Your Questions About Invest In Gold Stock

George asks…

Questions about stock market if it crashes again like N 1929?

Curious to know how the rich stayed rich during the depression. (Did they pull out all their money before the crash?) Was the money worthless back then as I feel it will be this time around (Trillions in debt and inflation is going to kill the dollar).

Also if I invest in GOLD stock how do I collect if the stock market crashes and the second Great Depression hits? Gold would sky rocket but if our money isn’t worth the paper to print it on what good is collecting from gold stocks anyway?

How is Wachovia bank doing these days? Would they survive a collapse like the first depression? What banks will make it through a second depression? I understand Government doesn’t want to tell us this information to keep a panic from starting so I am researching myself.

I would like to use this example to get my point across. Let’s say the year is 1925 to 1927 (Just before the great depression) knowing what we know now what sort of advice would you give the average guy back then if you could travel in time for only 5 minutes and only warn 1 person? For example some people made it through just fine but how? What would you tell others back then to do just before the crash so that they were prepared and didn’t suffer?

I may be wrong but I see doom on the horizon and I would like to prepare myself for the worse case Scenario. You might call me crazy or tell me it will never happen and that is fine but I am curious what someone today should do (Financially ) if we knew the second depression was only months to a year away.

Of course pay off debt, stock up on food, barter etc… Just curious how I should move my money so when the dollar is worth 0 I still have currency to remain wealthy. I know people say to buy Gold and that is fine but that doesn’t stop people from knowing you have it and taking it. Let’s say we are 6 months into a depression and you are known for buying stuff with gold you will become marked as a target.

financi4 answers:

This is not like 1929. There was very little government debt back then. Back then some rirch people indeed did get cleaned out. Some did not. I expect that the same will hold true today. It would have made no difference if one could travel back for 5 minutes to tell one person at the end of 1927. During 1928 and 1929 the stock market made its largest gains. Also back then the average guy did not have a 401k or an IRA account. In fact the average guy was making about $15 a week. The average guy was not actually effected by the crash until the layoffs began. Then the fun began. What makes this one different is the mammoth amount of debt being piled up by everyone. People, governments, companies. You name it they are loaded with debt. This crash began when all of a sudden people realized they could not afford the McMansions they had signed on for thinking that they would be able in a years time to flip them for a tidy profit. They wound up flipping them all right, back to the bank that had no business loaning them the money in the first place.

In the worse case scenario, it appears that gold might be best. The only way out for this government is to devalue the currency. They have absolutely no hope of paying even a very small portion of their debt and they are getting ready to add another trillion in hopes of buying our way out. It will not work.

If you will notice, gold is about the only thing that has not lost 50% of its value. About every thing else has except government bonds. People seem to be buying them thinking that they are safe. Ha ha.

Michael asks…

Could a beginning investor start out at with investing in gold and silver stock – step by step?

financi4 answers:

First of all, awesome decision going with Scottrade. I’m a big an of Scottrade personally. Yes, you can totally start out as a beginning invest buying gold and silver stocks on Scottrade. There are two main options.

The first are exchange traded funds (ETFs). The two most popular have ticker symbols GLD and SLV. These basically track the price of gold and silver. Making your purchase is as simple as funding your account, understanding how much you want to allocate to each, and then setting a buy order to order the number of shares you can afford to purchase (you can either do this online, or by calling/visiting your local Scottrade office). If you have any questions at all, make sure to contact your Scottrade office – that’s what they’re there for.

The second option is buying shares in gold mining companies. This gets a little more difficult analysis-wise because you’re no longer just “buying the metal” but you’re buying a company that mines the metal. You’ll want to read some articles/books (such as The Motley Fool) to understand balance sheets, income statements, and the gold mining business. Once you’ve decided, you can then buy your stocks just like GLD and SLV. I really enjoy the ETFs and gold mining companies, but just advise you to do your research before buying any stock and consider starting with the ETFs because they’re a bit easier for beginners.

William asks…

Is it best to invest in gold ores right now in the stock market?

financi4 answers:

It might be. Most of these gold ores are valued at a lot lower rates than the current gold price. You need to find out what value the company is using. They tend to use a 3 year average, rather than keep changing their valuation with the gold price. I think most companies are using something like $650/oz.
You also need to know who is valueing the ores (is it JORC complient) and whether the resource is inferred,estimated or proven (these each have completely different valuations), what grades the ore is, how costly it is to extract and transport. Whether there is suitable space to process the ore etc.etc.

Daniel asks…

Under which kind of circumstances do gold stocks perform well?

I just started investing in the beginning of the year…I had a few people recommend gold stocks to me. Under which circumstances do gold stocks do well or bad in the stock market? Any of you guys invest in gold/silver? Thanks for your help!

financi4 answers:

I prefer ABX & AU stocks. They are too cheap compare with price of gold. Really cheap stocks. I have been loading up on ABX. It is amazing one. I am expecting 20% – 30% move up until year end, or at most early next year.
Gold will perform well when economy is struggling and when there are a lot of buyers.
Buyers will rush to gold, when central banks flood the market with money.
It may look complicated to understand, but lets take US central bank {FED} actions as example.
FED spend more than $2.66 trillion buying US government bonds in the past two years in order to stimulate the economy, that sent Gold price to all time high to around $1926 earlier this year.
Ever since gold has been falling. Why?? Because that amount of money did little to reduce unemployment PLUS the debt crisis in Europe is affecting the US economy.

So, what i am trying to say, investors will wait for more money from the FED. This is expected to happen late this year, or early half next year.

Paul asks…

How much money and I going to lose in the stock market tomorrow?

I’m heavily invested in gold miner stocks, which should shelter from some of the carnage but tomorrow should be more market wide pain.

With everything the way it is, whats going to happen in the market tomorrow? Particularly what will have so the Primary Metals -> Gold industry?

financi4 answers:

You could short the metals sector with this :
and if you are long other stock sectors, there are many other short funds to “hedge” your portofolio.

but with all the instability in the MiddleEast, Iran and North Korea… and most of the metals should gather support

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Your Questions About Invest In Gold Mining Companies

George asks…

Which are the best gold mining companies to invest in?

financi4 answers:

Go to and get ahead

better than gold……
marketing site (localadlinks)
healthcare and much more all in one

email me @

Mark asks…

I heard investing in gold mining companies can be profitable. Does anyone know which companies are good?

Where can I find these companies and how should I go about investing with them? ( Are there any particular investing strategies that would be effective?)

financi4 answers:

TRE TAN RANGE EXPLO +594.40 6.80 56.96% 55.08% 622625 12.03% 7.45 0.72
CLG CUMBERLAND RES +279.70 4.25 74.91% 54.39% 113300 92.31% 4.45 1.02
DEZ DESERT SUN MINI +273.70 5.72 69.13% 37.34% 434945 131.58% 5.82 1.03
BMD BIRCH MTN RES L +241.10 7.53 63.73% 51.67% 826185 5.02% 8.50 1.40
AUY YAMANA GOLD INC +227.80 9.66 67.62% 37.77% 1154220 46.14% 9.75 2.68
MNG MIRAMAR MINING +215.30 3.48 69.28% 45.62% 565570 38.65% 3.74 0.68
GRS GAMMON LAKE RES +206.20 17.80 61.19% 43.14% 349380 49.58% 18.75 5.37
SA SEABRIDGE GOLD +190.60 8.65 57.05% 67.73% 124175 -7.98% 10.49 1.91
WTZ WESTERN SILVER +187.30 24.33 77.04% 35.70% 478415 116.07% 24.64 7.05
BAA BANRO CORP +166.80 11.48 65.51% 28.69% 6865 35.54% 11.50 2.98
AEM AGNICO EAGLE MI +156.30 30.92 71.67% 41.80% 1862090 56.48% 31.46 10.80
LIHRY LIHIR GOLD LTD +134.10 38.66 71.21% 38.00% 73555 20.55% 38.78 15.19
GLG GLAMIS GOLD LMT +126.50 33.21 70.10% 39.30% 1502020 20.85% 34.34 12.82
NG NOVAGOLD RESOUR +126.30 15.72 75.06% 41.72% 515640 72.75% 16.03 6.67
HMY HARMONY GOLD MN +121.70 16.39 62.71% 42.76% 2135590 25.59% 18.84 5.96
TGB TASEKO MINES LT +120.10 2.24 71.29% 61.27% 1052735 83.61% 2.40 0.80
NXG NORTHGATE MINER +119.60 2.49 65.11% 37.80% 1738355 36.07% 2.59 0.92
GG GOLDCORP INC +118.60 29.39 64.49% 31.30% 4117955 31.91% 30.44 12.04
GBN GREAT BASIN GOL +112.70 2.15 68.90% 51.21% 274585 38.71% 2.24 0.79
GFI GOLD FIELDS LTD +112.40 22.55 62.44% 37.45% 2259675 27.91% 24.17 9.40
KBX KIMBER RES INC +106.30 3.01 67.11% 32.93% 214475 51.26% 3.20 0.99
BGO BEMA GOLD CP +102.20 4.49 57.85% 40.46% 4937240 54.30% 4.70 1.70
KGC KINROSS GOLD CP +91.40 10.86 63.22% 37.73% 1887975 17.79% 11.94 4.61
RGLD ROYAL GOLD INC +90.40 35.02 58.76% 68.40% 834951 0.84% 41.66 15.99
MDG MERIDIAN GOLD I +86.50 29.65 66.72% 49.37% 967425 35.57% 31.68 14.11
EGO ELDORADO GOLD C +84.20 4.89 62.03% 62.27% 1183010 -0.20% 5.68 2.02
CBJ CAMBIOR INC +83.80 3.35 64.17% 42.27% 548120 20.07% 3.48 1.51
VGZ VISTA GOLD NEW +78.60 5.90 74.52% 28.35% 145080 16.14% 6.15 2.76
OZN OREZONE RES INC +74.00 2.18 60.43% 53.17% 173675 15.34% 2.39 0.97
AAUK ANGLO AM PLC AD +72.60 20.00 66.36% 28.48% 1407337 15.01% 20.26 10.69
RTP RIO TINTO PLC A +70.00 212.00 67.46% 32.39% 280865 15.98% 215.79 114.90
RBY RUBICON MINERAL +69.70 1.41 62.70% 124.34% 138380 62.07% 1.50 0.54
NAK NORTHERN DYNAST +68.80 6.52 66.30% 33.49% 187950 22.56% 7.30 3.38
GOLD RANDGOLD RES LT +57.60 18.96 67.03% 40.41% 457426 17.54% 19.75 11.00
GRZ GOLD RESERVE IN +57.20 6.18 71.03% 60.05% 101340 110.92% 6.58 1.75
AU ANGLOGOLD ASHAN +56.90 53.92 57.72% 38.72% 1307385 9.30% 62.20 30.50
MGN MINES MGMT INC +53.30 8.42 54.30% 49.70% 152775 19.94% 9.49 4.07
FNX FNX MINING CO L +53.10 11.52 49.69% 31.26% 45695 -1.62% 14.38 6.01
NSU NEVSUN RESOURCE +52.70 2.92 70.00% 61.01% 298695 61.33% 3.10 1.31
EGI ENTREE GOLD INC +47.10 2.37 70.97% 61.29% 122645 52.90% 2.60 1.36
DROOY DRDGOLD LIMITED +44.10 1.46 50.99% 84.85% 3258770 1.39% 2.02 0.30
IAG IAMGOLD CORPORA +43.80 8.78 59.37% 24.72% 380000 12.28% 9.77 5.35
KRY CRYSTALLEX INTL +43.30 4.33 87.04% 72.41% 2082455 100.46% 4.36 1.01
CGR CLAUDE RESOURCE +26.20 1.10 61.25% 57.94% 243585 11.11% 1.17 0.69
IMR IMA EXPLORATION +23.80 3.14 60.55% 33.40% 133940 3.97% 3.48 2.00
NEM NEWMONT MIN CP +22.40 51.13 48.89% 26.70% 7592245 -4.25% 62.72 34.90
ABX BARRICK GOLD CP +14.20 27.74 56.40% 24.78% 4558010 -0.47% 32.14 21.07
BVN COMPANIA MIN BU +5.80 25.07 52.71% 39.37% 739035 -11.41% 32.54 19.93
RIC RICHMONT MINES +4.90 3.74 64.57% 40.95% 34070 2.47% 4.73 3.20
GSS GOLDEN STAR RES +2.50 2.99 44.01% 65.45% 2496045 13.26% 3.89 2.10

thar ya go
oh ya, buy low sell high

Steven asks…

Is investing in gold mining companies risky?

Like xg? I have about $3,000 i want to invest.

financi4 answers:

No it is not risky because Gold is good precious metal. Whole world demand never end.

Thomas asks…

I’m thinking of investing in Gold mining companies…..any suggetsions?

financi4 answers:

Any of the big mining companies would be safest – Rio Tinto, Kazakhmys, Antofagasta etc. But if you are looking for a big return on a speculative investment you are on your own and good luck!

James asks…

Would investing in a gold mining company be a good investment right now?

GDX for example. With the state of currencies globally, and the possibility that the 4 BRIC countries are turning to the Euro instead of the dollar for stability, do you think gold or gold miners are a good investment now?

financi4 answers:

There is a lot of evidence right now that gold and gold-related investments are poised to take off and perform even better than they already have. With the massive deficits and government spending, inflation is going to be a problem, and gold typically performs well in an inflationary environment.

This site has a lot of articles, books and other resources to explain gold investing, gold-related alternative investments, and how to get started investing in gold.

Paul asks…

names of gold mining companies?

I need the name of compies who looking for invest in indonesia gold mining

financi4 answers:

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX) is the largest and leading miner with operations in Indonesia.


Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Phelps Dodge Corporation (Phelps Dodge) is a copper, gold and molybdenum mining company. Its portfolio of assets includes the Grasberg minerals district in Indonesia, which contains the single recoverable copper reserve and the single gold reserve; mining operations in North and South America, and the Tenke Fungurume minerals district in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). FCX also operates Atlantic Copper, its wholly owned copper smelting and refining unit in Spain. As of December 31, 2009, consolidated recoverable proven and probable reserves totaled 104.2 billion pounds of copper, 37.2 million ounces of gold, 2.59 billion pounds of molybdenum, 270.4 million ounces of silver and 0.78 billion pounds of cobalt. Approximately 33 % of its copper reserves were in Indonesia, approximately 33 % were in South America, approximately 26 % were in North America and approximately eight % were in Africa.

Joseph asks…

what is the best way to invest in gold?

etf’s, real gold in safety deposit box, gold mining companies? I’m looking for inflation protection.

financi4 answers:

You can buy jewellery or gold bars or go for something more like…Gold-linked bonds and structured notes

>A number of the world’s largest bullion dealers and investment banks issue gold linked bonds in various forms. Typically, these products provide investors with some combination of:
1-Exposure to gold price fluctuations
2-A yield
3-Principal protection

This link has some good stuff you can check – I use it to track the troy ounce price every day to keep a watch for one client…

You can register to this web and access more on gold…talk to a investment advisor as well…their are other good commodities too…

Richard asks…

Gold vs Gold Mining stocks?

Is investing in gold mining company same as investing in gold. Im optimistic that gold will further increase in price and thinking of investing in it. I see some good mining companies that are doing good over time.
But is investing in gold mining companies same as investing in gold. what if the price of the gold come down. do they come down as well??

financi4 answers:

A little while ago I posted an article on just that subject on my blog. Here is a link.


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Your Questions About What Is Affecting The Stock Market Today

William asks…

what is affecting todays stock market?

i have never really paid attention to how much the stock market fluctuated until i joined my companies 401(k). i am currently invested as an “aggressive level’ but with the way today’s stock market is doing. Should i change my risk level? or should i ride it out? That is why i wanted to know what is our affecting today’s market for my account to have such a loss.

financi4 answers:

Fear. Fear is affecting the market now. Fear that the markets will continue to drop. If you’re already in, you may have to ride it out. But you don’t have to put in any new money into the same accounts. You should be able to put new money into a more conservative portfolio.

Charles asks…

What is the greatest impact of the stock market crash of 1929 that affects us until today?

financi4 answers:

The Securities and Exchange Commission. Before the crash, securities (e.g. Stocks) were regulated on a state by state basis, and very ineffectively — people could ignore them by offering securities across state lines. The crash and the aftermath encouraged the federal government to enact laws that couldn’t be avoided that way. The uniform reporting requirements for publicly traded companies derive directly from reforms of that era.

David asks…

With today’s dip in the stock market (due to the Greek crisis), what is your opinion about buying stock?

I am looking to invest a substantial amount of money in stock (particularly WFC, BAC). If the european situation continues to worsen, would the stock market continue to feel the affects of it?

financi4 answers:

Market correction is overdue (major one). Wait for couple of months and see if this happens to be a major correction 15-20% and more, if this indeed is then start investing only when it shows some sign of recovery.

This certainly is not time to invest.


Ken asks…

Stock market: how to find relevant information for trade?

For those have experience in the stock market I was wondering how do I find valid information that affects the stock market? Is there any sites that is useful to help me make better decisions. I’m asking because I notice that market today (April 27) tanked today on bad news.

How do I find before hand? Or is it just that they are waiting for the news in the morning? I guess, overall, need to find out what affects the market and wondering if you can share your experience with me that can help out a starter trader. Thanks guys!
Thank you everyone for your help, except the spammers. Have a good day!

financi4 answers:

Here are the sources I use. MSN Money, Motley Fool, Bloomberg (website, radio and tv) and Google finance. Many things can and do effect the market. Political situations, the weather, credit ratings, life in general. If you are planning on investing in the stock market, I would recommend you read Rule#1 and you should only invest in things you know about. Do your homework before you invest. Best of luck to you.

James asks…

How does “fear” affect whether the stock market does well?

I generally get the idea of how the stock market works, but at the same time how does “fear” determine whether the day goes well. Like the hole crisis, and bail out; today the stocks plummeted what 10,000 points? Why can’t people just buy to keep the market rolling? Is it that there just isn’t any money?

I put this in the political section because I knew I would get more responses, thanks
Seems kind of silly; emotions decide whether our economy does well or not…hmm…

financi4 answers:

Stock Market is gamble on the future so if people think the future is dark then the stock or the whole market falls. They base the future on economic meters and what people think. It is completely stupid and really should have no impact on the real world — yet so many companies are public and are greatly impacted by Market which has a great effect on the whole economy

Mark asks…

Why did my YOKU stock go up today? Is it linked to china? It’s Sunday so I’m sure the market is closed here.?

To my surprise YOKU is up $9 a share. I am pleasantly surprised. But I never knew what goes on in China directly affects the stock prices here…
In my scott trade account. my account balance has increased and lists YOKU price of $42.70.

But when I type the stock individually the stock price is as of fridays close in the 30’s

financi4 answers:

What site did you get the stock price from? Prices can’t change while the exchanges are closed, unless your source lists overseas prices.

Chris asks…

What are the consequences on society, general economy, banks and stores if the stock market falls?

I’m nowhere near an expert when it comes to the stock market, but we’re learning about it and need to know if the market falls, like it has today how does it affect businesses like banks and stores and the general population.
Please try to keep it simple (but not one sentence responses)

Thank you 🙂

financi4 answers:

If the stock market falls it is not the cause of anything. It is more the effect of a bad economy. If GM cannot sell any cars, GM loses money, it’s stock goes down in price, and they lay off their employees.

GM stock isn’t wiped out because the stock market is bad, GM’s stock is part of the overall market and is one of the stocks in the Dow Jones Average and the S & P 500, so its decline causes these averages to decline.

It is not a case of the dog waging the tail. The dog is GM and the tail is the Stock Market.

In a bad economy it is not just GM doing less business. If they were the only company having bad times, it would make very little difference, but when thousands of companies are doing bad, then the market goes down.

A bad economy affects banks,stores, employees who get laid offf. The only people who gain are those who sell short on the market and cover these short sales after the prices drop.

It also helps those who sell out early and buy back at the bottom.


Daniel asks…

What was important about the stock market crash of 1929?

what was the significance? how did this affect the time period afterwards and even today?

financi4 answers:

I can sum up the answer in two words:
Bank failures (applies to 1930’s depression and today)

The failing banks put a freeze on the economy because when banks fail people and businesses start spending less, a lot less. Partly because of fear and partly because its difficult to get credit (lending more money exposes banks to more risk). Not getting credit wouldn’t be a problem if the consumers and businesses weren’t already so far into debt. During the great depression banks actually decided to offer easy credit but everyone was too afraid to take it.

Other concepts that precipitated the Great Depression and happen to be prevalent in today’s economic crisis:

Hoarding money / Lack of spending / low consumer confidence

Distressed selling (foreclosures, auctioned property)

Fall in profits resulting in many businesses filing bankruptcy

High amount of debt liquidation (personal bankruptcy filings)

Massive layoffs due to slow economy

And so on and so on…

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Top 3 Factors to Think about Before Investing in a Rental House

There is more to house investment than buying a property and discovering a tenant to fill it. There are other elements that you require to consider before you commit to ensure that you obtain a powerful month-to-month cash flow and profits.

In this post we plan to break absent from all the myths that can go with purchase-to-allow qualities and display you the 3 important areas you require to consider in order to expertise actual success in property investment.

1: Expected rental income

Location, property kind and dimension can impact how much you can reasonably cost on a rental house. For this cause it is essential that you are conscious of – from the beginning – how much rent your house can generate.

Let us say for examples sake you invest in a property worth 145,000 which you know can create a monthly money movement of 550. With this info you can determine your gross return:

550 X twelve = 6,600

Now this is just the rental income of your house with out any deductions. To truly recognise the possible of your rental property, you subsequent require to factor in how much exterior expenditures will impact this income.

Two: Yearly Expenditures

As a house investor there are two kinds of expenditures which you will recurrently come throughout: fixed and variable.

Fixed: this stands for recurring expenditures that you will have to yearly spend for. These will typically include: house taxes, insurance coverage, routine upkeep to the property and the possible price of having a property supervisor.

Variable: there will be times when unexpected factors will impact your expenditures. These can be from anything as simple as replacing a water heater to performing roofing, flooring and plumbing repairs.

To ensure that you are ready for this kind of eventualities, it is great to set aside some additional money that can be utilized in this kind of instances. Do that and you can make certain that your expenditures do not harm your cash flow.

Our recommendation is to place roughly 1,000 aside. This ought to go over all major repairs.

3: Dangers of investing in rental qualities

Like we stated at the starting there is a lot much more to house investment than discovering a rental property and renting it.

Alongside your study you require to consider what will happen if the subsequent was to happen:

-your rental house sits empty for extended intervals of time
-the legal expenses of having to evict a bad actuel
-repairing house damages because of to a bad tenant

Any 1 of these can occur and can in turn reduce your overall return if you are not cautious.

So do the research, consider the time and make certain you are ready for each eventuality. It will be worth it in the end.

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Warren Buffett's 2 Investing Rules For The Dividend Investor

Warren Buffett's 2 Investing Rules For The Dividend Investor

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Schrader Electronics investing $10M, adding 76 jobs in Springfield

Schrader Electronics investing $10M, adding 76 jobs in Springfield

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