4 Must-Dos for Your Year-End Investing Checkup

4 Must-Dos for Your Year-End Investing Checkup

With 2012 coming to an end, now's a good time to pause and take a look at your investing performance over the past year. By taking some time to evaluate the moves you made with your money, both good and bad, it's easier to reinforce the positive things
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Your Questions About Investing In Gold

George asks…

Is investing in gold a smart decision right now?

And if so, is better to buy gold coins or gold bars? And which is more valuable 24k or 10k?

financi4 answers:

It really depends on what your portfolio looks like and how long until you retire. Diversification is important as is an asset allocation based upon your age and future expectations. Gold is a long term investment which will not provide a substantial return for several years. Actually I would say decades. Remember the saying…..buy low sell high. Well, right now it is really high.

If you do decide to invest in gold you may consider gold shares in a mining company or Gold SPDR shares. Physical gold does not pay dividends while your shares would. Also keep in mind the gold market is extremely volatile. It’s not for the weak stomached investor.

Without knowing your age, current investments, and value of your portfolio it’s really hard to say yes or no if this is a good idea. If you are young with a portfolio less than $100,000 I would consider ETF’s and skip your thoughts of gold. ETF’s are diversified and can provide a substantial rate of return. You will have ups and downs but if you pick the right one, it can payoff. In case you already haven’t, I would suggest contacting a investment agency for additional details.

Thomas asks…

How do you go about buying / Investing in Gold?

With the current world situation, I don’t want to buy stocks or Real Estate. How do I buy gold?

financi4 answers:

Buying the physical product is not “safer”…. It is (however) very expensive. Most experienced traders simply buy the ETF through their stock broker. No shipping fees, no storage costs & you can buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth for less than $15 in commissions.

The ETF for gold is: GLD

William asks…

Can someone explain to me how investing in gold works and why its a good idea and why its bad?

i dont like cash sitting around in my bank when it has little value in reality and i was thinking about investing in gold or silver. Can anyone tell me how it works and whats the difference between actually buying gold and buying the certificated for them and if how much money you pay for it and how much money you pay to sell it back to someone? or if someone can recommend a book that would be nice as well

financi4 answers:

I work for a mining operation in Alaska that specializes in gold and platinum. Investing in mining operations is the best way to maximize investments because you make money daily for years. In our case you would have the opportunity to make $1,000+ per day, $22,000 per month. Each day you can purchase a ounce of gold at 10% under the spot price of gold from us then you can turn around and sell it for spot price, and that is on top of your stock investment. If you have any other questions about investing in gold let me know!


Charles asks…

Is there any chance that you will lose money in the long run investing in gold?

I heard that gold was a “sure thing” because it will be the only currency that can not crash, is this true, should I invest most of money in gold?

financi4 answers:

Definitely a good chance you could lose…..the current extremely high price makes purchase at this time ” shaky”…….world economies are showing signs of recovery….which could easily drop gold prices by hundreds of dollars… I doubt that it will ever return to under 1000, but buying at 1500 is dangerous.

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Deciding Between Investing in Mutual Funds Vs Shares

When it arrives to investments, individuals have numerous different options. While people can trade foreign trade or buy qualities as investments, the vast majority of individuals tend to grow their money through mutual funds or stocks. The big distinction between mutual funds vs shares is the amount of a danger a individual requires with each. Stocks are riskier simply because an person investor may not know a lot about them, or the investor may not diversify his or her portfolio. Person shares have a tendency to fluctuate in price more than funds. A safer investment would be money as these are managed by expert fund professionals, and are usually much more diversified.

Whilst an individual investor can make a excellent offer of money by buying stocks, they might not want to do all the study that would allow them to actively manage their stock portfolio. Money are much more well-liked as the fund managers do all the study, and they also do all the buying and selling of stocks for the fund. Person traders buy shares in the fund that represent a portion of all the holdings of the business. Numerous mutual money will have a combination of stocks and bonds, which is a great way to diversify a portfolio to restrict the dangers somebody takes.

The primary goal of any investor is to make money over time. Some individuals want to do this more than a shorter period of time, whilst others are looking for a long phrase acquire. When looking at mutual money vs shares, shares give people the capability to get a brief phrase acquire. They also come with the possible of large short term loses. Money might be a safer choice for long phrase traders as people can goal funds that have high anticipated prices of return. 1 potential disadvantage of money is that the upside in expanding money may be limited as the funds consist of this kind of a wide variety of securities.

Anyone who desires to develop their money via investing will want to do some study before determining in between mutual funds vs stocks. There are some advantages and drawbacks of each. It truly arrives down to how a lot danger an individual desires to have. Some people are preparing for the lengthy road to retirement, while other people are nearing the age to retire. People can make money in stocks and money at any age.

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Your Questions About Investing Money

Donald asks…

Is 21 too young to start investing money?

I will be 21 soon and I have $3000 that I would like to invest, is 21 too soon? My parents pay for college and I do not have a high car note or living expenses, would investing the money be a good idea?

financi4 answers:

The younger you are, the more you’ll benefit from compound interest. Compound interest results in exponential growth. $3,000 is a good start but what’s best is a regular monthly investment, then you can take advantage of dollar cost averaging. Finance books are also a good investment, try to read one a month. They tend to all have the same ideas phrased in different manners but the idea is to drill it into your head so that it all becomes second nature and automatic. You need to make financial awareness part of your daily life.

Michael asks…

I’m young but i’d like to start investing money?

I’m 20 yrs, and have been saving money for the past 2 yrs while im at school. However, I think investing might be a smart choice because i’d like to see some more growth. Whats something you would recommend someone my age do? Also im no fiance guro, just a regular kid
do you mean SAVINGS? Checking doesn’t generate growth

financi4 answers:

Just get a checking account.

Reply: I meant checking because you never know when you will need some of that money. If you put it in savings, some policies won’t let you take any of it out.

On second thought, CDs (Cash Deposits) are your best best. It’s a cash deposit for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years (your choice) with a fixed interest rate.

George asks…

im looking to start investing money for retirement question.?

how much money should i put aside per month to retire in 20 years. what should i talk to my invester about investing in. any help would be appreciated. i live in mississippi and my income is approx 90,000/year.

financi4 answers:

Start by adding the maximum to your retirement plan at work. After you max that out, invest the maximum in a Roth IRA each year. If you still have extra investable money after that, put it into a non-qualified account. I would use mutual funds, but you could also go with an annuity in order to defer paying the taxes until you retire.

Good luck

Chris asks…

where can i find tutorials for basics of investing money?

i want to learn how to invest money in stock market. i have no idea about anything related to this field. but i really want to learn how to do this.

financi4 answers:


is the best website I have come across. Let me know if you find a good one. Good luck, and thank you!

Richard asks…

Is there a website for young adults that explains in a simple, yet detailed way how to begin investing money?

I know pretty much zero about investing, but I would like to start putting my money somewhere where I could eventually make a profit. I’m just beginning college, so I don’t want and can’t to invest lots of money.
I don’t know any investing vocab! I really need something that explains the very basic stuff.

financi4 answers:

Beginnersinvest.about.com and earlyearners.com
Two websites you can check out. Best way to start investing is to just by setting aside a small about each week or month i.e. 25.00/week and letting it set in a savings account until you find a certain investment you would like. Whatever you do make sure that the investment is something you are comfortable with. And whatever anyone tells you nothing will guarantee a return except goverment obligations such as government issued bongs and banks. OTher than that there is risk. However risk isn’t necessarily bad. Just research before you buy.

William asks…

what is the best way of investing money to show tax benefit and also good return?

what is the best way to invest money to tax benefit and good return. i will keep plan of investement for next 3 years. is there any best way to do….?

financi4 answers:

I just did an article on this. Copy & paste the link in address bar http://www.finwinonline.com/2010/01/which-tax-saving-fund-elss-fund-to.html
ELSS or tax saving mutual funds are best for tax savings & returns. You can pick any 1 or 2 funds from the following list:
1. Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver
2. Fidelity Tax Advantage
3. Franklin India Taxshield
4. HDFC Taxsaver
5. Magnum Taxgain
6. Sahara Tax Gain
7. Sundaram BNP Paribas Taxsaver

Thomas asks…

I am interested in finding realestate notes.what is the safest way to invest time without investing money?

Realestate notes and buyers are my interesed but i am tring to get my foot in the door without sending my money to one of those ‘CARLTON SHEETS” guys. Is there a way i can get into this profession without investing my money.Just my time?

financi4 answers:

Go to your local court house, research the real estate or “deed records for deeds of trust, mechanics liens, etc., pull the data off of the deeds of trust, ie., where the grantee or mortgagee is obviously not a lending institution, (owner financed notes), get the amount, terms, p/off, address, etc., to contact the holder of the note to negotiate a purchase….careful though…a venture is considered high risk if you do not know how to minimize and eliminate your risks..non performing notes are a joke

Daniel asks…

What books are good on the subject of personal finance and money , investing, buisiness etc?

fairly good or good, books on things to do with money, finance, buisiness, and investing?

financi4 answers:

Maybe this should be under investing, not real estate, but I’d reccommend “The Wealthy Barber”, “The Millionaire Next Door” or “The Richest Man in Babylon”. These are all classics (and much as you can have classics on general investing and savings principles) but they are not real estate related.

Ken asks…

I am 18 years old, and would like to start investing money…?

Hello. I have never really been interested in finances, but i am going to start doing a holiday job next year and i would like to invest some of the money i earn. Where do i start to learn more about investing money?

financi4 answers:

Just the title of this book should encourage you to get hold of a copy and read it:

“Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money–That You Don’t Learn in School!” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Amazon link, to see the cover, read the reviews that previous readers have posted, and to click above the cover photo where it says “Look inside” to take a sneak preview:


And to prove that you’re clever at saving money, call in to your local library or college library and get them to get you a copy to read for free ! 🙂 Why spend on buying a copy?

Seriously though, remember Yahoo Finance lets you pretend to trade stocks by keeping details in a portfolio, so you can “pretend trade” without risking real hard-earned cash but still learn. See the “My portfolios” tab at:


And see “Investing 101” in the left side bar at:


If you are competitive, and like to compete against other people investing with “pretend money”, then type in

“virtual stock exchange”

on Yahoo Search; or go to:


if you want to trade against UK college students.

For books on investing, there’s all sorts from the “Dummies” stable – see the range at:


and again, consider saving your money by browsing them in your local bookstore to see if you like the style, and borrowing them from libraries.

Any money from a holiday job isn’t going to make too much money as you’ll want it in a safe place like T-Bills or a high interest bank account – but watch that you can get access to the money easily.

Some places only pay higher interest rates if you promise not to ask for it back for, say, one to 5 years.

And with interest rates so low at the moment – from 0.5% to 4% – you’ll have to keep a $100 in there for a year to get $4 back – those are annual interest rates.

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Your Questions About Financing Film Uk

Ken asks…

Recommend a film similar to Wall Street but with UK setting?

Maybe based on Fleet Street / City / Canary Wharf? With business / finance background.

Preferred, but not necessarily limited to UK, any similar type of films will do.


financi4 answers:

Wall Street 2 is getting released in 2010, with Michael Douglas back as Gordon Gekko. ”Such Heroic Nonsense” has got a reccommedation for you.

Donald asks…

UK student seeking funding for New York Film academy?

Hi I left sixth form in september and they didn’t teach us anything about student finance. I’m finding it hard to find what I need, I cant even find where I need to apply because the directgov site is so vague.
I’m trying to get a loan to go to the new york film academy for a year. Has anybody else done the same?
I contacted the NYFA and they sent me to directgov. Apparently the NYFA offer a loan of some sort but you have to be accepted before you can find out if you’re applicable. trouble is you have to show some way of being able to pay for the course before they let you onto the books. and I cant find finance info on applying to a US uni…

so I’ve come here, Can someone can point me in the right direction?

financi4 answers:

NYFA asks that you email financialaid@nyfa.edu and explain your situation. Each student and their financial aid process is different. We will help you!

John asks…


I asked this question a while back know. 

But this time I have a bigger idea of what sort of job I would like to do. 

I live in the UK, and would love to work and live in America. 

I am 16 at the moment, And plan to make a move at around 21/22 years of age. It might be a big age difference but I want to know that I have a plan for the future. I might go to University, but the question is would I need to in order to get a job of in America?

I do Finance, Film Studies & Interactive Media (Computer Design) at school in Six Form (College).

I would like to be either an Accountant or something to do with Media & Computer Design.

I want to live and breath in the east of America as I find it more interesting on that side. (Sorry westerners). 

My question is what sort of company would want to hire someone like me to work for them? (Be specific if possible).

Also what would I do for a visa so I can legally stay in America? And what type would I need (if there are type’s).

Thanks for anyone who answers! 

financi4 answers:

Jobs aren’t what you think here. So i can’t imagine what things will be like 6yrs from now (when you turn 22yrs old)

Charles asks…

Which University is better for Accounting And finance Degree ? In London – Uk / Sandwich / Salary / money?

Dear sir/madam,
I am a student and have to apply for a uni. I can go to these universities from my home. What uni is the Best one among these unis?

1) Brunel
2) Kingston
3) Kent
4) London south Bank
6) London Metropolitan
7) Greenwich
8) Hertfordshire university
9) Univerisity of East London

Another Question pls – What type is bettter? A full time 3 year Accounting Degree course or 4 Year Sandwich Course Degree Course ? All i want to become a Chartered accountant quickly n earn some good money. Cuz i want to direct a film in sri lanka. i need about £ 50 k for that. so thats y i have chosen to do Accounting. How much a newly graduated accountant earn per year ?

Thanks very much
Have a nice day.
James bond ( sri lankan )

financi4 answers:

Contact your local Information Advice Guidance worker – you can find their details at the library or your local prospects office.

They will be able to answer all of your questions accurately

Good luck

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Investing In Apartment Structures – Professionals and Cons

Apartment buildings can be one of the best locations to invest your money – even when the economic climate is going sideways. That being said, there are advantages and drawbacks to each kind of investment. In this article, I would like to go more than the professionals and cons of investing in apartment buildings.

Pros and Disadvantages of Investing in Apartment Structures:


1. Predictable Earnings Supply

The #1 reason that I and many wealthy investors choose apartment buildings is they offer a constant source of earnings. Chosen correctly, in a great location and area, an apartment property will provide cash movement month after month.

Companies arrive and businesses go – particularly in retail, office, and warehouse properties. However, people will always need a location to live.

2. House Appreciation

The value of an apartment creating is based on the Net Operating Income the house provides to the investor. The excellent factor about apartment properties is that you can increase the worth of the property – with out investing in new siding, windows, carpet, or even paint!

When you increase income, reduce expenses, or both, you will improve the worth of your house. Let us say the average CAP Price in your area is ten%. If you improve the Internet Operating Earnings by just $1,000 per year, you have basically added $ten,000 to the value of your house. This can be done with a mixture of raising rents and reducing expenditures – and it can be done on numerous qualities. This is 1 of the most carefully guarded secrets of expert traders.

3. Principal Reduction

Your equity raises each month in apartment buildings – instantly. This is simply because your tenants are having to pay down the home loan on your property with their rents. Each month you obtain rents, spend out expenses, and pay the home loan. With each of these payments, you are gaining equity and increasing your prosperity.

4. Taxes

Apartment qualities provide one of the best tax sheltered investments available. Because of the way the tax laws function, apartment structures advantage in two ways: through depreciation cost whilst you own the house, and you also can offer the property, re-commit the proceeds into a new house, and not spend taxes on the acquire. Attempt that with shares or mutual funds!


1. Property Conduite

1 of the downsides of apartment properties is they do require someone to manage the house. This is most likely the biggest reason why investors shy away from flats. Nevertheless, when you buy a house correctly, you should be able to hire a expert house manager and not be concerned in the day-to-day functions.

2. Investment Liquidity

Clearly you cannot buy and sell an apartment house like a stock or mutual fund. It takes time to sell when you want to “cash in your chips” down the road. So it is a longer-phrase investment than other alternatives.

3. Maintenance Issues

This goes hand-in-hand with management as being the main cause traders do not get concerned with apartments. Again, maintenance and conduite can be professionally handled when you purchase the house correctly. The income stream coming in from rents should cover these expenditures, and allow you, the investor, time to look for your subsequent offer.

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