“Impact Investing…tell me about that.”

“Impact Investing…tell me about that.”

They chatted about Acumen Fund, Sachin's background and the journey that brought him from a very traditional private sector job to the world of social impact. Most importantly, they discussed impact investing in India and how Acumen's work is extending
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Your Questions About Investing In Silver

Donald asks…

Suggestions for Investing in silver?

Is investing in Silver good option

What is the future scope and growth for silver as compared to gold? Help Please

financi4 answers:

If you can see the trend for the past 2 decades, the silver rates have been on constant increase. Many industries located all over the world use silver as a major component in manufacturing variety of products such as solar, microchip, and etc.

For me, I think silver is the best option for investment, cause at least silver is quite affordable as compared to gold 😛

Personally,I more recommend in physical silver, and not “Paper” (ETF’s, etc)

If you want to diversify, you may look into Gold & Platinum, they do good as well.
However, silver will provide the Best ROI ^_^

Hope that Helps.

Thomas asks…

is it worth investing in silver?

Also, if i purchase bars and am in good standing with my bank, will they allow me to keep it in the safe/vault? or should i get a home safe/vault or what do you suggest

financi4 answers:

YES!!! Watch the following videos to understand silver








I personally have a home vault It is a standard gun safe. It stands over 5 foot tall and loaded with all silver gold guns etc it weighs over 1000 lbs. You can keep gold and silver in a bank safe deposit box but there are risks to that. If you do opt to keep in a safe deposit box do it in a local bank not the large major national banks like Bank of America. Watch this video to understand whhy not to keep it in a major bank such as B of A. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdB2YiymmUc

I personally only buy Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Coins are best as they are government backed.

James asks…

What is the big hype about buying silver all of a sudden?

Why has China jumped on the bandwagon so readily? Should we really be investing in silver while it costs peanuts?

financi4 answers:

Everyone should invest in precious metals, as our world economy gets worse and worse (which it will, we haven’t even seen the beginning of it), the only thing that will hold any value is precious metals, silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc. They will never de-value, so if you can buy up everything you find, that’s why you see all those commercials on TV for people wanting to buy your gold and give you cash.

Chris asks…

Investing in silver coins?

What type of silver coins should I invest in and where is the best place to buy them online? Thanks!

financi4 answers:

No idea, but if you find out please let me know.

David asks…

How much silver should I buy?

I’ve been looking around the internet and have found a bunch of different opinions on this. I would like to start investing in silver but I am not sure how much to start out with. I can’t buy some every paycheck since I am only fourteen. Currently I have about six hundred dollars and was thinking of buying about three hundred dollars worth of silver, but I wanted some other opinions. Thank you!

financi4 answers:

At your age & for the amount of money you are planning on investing, I wouldn’t put my money in commodities (silver). If your employer offers a 401K plan w/a match, you should definitely put some money into one of the available options for that plan. Usually they’ll offer some mutual funds, index funds, or stock in their own company. Since they’ll match w/company stock, plan on investing in something else. There are funds that track silver & gold prices, you could also look into that.

Charles asks…

Is there any way to purchase newly minted silver dollar coins at a discounted dealer mark-up?

I’m a novice at investing in silver coins. Coin dealers are claiming a $1.50 fee per coin and it doesn’t matter if I buy one or a hundred or more…the fee is still the same. I’m interested in about a hundred and I feel that a $1.50 dealer fee per coin for that many coins is a little steep. How can I get a better rate?

financi4 answers:

Call the federal reserve

Paul asks…

is investing in silver good and why ?

with the price of gold this high i think people will shift towards investing in silver … am i wrong ?

financi4 answers:

Yes – you are wrong. You are thinking that all the idiots who come on YA and say they just bought 8 ounces of silver have anything to do with the price of silver and gold. Pricing of both is done by big players who buy 50,000 oz of gold at a time or 1,000,000 oz of silver.

I’m not doing this for you but it’s not at all hard to run numbers to check the “elasticity” argument you gave. I haven’t and won’t do it but would bet very huge that there is no elasticity between them.

Robert asks…

Investing in silver and copper?

is it worth investing into and how much longer do I have to invest into it before the price increases too much?

financi4 answers:

If you invest in gold or silver, you can take physical delivery of the commodity. But if you invest in copper which is traded in many tons of this metal on each contract, then from a practical standpoint you can only buy futures contract and sell your contract before its expiration/delivery date.

I believe copper will gain more or lose less than silver will percentage wise in the next 12-36 months.

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Promissory Be aware Investing – 3 Errors to Avoid

Planning for Retirement

Making a retirement account that will take care of your monetary requirements after you stop operating complete-time is a major problem in present day economic climate. Most traditional investments have flays, shortcomings, and dangers that make them unappealing.

Placing your cost savings into a bank account-cost savings account or certificate of deposit account-is definitely a secure investment, but, the price of curiosity becoming compensated on all financial institution accounts is almost pathetic % to 2% for each yr will not get the task carried out financial institution prices of curiosity will be of small help in creating a sizable retirement account. Speculating on a commodity, this kind of as gold, is a high danger speculation is not the right investment method for most retirement traders.

Investing in blue chip common shares is a unstable and highly unpredictable exercise. Investing in authorities or company bonds is a complicated, reduced-curiosity having to pay, and volatile exercise. It certainly seems that none of the well-liked, traditional investment vehicles are able to help a retirement investor be successful and relatively safe.

Consider Investing in Promissory Notes

In today’s economy, a retirement investor can commit by possessing 1 note, by owning a part of 1 note, and by investing in a pool of home loan notes. Typically, a promissory be aware secured by a mortgage on actual estate will yield the investor in between 6% and 12%. This broad variance in yields happens because every be aware or each pool of notes is generally “unique”. Each be aware, or every pool of promissory notes, will have various curiosity price conditions, different durations, various danger elements, and different collateral security.

Mistake 1: Believing that a high interest price signifies a great investment.

The curiosity price that is unusually higher nearly usually indicates a risk or dangers that are unusually high. Even though a higher interest price is tempting, do your personal because of diligence, or get professional assist, so that you comprehend why the interest price is high and what the dangers are.

Mistake 2: Believing that there are no costs or expenditures related with promissory note investing.

As is the situation for any financial transaction, there can are costs and expenditures associated to investing in a be aware. In most instances, the information is available “up-front” if the investor asks for it. Don’t be bashful it your money that you are investing you are entitled to a full disclosure of all costs and expenses to be incurred, in advance of closing the transaction. If those products appear unfair or unreasonable, don’t near till you are comfy.

Mistake 3: Believing that you can sit back and watch the payments rolling.

Following the be aware is produced or purchased, your investing job is not finished. Someone, both you or a expert mortgage servicer, should keep track of the mortgage-this perform is called “servicing the mortgage”. Payments have to be obtained and posted into a record maintaining system, and the hazard insurance coverage and property taxes should be keep present.

Suggestions: Till you are experienced as a promissory be aware investor, it would be best if you do not invest solo. Engage an skilled be aware specialist to advise you and protect your interests. An additional method is to companion with an skilled investor.

Investing a pool of mortgage loans can be the easiest. The pool operators do the because of diligence prior to selecting the individual notes to purchase. They then services the loans, record the payments obtained, remit to the person investors, and essentially create a “inactive investment.

Keep in mind, know who you’re partnering with, or who is running the investment pool.
It is your duty to safeguard yourself and your retirement account.

“If you do not understand it, do not invest in it!”
“Investing with out comprehending is like enjoying poker without looking at the cards.”

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Your Questions About Disadvantages Of Gold Mining

David asks…

Whats the best proffesion for money making in world of warcraft?

Justin answers:

If your sole goal is to make money, gathering professions are the way to go. There are three primary gathering professions, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Skinning – Advantage is that leather is everywhere, you just need to liberate it from the animal currently wearing it. You will have a lot of “Kill X wolves” type of quests to skill up on. Disadvantage is that leather is not particularly desirable until end game. Pretty much everything you skin will be more profitable selling to a vendor than trying to sell on the AH, up until around rugged leather (mid 50’s).

Herbalism – This is the “middle ground” of the gathering skills. It has reasonable profit potential, once your character gets in the 40’s and gets into areas with more desirable herbs. Shines at end game. Less profitable per piece than skinning, but easier to gather. Market tends to be steadier in terms of demand.

Mining – The cash cow of the gathering professions, but one of the least available resources for gathering. Even at low levels, you can mine up a stack or two of copper in the starting zones, and make a good chunk of change (a couple gold) selling the ore on the AH.

Skinning – Plentiful, but slow to be profitable.
Herbing – Moderately available, profitable earlier than skinning
Mining – Least available, profitable from the start.

The typical recommendation is to take skinning and one of the other professions, since both herbalism and mining use/require tracking on the mini-map, and you can only track one item at a time. A good gathering addon like Gatherer or Atlas can make that point somewhat moot, however.

Don’t overlook fishing, either. If you’re willing to do it, it can be extremely profitable, especially when leveled in conjunction with cooking. Lots of valuable buff foods that can be created (and sold) from the fishing/cooking combo. There are also fish needed for alchemy, and schools/pools of water that can drop trunks containing money, cloth, and uncommon/rare items. I once fished up an enchanting pattern out of a trunk off the coast of Desolace that sold for 300g which, at the time (mid 30’s level, pre BC), was quite a windfall.

As others have mentioned, once you reach 70, daily quests can help supplement your income considerably. But, there are at least 2 dailies that will be inaccessible if you aren’t a gatherer.

Finally, you can make money playing the Auction House. It can be high risk, but also high reward. The Auctioneer addon is a great tool for simplifying this method of money making, and helps to reduce some of the risks.

Happy WoWing!

Daniel asks…

the advantages and disadvantages of free settlers in Australia.?

i need to know what were the advantages and disadvantages of free settlers coming into Australia

Justin answers:

About 160 000 men and women were brought to Australia as convicts from 1788 until penal transportation ended in 1868.
The convicts were joined by free immigrants beginning in the early 1790s. The wool industry and the gold rushes of the 1850s provided an impetus for increasing numbers of free settlers to come to Australia.

Scarcity of labour, the vastness of the land and new wealth based on farming, mining and trade made Australia a land of opportunity. Yet during this period Indigenous Australians suffered enormously. Death, illness, displacement and dispossession disrupted traditional lifestyles and practices.

Joseph asks…

Can I salvage my physics grade?

I haven’t been doing so well in physics (psych major following pre-med curriculum), and I’m wondering what sorts of study habits I can use to get a better grasp on the subject. Our grades are solely based on tests and labs alone. The tests are my biggest problem. If anyone can help me, that’d be awesome. Thank you.

Justin answers:

I’m currently in first year and doing pretty decent in physics and my advice for physics, math and physical chem is the same.

Practice, practice, practice.

The biggest problem in physics is the sheer number of applications a single concept can have and sometimes you end up getting a question on the test about, lets say oscillations that you have never seen before and immediately you are at a disadvantage. Do as many types of questions as you can ( and also understand the concepts for conceptual questions ) and the more questions you do, the better your grade will be. [ Btw, past tests = gold mine. But save those until after your homework and class problems]

Donald asks…

Multinational Corporations Disadvantages [First Answer Gets 10 Points]?

Hey can some of you help me explain these disadvantages better?

1. Tend to interfere in the political life of the host country, by supporting or not supporting certain government policies, and by making every effort to ensure that their interests are not jeopardized.

2. Large amounts of earnings must be repatriated periodically and so the host country needs to set aside foreign exchange to facilitate this.

Thanks in advance.

Justin answers:

Haha – these sure are loaded questions!

1) – When the government is the most well resourced institution in the country, it is very hard to influence ‘the government’. Look at Socialism/Communism in the Soviet union, or the US government over the last 100 years.

However, when a large company (by western standards) is dealing with an emerging nation’s government, then the resources at the disposal of the company may make it appear “extraordinarily large”… So much so, that spending $1b dollars on roading, to get access to gold mines, or Natrual Gas deposits, might be enough to employ the entire country for 5 years – not something the government can afford to do – so “the company” may have some “power” to negotiate terms with the governemnt – or worse still, force the government to do things it wouldn’t otherwise do (like relocate citizens, ignore environmental laws (if it has them), etc). However, in a perfect world, there would be many large companies competing for rights in natrual resources, or the government would have the ability to secure the expertise from an international good-will project, or something, as an alternative – however, some leaders will take kick-backs, and then blame the company after it has left the country in a state of disrepair, if it comes to that.

2). In small countries, moving rapidly selling $200million to buy USD (or euro, for example) would have a very significant impact on the small nation’s balance of payments/trade and exchange rate.

It’s like, if all the people in the world who owned Iphones, decided to sell them on the same day – the world price would plumit.

This would mean that it could make buying imports for the small country seemed very expensive – the small country had milllions of iPhones, which it was going to sell to buy wheat imports – but now the iPhones aren’t worth anything, they can’t afford to by the wheat.

One way a country could soften this sell-off, is to buy wheat in advance (ie, USD), so that when it came time for the Multi-national to “repatriate its iPhones” – the small country would have lots of wheat already in stock to offset the large movement in iPhones. If the Small country decided to swap it’s pre-purchased wheat for the Multinational’s Iphone supply, then that would be a “currency intervention” or “currency control”.

This is why some countries manage their currency – or others, like Panama, just use the USD outright – and why so many countries still trade in the USD – it’s still the best currency in the world for “absorbing shocks”… Although not as dominant as it was in the 1980s, for example.

How does that help? WOrth 10 points??!

Thomas asks…

Why exactly did Middle and Working classes not make together revolutions as predicted by Marx (incl. Britain?

in the 19th or 20th century (General Strike in 1926 and against Thatcher)

Justin answers:

Generally, it was because:

the Middle Class had their own ideology (nationalism) and Marx underestimated that the Middle Class had their own “revolutionary potential” (as Marx put it)

-status was important (Weber)

-immigration to New World eased pressure in the Old world

-reforms instead of revolution (especially in Britain, Switzerland and France first)

-historic disadvantages of revolutions and disorder or undesirable order (English Civil War); regarded slow, peaceful reform and stability as better instead

-regional differences and competition

-workers, peasants and middle class were not necessarily in the same socioeconomic position, had different needs and viewpoints (a point Marx understood, but dismissed its importance and therefore underestimated)

-depended also on the leaders of the working classes; their priorities and strategy, what they regarded best (including collective leaderships)

The strikes in 1926 were not about general revolutionary goals, but because :

The First World War: The heavy domestic use of coal in the war meant that rich seams were depleted. Britain exported less coal in the war than it would have done in peacetime, allowing other countries to fill the gap. The United States, Poland and Germany and their strong coal industries benefited in particular.[1]
Coal production, which was at its lowest ebb. Output per man had fallen to just 199 tonnes in 1920–4, from 247 tonnes in the four years before the war, and a peak of 310 tons in the early 1880s.[2] Total coal output had been falling since 1914.[3]
The fall in coal prices resulting from the 1924 Dawes Plan that, among other things, allowed Germany to re-enter the international coal market by exporting “free coal” to France and Italy as part of their reparations for the First World War.
The reintroduction of the gold standard in 1925 by Winston Churchill: this made the British pound too strong for effective exporting to take place from Britain, and also (because of the economic processes involved in maintaining a strong currency) raised interest rates, hurting all businesses.
Mine owners wanted to normalise profits even during times of economic instability, which often took the form of wage reductions for miners in their employ. Coupled with the prospect of longer working hours, the industry was thrown into disarray.
The miners’ pay had gone down from £6.00 to £3.90 in the space of seven years.

The strikes before Thatcher were about having more wages (maybe due to the increase of inflation caused by the oil price increase in 1973 and 1979 and ), not general revolution (wikipedia)

The strikes against Thatcher were against cutting down public services and privatisations

Ken asks…

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of buying physical silver/gold?

Justin answers:

Full value of asset (unlike mining stocks or other proxies)
Would be liquid and useful in extremely dire economic times

Delivery charges
Need secure place to store
Not as liquid as other methods under normal conditions

I like GLD which is an ETF – you can buy and sell it like a stock and it is backed 100% by real gold. No storage, no delivery, low commission and very liquid.

Robert asks…

Why did Nixon get out of the Gold Standard?

Justin answers:

The disadvantages are huge..
The total amount of gold that has ever been mined has been estimated at around 142,000 tons.[6] Assuming a gold price of US$1000 per ounce, or $32,500 per kilogram, the total value of all the gold ever mined would be around $4 trillion. This is less than the value of circulating money in the U.S. Alone, where more than $7.6 trillion is in circulation or in deposit (although international banking currently practices fractional reserves).[7] Therefore, a return to the gold standard would result in a significant increase in the current value of gold, which may limit its use in current applications.[8]
Fluctuations in the amount of gold that is mined could cause inflation, if there is an increase, or deflation if there is a decrease.[9] Although disputed, some even hold the view that this contributed to the cause of the Great Depression[10] and events during it.[8]
However, the rate of inflation/deflation was much lower under the gold standard than under the current fiat monetary systems. For example, despite the huge quantities of gold mined during the gold rushes in California and Australia between 1850 and 1855, inflation in wholesale prices only reached 5% – which is not uncommon with fiat currencies. [11][12] It has been suggested than an increased value in gold has traditionally resulted in increased mining, including in places that would have been previously uneconomical, whereas decreased value resulted in reduced mining. It has been argued that this automatic adjustment in the growth of the money supply makes gold even more appealing over fiat currencies. Finally, the Great Depression occurred after the United States had left the gold standard for fiat – and the money supply had been significantly expanded under the new system[citation needed].
It is difficult to manipulate a gold standard to tailor to an economy’s demand for money, giving central banks fewer options to respond to economic crises.[13]
However, some gold standard advocates, preferring a free market to government controls on the economy, would argue that restricting the power of central banks is an advantage.
Some have contended that the gold standard may be susceptible to speculative attacks when a governments financial position appears weak. For example, some believe the United States was forced to raise its interest rates in the middle of the Great Depression to defend the credibility of its currency.[10]
If a country wanted to devalue their currency, it would produce sharper changes than the smooth declines seen in fiat currencies.[14]

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Your Questions About Investing In Silver

Chris asks…

What do yall think about investing in silver?

Rumor has it that silver will go up in value a whole lot by the end of the year. What are your views? Also, where can I find silver at?

financi4 answers:

Silver is risky, called the poor mans gold because the price of gold is too high to buy. I would not buy.

You can buy silver miners, the ETF or bouillon and coins.

David asks…

Investing In Silver – What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Silver Today?

A few of my friends have invested in both silver and gold and seem to be doing quite well despite the stock market downturn. Is this the way to structure your investments for the future?

financi4 answers:

Yes — that’s one of the ways to create wealth or at least preserve it in volatile times. Investing in silver and other precious metals (notably gold) is a way to beat inflation and ‘hedge’ your finances against political & economic uncertainty. Between 1971-1981, when the US Dollar lost more than half of its value, silver prices rose nearly 5 times.

Silver is the least expensive of all precious metals, so investing in it is a way to diversify your portfolio. See it as a way to preserve your wealth and a smart option for financial security. You can invest in silver as bullion bars, coins, mutual funds and certificates, among others. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mark asks…

Difference between investing in silver bars and silver coins?

Can someone please tell me the difference?

And why there is a price difference between Maple leafs made in 2011,2010,2009 etc? It is all 99,9%silver

financi4 answers:

Minting costs, and therefore premiums are typically less for bars than for rounds (coins). The reason is because there is more labor involved in minting 100 1oz coins than there is a single 100oz bar.

Then, there is the issue of private minting, vs. Government minting. Government minted coins command a higher premium because they are widely recognized and therefore perhaps more trusted to be of the purity and weight that is stamped on them. However, in the case of Silver, the value of a 1 oz round is not sufficient (at least not yet) to make private minted “fakes” much of a problem. Many investors prefer private minted silver coins and bars because of the lower premiums. There is an argument that in a currency crisis, the premium currently commanded by government coins could mostly evaporate (an idea supported by other currency crises throughout history), and therefore paying a premium for gov’t minted coins is a waste. (Silver is Silver is Silver…)
There is a of course a possibility that this idea is wrong, in which case the premium paid will be retained when you go to sell or spend the coins. It’s your choice.
Personally, I’d rather pay less for a coin or bar that has no chance of losing something it never had – i.e. A price premium for being government minted. Silver coins or bars, regardless of who minted them will never be worth less than the current worldwide spot price of Silver.

As for difference between different years of gov’t minted coins, that’s mainly due to the relative rarity of the years they were minted. Once again, that perceived numismatic value difference could disappear quite quickly.

One final fact to consider is that 99.9% Silver coins, regardless of mintage, are unsuitable for circulating coinage. Pure silver coins wear VERY quickly in circulation, which is why almost all silver coins intended for circulation were alloyed with other metals such as copper. Some people prefer to invest in 90% Silver US coins (pre-1965 dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars) because they are durable, gov’t minted, and command much lower premiums than pure silver coins or bars.

Robert asks…

What do you think about investing in Silver?


I would like to know your view on Silver as an investment. Thanks a lot!

financi4 answers:

All investments have some level of risk involved.
That being said As well as being a precious metal Silver has many industrial uses with new uses arriving every day. Silver demand has increased every year for the past ten years and is not expected to slow. Just like any natural resource there is a limited supply. Because many industrial uses of Silver are in such small amounts the cost of recycling is not cost effective and those small amounts are often discarded after use ending up in landfills. The end result as the demand continues to increase and the supply decreases the price goes up.

Charles asks…

In commodities trading, what’s the difference between investing in silver and investing in silver futures?

Some sites list them separately. I’m just starting to read about this sort of thing and though I’d ask.

financi4 answers:

Raja is quite incorrect. Futures are not a right to buy or sell in the futures – that is an option. When you buy a futures contract, you are entering a contract to take delivery in the future – you can either actually take delivery, or offset your position (at a profit or loss) prior to the delivery period.

Michael asks…

Okay I don’t get it what is up with Republicans and Gold/Silver investing etc?

I’m sorry but i grew up in a liberal neighborhood with democrats

i’ve never heard of investing in gold until moving into a republican town now everyone talks about it etc

why? I just don’t get it its a metal its on the stock market i guess nobody really talks about it until i got into a republican town and i still don’t get it an its not even making ton of money

financi4 answers:

Trading is similar to casino gambling – you have to understand psychology more than the game itself.

In trading, you go where it’s safest and more lucrative. So if cash, bonds, stocks are iffy you buy metal

Ken asks…

Is investing in silver a good choice?

I have a settlement coming to me soon and am considering buying silver, I think over the next ten to twenty years the price should go up substantially am I wrong?

financi4 answers:

Silver is the greatest investment ever in my opinion.

The ongoing collapse of the USA dollar and economy is the reason why. You can not print phantom money out of thin air and expect to have a recovery. The real unemployment rate is 17.2% now and this will keep going higher as we move into the next stage of the economic collapse which is that of the commercial real estate sector.

Short term food and water should be better than silver, but I see silver great in the next couple years when bread is $99 a loaf and silver is well over a few hundred per oz. This will help keep the purchasing power as our fiat dollars which will have no value soon as the currencies destruct.

Gold i am unsure of for the reasons that “Why is it so good? Why is it money?” I can not answer those questions, but with silver the uses are high and the probability odds that solar panels will take off with newer cleaner energy are massive. This is why I love Silver.

The smartest thing is to get out of fiat dollars before it is too late. It is very clear to see that those whom are still brainwashed by the media and the powers that be in control have no clue to what is going on the economy and they will be rushing to real money and assets when TSHTF.

Paul asks…

Do you agree to investing in silver ?

I was asked to invest in silver by a good friend of mine .
I want your opinionn first.
Thank you very much.

financi4 answers:

If you want to buy silver, just buy the SLV etf. Why do you need to use your friend? What does he have to do with it?? Does he have some silver to sell??
I buy Morgan silver dollars on ebay. Silver is something I own thru my silver dollar collection. But personally, I think my mutual funds, and individual stocks are a much better investment.

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Global DFIs investing directly in social ventures

Global DFIs investing directly in social ventures

BANGALORE: Global development finance institutions (DFIs) are looking to raise their exposure in India by investing directly in social ventures to better reap the benefits of the increasing opportunities. This strategy of the DFIs, including UK's CDC
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