do not want the business and his dreams to fail so I continue to work in this position which is uninteresting to me for little pay. I don’t think he could find people to take over the position, and have them be reliable. I have been working for the business for a year and a half, we’ve together for 7. If I quit and the business failed I would feel guilty. I just feel like I am working towards his goals, his future.
I say his house, b/c I would like to paint and decorate but I feel like I’m living in someones home, not mine.

financi4 answers:

For your emotional health and for the health of your marriage, you do need to get a job where they value you and pay you what you are worth. Right now, you are practically slave labor and unappreciated for what you do. When he makes remarks about your life being brought to you by him, correct him, and say that it’s being brought to both of you by his family, the ones who bought the business.

The life he is giving you is one of free housekeeper and maid, free provider of sex for him, and way unpaid, and unappreciated worker. What kind of life is this? You need to revisit the prenup agreement. I understand that if the marriage ended after a brief time, he doesn’t want to lose what he financially brought into the marriage. But, you are entitled to a greater and greater share of his assets as time goes by. You are helping run the household you share. You are helping his business profit margin.

Don’t give yourself away. You husband is willing for you to sacrifice and forfeit everything for his financial and emotional gain. He has no right to expect this. You are intelligent, educated, and capable. You have great value as an employee, wife, and human being. It’s time your husband starts showing that he understands this as well, or he’s not much of a husband.

Feel free to show this answer to him. He needs a big wake-up call.

David asks…

How do I find the value of 400 shares of the capitol stock Purchased 1979 for Uni-Trade Marketing,INC.?

I have inherited as part of my mothers estate, an old school venture capitol stock certificate purchased in 1979 for UNI-TRADE MARKETING, INC..(a friend of mine said they don’t even make these type of certificates with the certificate number,original gold seal, amount of shares purchased by the holder of THAT certificate, as well as it lists the amount of shares available for sale to reach the amount of capital estimated to successfully launch the corporation). Quite a fancy piece of paper, yet because it isn’t ‘public’, I do not know how to find it’s worth? I ‘googled’ the name of the company and indeed it’s still going strong, doing a lot of export/import of very well known products such as the Star Wars action figure and Barbie to name just a couple I found at the top of the search. Any suggestions? My knowledge is in many things, but not finance/investing/stocks and so on…because it’s not public is it not worth anything or even available to be cashed out 32 yrs later?
I just noticed, the way I titled this question is a little confusing, at least for me. It was purchased in 1979…in case anybody would like me to clarify what I mean after the word purchased. Just one certificate that states she is the owner of 400 shares of the Capital Stock of UNI-TRADE MARKETING, INC.

financi4 answers:

Contact the company and find out if there is a way to sell the shares you inherited.

Tel: 732 355 1300

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Suggestions For Investing in Silver!

It’s suggested to fit your requirements to believe about investing in silver simply because of the financial events we are in. This is due to the reality other forms of possibilities like in the monetary marketplaces have observed significant world foreign currencies just like the dollar and sterling pound drop value. Even stock markets have seen shares and shares losing their cost as a result of organization efficiency and international affairs like insecurity and runaway oil costs. It really is outstanding to create the Silver investment since it isn’t suffering from the above components looked after beats every unusual to see its value rise with time. Looking from web sites which are devoted in the direction of the metal you may be aware that gold investment is pretty well-known. There are numerous factors that will make investing in gold very good business.

One much more thing you should bear in thoughts prior to you commit any money is to try to discover because significantly simply because it is possible to, not only regarding the gold market place, but regarding the artwork of investments by itself alongside with the macro as well as micro financial elements which influence this kind of investments. You will find some quite educated people working Youtube . com channels that are specialists on this field and consequently are on hand and pleased to talk about their personal understanding. Be sure you utilize which to your benefit and view their own videos, react to their personal videos and get them questions. Offer them with all the help it is feasible to so that they have reason to be there to suit your needs.

Finding the time to carry out an objective evaluation of one’s obtainable monetary scenario prior to investing in silver is important to accomplishment. The actual amount of accessible money will dictate just how a lot you will be in a position to invest in gold. A quantity of property and money from rollover IRA programs can be utilised also as typical bank cost savings to make associated investments. The possibilities of rising your wealth in the start off by financing a huge investment in gold before the spot cost raises as soon as once more might be tempting. Nonetheless, each and each cost should finish up being managed sparingly and preserving a stash of emergency cash might assistance go over from unfavorable fluctuations in silver’s spot value.

Like every investment, care need to be taken to safe your belongings. Believe of the steel just like a stock certificate. You most most likely wouldn’t allow it sit lying about the kitchen desk with other papers. You’d get it in a secure somewhere. You may ponder storage and safety as component of one’s investment. Invest 1% with the worth on storage and this may offer you with a safety down payment box inside a monetary institution for your $five hundred of bullion. As with something of worth, secrecy definitely performs a component in security.

Silver bullion will be the the majority of standard indicates of investing. If you’d like in order to physically own the gold, you can choose to purchase gold bars or coins. The actual bars are flat rectangular pieces in the metal that can in numerous dimensions ranging from 1 troy oz bars to One thousand troy oz bars. You are in a position to store these types of bars inside the safe of your home or at the banks. These are way less challenging to buy compared to gold bars.

In summary, modifications in the marketplace need to finish up becoming tracked intelligently, intelligent options related with silver investments and info associated with correct time concerning when buy or even sell silver can fetch you sparkling financial rewards!

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Golden rules of investing in stock market

Golden rules of investing in stock market

But in order to reap the benefits of investing in the stock market, investors should learn as much as possible about the market, before investing. Whether you are a new investor or have been investing in the stock market for a while, the following
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Your Questions About Invest In Gold Mines

Mark asks…

Is it right to hit the mining industry with additional taxes?

“Australia’s mining giant companies collected on their investment of millions of dollars in a huge advertising campaign against government tax proposals. The government of new Prime Minister Julia Gillard scuttled away from a planned 40 per cent tax on booming profits in the mining industry.”

Justin answers:

Of course it is right, and very right and proper at that. They are finite resources which belong to all Australians and once dug up, are gone forever. The higher rate of tax is/was only meant to kick in when large corporations make SUPER profits, as in, much greater profits than normal. It’s just another form of progressive taxation – an established and accepted principle – those who have a greater ability to pay more pay a higher rate of tax. Or think of it as profit sharing… As JJ Fiasson nicely explained:

“Here’s an analogy for you: Let’s say I have a box of gold coins buried under a pile of crap in my garage. I’m rather time-poor though, so I can’t afford to spend a week clearing it all out to find them. You, on the other hand, have a week off. You empty out the garage and find the box of gold coins. You subsequently sell them for an enormous amount of money, say ten times a normal weekly salary. You then tell me that I’m only entitled to less than a third of the earnings (there’s your 30% company tax). We argue, and I claim that we should split it 50-50 (that’s about the highest rate a miner could expect to pay when combining the RSPT + company tax). You respond by calling me a dirty communist. Gee thanks”

Anyway, no fear, companies will still want to invest as long as our wealth is still in the ground. They complain about paying tax but it is just another expense.

James asks…

How safe is an investment in Gold?

Why is it the only thing that keeps rising in value?
Well what exactly makes it more valuable right now than Silver or Copper? Why does it rise where those don’t and is the fall of the dollar always congruent with the rise of Gold?

Justin answers:

An investment in gold is as safe as the vehicle you are investing in is.

There is a commodity exchange traded fund (ETF) by Barclay: IAU. They have a stash of gold (and silver, but that is another one) in a vault and you are buying shares in a unit trust that holds them. You buy shares just like common stock, but rather than pay you dividends (like if you bought the ETF DVY) you may be either asked for some money or the value of the holdings diminished because they will need to pay for physical maintenance (storage rental and security).

There are three parts of the value of gold: industrial, commercial, and a residual archaic notion of a store of monetary value. Industrial: some chemical processes and electrical equipment use gold. Commercial: jewelry, dental fillings, and some coinage. Others simply buy gold to have something of value when they don’t believe their money is worth anything.

Now there is another way, and that is buying into gold mining companies. Mark Twain was as famous for his bad investments as he was for his humorous and earthy stories. Twain once said: ‘A gold mine is just a hole in the ground surrounded by liars.’ So if you are investing in gold stocks you need to keep these two things in mind: (1) are they ACTUALLY producing gold? (2) are they going to continue to mine gold? If the answer is no to either one, scratch it off your prospect list and read another prospectus.

John asks…

who wants to invest in gold mining?

I have a gold mine and want to know where to search for a investor? Any ideas where and if so please post websites or ideas.

Justin answers:

Try to connect with geologists (and mining surveyors), that are also prospectors, on databases like LinkedIn. Otherwise, visit universities, and meet people from those departments. Their education will allow them to develop the business professionally.

Charles asks…

What do you think about the Gold prices? Is it likely to increase or decrease with in the coming months?

Planning to invest in to it, is it a fair idea?

Could you plz help me out with this, keeping in mind the current Market Scenario relating to the Indian & US Market ??
Thanks you for the Answers Guys.

I have also heard it would go as low as 18 k in few months (Though it seems unbelieveable but can it really happen )

Justin answers:

Gold is a great investment, but only if you do it right. The usual procedure is to have 5% of your portfolio in gold and just hold on to it forever. This is known as “buy and hold forever” or “little old lady strategy.” The gold is supposed to be there for emergencies only, when all other assets decline to nearly worthless.

When the economy is doing well, the purchasing power of gold tends to decline at an annual rate of about 1% (plus a lot of random bouncing around). In times of financial crisis it goes back up to where it was (adjusted for inflation). To put it another way, gold ownership is a form of insurance. It’s like having homeowner’s insurance: if your house never burns down, the insurance premiums are just money down the drain, but still money well spent.

If you are asking what gold will be doing in the coming months, you are speculating, not investing. That kind of speculating is best left to hedge-fund managers who have sufficient expertise and diversification.


Even companies that own gold mines don’t try to predict the price of gold. Instead they sell gold futures 18 months out. They sell just enough contracts so that no matter what happens to the price of gold they come out even. Gold refiners and jewelers do the same thing, buying futures contracts as a hedge against price fluctuations.

Ken asks…

What goes up when everything else goes down?

I am new to the stock market and am researching some stocks I might want to participate in. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what stocks would be good to invest in with a failing economy.

Don’t worry, I am aware of the risks and I wont hold you responsible for your suggestion I just want to know what your top picks are during this down market.

Justin answers:

Gold futures (and lesser effect companies who mine/process gold) tend to as that is what everyone crawls into when the currency devaluates so bad

other than that smokers tend to always smoke just as much, drinkers drink,gamblers still gamble, diabetics for example still use the same amount of insulin no matter whatso medicine

So vices and healthcare are always smart bets.

Robert asks…

Where can I find a list of current irish mining companies?

I’m interested in investing in Irish mining stocks and shares. Where can I find a complete list of Irish mines? Can only seem to find info on the big companies (I must be missing something!)… thanks

Justin answers:

I was in Ireland. They do not have mines. No oil. No gold. Lots of poor soil in the West. Wonderful people. They love to talk.
Now Australia has some mining companies. It’s a big country.

William asks…

does mars have elements or minerals that would make it profitable?

If we were to invest in colonizing mars and changing it’s atmosphere and such would it eventually pay dividends or is it just more room. Could mars eventually be self sustainable in terms of water and oxygen? Today obviously not, but is it possible? Is there things such as diamonds, iron, uranium, oil and other materials which would make earth more wealthy?

Justin answers:

There is nothing that Mars in particular has for reasons of profit. It’s atmosphere has no natural mechanism in which to replenished to an Earth-like pressure, and its lack of any magnetic field would mean that any potential lifeforms would be at the total mercy of deadly solar activity if they stepped outside. “Terraforming” the titular Red Planet is something that will continue to be reserved for the realm of science fiction.

Though Mars certainly contains significant amounts of oxygen in its geology and an actually impressive amount of water (albeit locked up in the polar icecaps), it does not have any resources worth spending the money on rocket launches for aside from pure scientific value. Remember that any rocket going to Mars would also have to retain fuel for a return journey to Earth or have facilities to refuel it for the second half of its journey. Iron and uranium (in addition to items such as phosphates and platinum) could be more readily be acquired from asteroids, where transportation and mining costs afforded to the low gravity would be much less significant. Additionally, petroleum should not exist on a planet that has not had a biosphere in which it is created. However, significant amounts of complex hydrocarbons (such as methane) do exist on Saturn’s moon of Titan.

Diamonds, however, are of questionable value regardless of their origins. Uncut diamonds would actually cost much less if their sale and distribution were not strictly controlled by an often ruthless market cartel. Ironically, the formation of crystalline structures in microgravity aboard the International Space Station (including carbon based diamonds) is a major subject of research. One of the benefits of industrialization in space, as opposed to planetary surfaces, is that crystals synthesized in free fall have fewer imperfections than those that take millions of years to form underneath the Earth’s surface under gravity.

Regardless, just as Earth demonstrates, heavier and often more valuable resources are often below the crust. During the formation of the Solar System, the primordial planets endured a process called differentiation: In which more massive elements sunk towards the core and lighter elements were retained at the surface. As previously hinted, specific asteroids would boast more accessible forms of heavier elements primarily because they themselves were not massive enough to undergo differentiation. To provide some context to this, there are modest multi-kilometer asteroids that, if exploited, would provide more gold, platinum and silver that has ever been or ever will be mined on the Earth.

Steven asks…

What color of aviators should I buy?

I am investing in expensive sunglasses..
I am white, I tan orangy(like an indin almost) but it is only a tint.
I have medium to dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Justin answers:

Black frames with mirror lenses… Then nobody can see where you’re looking but you can spy on them. 😉

Gold frames are good if you have warm undertones in your skin and they look really good with sun dresses. 🙂

Mine please? Http://

George asks…

What is the best $1000/10 year investment I can make right now?

I am looking to invest $1000. What will give me the best return in 10 years?

Justin answers:

Well, consider AEM with the bulk of it and SFEG with the change.

Both have some mines about to come online, gold being the primary interest to their efforts. With the dollar’s value falling, oil choking off economic growth and timid folks still running to the refuge of precious metals, not to mention strong industrial demand and the cosmetic desires of the Middle East (with all our cash to spend) and India, the price of gold is not getting any cheaper anytime soon. The Chinese seem to be big buyers and I suspect it is more a store of value to most, but not all, of them. Both of these companies are in a position to spend only 2-300 per ounce, which meanwhile will be selling for at or upwards of 1,000 bucks an ounce.

If I had your parameters in mind, this would be my simplest choice for some buy and forget it investment. (most of what I do isn’t like that, but I must admit, I do own some of one of these myself)

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