Stock Market Sequence Penny Stock

Penny stocks can also be referred to as a micro cap equity. Penny stock is a share in a corporate entity which trades below $5. This is the accepted definition as utilized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and by and large each discount broker, and most analysts. However, there are other lesser requirements used by the broad public and almost all retail financiers and backers. Other nations occasionally change the use of the phrase and might use it in their personal way, without referring to American establishments.

These unconventional requirements include: the price for every share going for less than $1 and could go as reduced as much less than a cent: a market ceiling of not much more than $50 million or much less than half of that: competing on much more unknown markets generally known as the pink sheets.

These penny stock, definitions every now and then are utilized by retail investors and also individuals, the selection in definitions brook no agreement between the various events, and accuracy is, much more frequently than not, lost.

Restrictions with these unconventional definitions abound, because they most often than not contradict every other. A good example is exactly where there are companies in the stock marketplace investing for a paltry few cents per share but with capitalizations of a number of hundred hundreds of thousands of dollars, or businesses investing on the Pink Sheets but with price for each share hitting the realms of $50 or even more.

Micro caps and reduced-priced shares have both unfavorable and positive implications. Exploratory investors are usually drawn towards micro caps as they normally manage a bigger cost shift in a shorter time they have higher upward gain on a proportion foundation and are effortlessly acquired even with lesser startup investment.

Cautious traders usually steer clear of the smaller shares, simply because the companies are occasionally less safe. Breaking down several hundred million shares creates a volatile share marketplace each by cost and on a percentage point.

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Your Questions About Invest In Gold Or Silver

Ken asks…

Is investing in gold or silver a good idea right now?

Or is it too expensive?
By “too expensive” I mean that the gold and silver price is comparatively high at the moment.

financi4 answers:

I think the price is artificially high. It’s the new house flipping scheme. Buy low sell high only works if you are indeed buying low. The economic law of supply and demand takes root in this question, so long as the economy is in-stable the value of gold will continue to rise as people find a safe have for their money, once things start to adjust and the markets become better producers of wealth there will be massive gold sales and the price of gold will plummet. Since gold as a commodity is traded instead of used for consumerism, it’s real value is tied to the fickle nature of the marketplace. “Investing” in gold is a gamble I am not taking with 1,700 of my dollars, or any amount. If I owned gold, today would be a sell day for me.

Michael asks…

Where are the reputable dealers for buying and selling physical gold and silver?

I’m interested in investing in gold and/or silver coins and bars to preserve the value of my money at this time. Who and where are the most reputable dealers??

financi4 answers:

You might find some well known ones, at the following URLs:

John asks…

Did anyone do as I did and invest in hard silver and gold?

Don’t you wish the US Government backed the money with more than “Good Faith in Credit” orIn God We Trust.?”
I bought at $304 an ounce. So I’m good. Plus what I mined myself and is about 85% pure.

financi4 answers:

I hope you didn’t buy recently. Commodities was a good place about 1-2 years ago. The prices are so inflated now, those looking for a refuge, are buying the dollar.
Have you noticed how much oil as dropped? It’s time to jump off the commodity bandwagon. You are better off putting your money into a mutual fund, or if you want something real secure, a CD, bond, or T-bill.

Chris asks…

What metal should I invest in, silver or gold?

financi4 answers:

Gold and Silver prices mostly move together. When one goes up, so does the other. It’s probably better to invest in both, for diversification. Silver has many more industrial uses, so there is always demand for it to actually be used up. Gold on the other hand, rarely gets used up, but is better recognized for storing value (i.e. Fort Knox stores gold, not silver).

So I say split your money about 50/50 between them.

If your looking to buy soon, check out a price comparison place like to get the best dealer prices. I’d suggest looking at Gold Eagles, and Silver Eagles. Make sure you don’t pay more than a few percent premium. Some places try to charge some ridiculous premium, like 30% markup, but that just robs profit.

Paul asks…

Should I invest in silver or gold?

Which of the two would be better to invest in?

financi4 answers:

Gold’s in a bubble right now, definitely do not go there. Silver or palladium might be ok if you are looking for something you can put into a safety deposit box, because their price has been going down. They should turn up soon, but no guarantees. Chinese gov’t bonds or Developing Countries Market Index fund would be safe if you’re ok with just paper investments.

Charles asks…

Should I invest in Silver or Gold?

I just wanted to buy bullions of either one which would you think to be the better choice. Thanks.

financi4 answers:

The problem is that you should not physically hold the metal and you have to pay for storage every month by the ounce. And if Gold is $1700/oz, if you bought an ounce and took it to the next dealer and sold it, you would not be offered $1700 because the purchaser has to make a profit.

Donald asks…

Should i buy gold & silver instead of investing in a 401k type investing or a IRA?

Im 38 now with a full time blue collar job with 3 kids and wife.The market being the way it is and the way social security and medicare going to be gone in a matter of 20 years.When the market does go bad like it did in the 30s i will have some hard cash at least to trade when it all comes down to it.
I mean buy buying gold & silver i mean by the 1 ounce bars and rounds to the 10 ounce

financi4 answers:

There seems to be a lot of people that are not only asking that question these but also answering it for themselves. They have been stocking up. There is one little problem with investing in gold and silver. They don’t earn you anything. Another little problem is that they might get stolen. Probably happens 100 times every day. Maybe 1000 times. Those two problems have not prevented people from putting their money in those hard assets. I guess I can’t really blame them what with the government trying to make the dollar worth less and less by the second. And then when they do they whine about inflation. Geez, sometimes I wonder about how good democracy really is except for those that can buy their votes.

With the price of gold and silver at their current levels, I really can’t recommend putting any money into them. I think you would be way better off in the long run with an IRA account with some KO, MCD, INTC, GE, and CVX in it. They all pay nice dividends and they will most likely do well no matter what our idiotic government does. They all can afford to buy their votes.

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Your Questions About Stocks And Bonds For Kids

Charles asks…

My wife and i were swindled by our broker, it was our retirement savings, what do we do now?

My wife and i had over $210,000.00 in stocks and bonds, our investment broker was making horrible decisions, losing everything we had saved and charging us for the privilege. We pleaded with him to stop changing our investments but he wouldn’t stop, he said it was his job and told us to let him do his job. We finally pulled the money out of his company and moved it to a basic savings account, but by the time we had done this, our broker had lost over $130,000.00 of our money. We filed charges against him only to find out that he fled the country and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. We thought we were on our way to retirement but now we feel lost and we’re scared to let anybody else touch our money, what do we do to get on track to retire at 59 to 62 yrs old? we only have $80,000.00 left. We are 45 yrs old now, we have no credit card debt, no car payments, no kids, a $590 a month mortgage that will be paid off at age 59. I currently make $55k a yr, my wife takes care of the house. We have roughly $1000 a month that we can put away for retirement. We don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, we do not live an extravagant lifestyle but we do like to vacation once a year. Everybody keeps telling us to live below our means..we are doing that now. We don’t do anything, we don’t go out, we don’t party, we don’t buy expensive cars, nothing. We do want to “live” while we are healthy enough to do so but based on what everybody tells us, we should do nothing but sit at home, save money then use the money to pay our medical bills when were to old and sick to do anything. If that’s what we’re supposed to do…whats the point of it all? Please help. Tell us why your advice is worth listening too…are you a lifestyle coach, investment person, etc… Thanks so much for your time.

financi4 answers:

There is not alot you can do about the lost money, it is gone and your broker is out of your reach. Unlikely you are alone in this, so even if you could get a judgment against him, there is probably nothing to get. So, painful lesson learned and now you need to regroup.

I would strongly suggest that your wife get at least a part time job to start putting money back into retirement savings. Then start looking for safe investments.

Not everyone is cut out to make it in rental property investing, but that is where many people are putting their money right now. If you do not have the stuff to be a landlord, consider using a property management company.

James asks…

Where’s a cheap place to get your state taxes done for 2004 and 2006? I did them, but I money which is wrong.

There is no way I owe money to the state, as I have no kids, no dependencies, worked at a public university and don’t have anything fancy going for me, i.e. stocks or bonds, etc.. I do have a retirement account, but I think that would make me owe money to the state.
So, I’m looking for a cheap place that will confirm these numbers for me, and no, I don’t want to pay $200 to some supercuts chain store tax place to do it for me, seriously, it shouldn’t cost that much, in my case at least… perhaps for someone who has a family and has done been involved in some shady and savvy financial transactions…
Omitted some words in my initial descriptions, sorry.
“I OWE money which is wrong”.
“I DON’T think that would make me owe money to the state”

financi4 answers:

If you want to go and sit with a person, then it’s AARP volunteers. Check their website for schedules near your place.

Or you can go to to check for authorized e-file vendors who can do it for free provided you are within a specified income limit.

Good luck

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Your Questions About Investing In Stocks

James asks…

What are the benefits of investing in stocks?

What are the benefits of investing in stocks?
are online stock investors like legit?

how should i get started?

financi4 answers:

Regular dividend income, growth potential

Yes. You can open an account through an online brokerage.

John asks…

Can anyone recommend a GREAT book for learning about Stocks and Investing?

Does anyone know of any really good books on how to invest in stocks and investing in general? Any personal favorites?

financi4 answers:

I’ll give you a list!

The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need (Tobias)

One Up on Wall Streeet (Lynch)

How to Make Money in Stocks (O’Neil)

The Intelligent Investor (Graham)

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Lefevre)

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets (Murphy)

The Little Book that Beats the Market (Greenblatt)

Also, the “Dummies” series offers good introductory content on a variety of investing topics such as short-term trading, asset allocation and more.

Good luck!

Charles asks…

How much it is possible to earn on investing in stocks?

How much APR it is possible to earn on investing in stocks approximately?

financi4 answers:

If you invest in diversified stocks over the next 40 years, you will probably average around 10%. However, the results will vary dramatically from year to year. Some real good years you may be up 40%, in a real bad year you may be down 30%. The 10% figure is only a long term average.

The stock market has averaged 9.9% since 1926. See the link below.

Ken asks…

When investing in individual stocks, what are the facts i should consider?

what are the facts and data that i should consider when investing in stocks of an individual company?

financi4 answers:

The first thing is to read the financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of income), it is a bit boring but it is where you will find a lot of information.
You can find these docs on the company website or on the website of the regulator (ie SEC).
To have a better view on the relative strengthh on the companies, you can run some ratio to see if the company is properly capitalized, if the company is making money regularly, if the company is making profits…
You can look at ratio like Price earning to check if the stock is correctly evaluated.
A good book about it is Value investing for dummies, it explains the various factors to look at.

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Your Questions About Is It Good To Invest In Diamonds

James asks…

I want to be able to cut diamonds and make engagement rings from scratch. What degree do I need?

I love making jewelry for myself..but I would like to invest in some rough diamonds and gold and build my own rings and collection of jewelry. I have seen a person in back of a jewelry store who can do this. They know the art of cutting the diamond and making it. However, I wonder what degree you need and how much the equipment costs to make/do that.

Justin answers:

No degree is “needed”. There is no such thing as a jewelery making major at colleges.

Charles asks…

What is a good item to invest in on the Grand Exchange on runescape?

need to make money by investing in items. and please be truthful and tell me items that you yourself would invest in
Anyone? know a good item at all?

Justin answers:

Yews are good with a price of approx. 400+gp, sharks, lobsters are also very expensive. Diamonds can be very expensive at around 7.6k each. If you can make rune stuff then you better sell them, because they are all extremely expensive(obviously). That’s basically it…

Joseph asks…

How do you invest in diamonds?

gold – gld
silver – slv
diamonds? Freeport McMoRan? – wait – that’s gold
DeBeers stock?
Is there an ETF for diamonds?

Justin answers:

Diamonds aren’t a commodity like silver and gold. The first problem is that a diamond is priced on the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, carat weight, color) and there is a certain amount of judgment in 3 of the 4 of those. Exotic diamonds are not standardized at all so if you have a 40 carat pink diamond, the only way to know how much it’s worth is to put it up for auction (obviously there are appraisers who will give you a ball park). There are several different rating services and even within one rating service the reliability of the ratings is not 100%.

The second problem is there is no universal pricing system for diamonds. Thus, a 3 carat, VVS 1, G stone with excellent cut can vary by thousands of dollars depending on where you buy it. There are some standard guides (and if you shop for diamonds of this quality, you want one), but they are not authoritative enough that anybody would want that to be the basis for fund pricing.

Finally, everyone likes hoarding gold, but hoarding diamonds would be a travesty. Diamonds are meant to make beautiful women sparkle and locking them up in a vault and publishing a NAV is just the worst kind of gauche.

Paul asks…

What types of mutual funds are there and what goals should I have before investing in them?

For example: What type of mutual fund should I invest in for retirement (Roth IRA)?
What type of mutual fund shoud I invest in for long-term (at least ten years) savings?
What type of mutual fund should I invest in for in short-term (at least five years) savings/ income?
Thanks, all.
Also, what companies do you suggest and/or use yourself?

Justin answers:

Especially with the rise of low or limited management Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), there is enormous latitude for you. I’ve a link below with the scoreboard from is another source (but you sort of have to subscribe to get to the really good stuff, as with many other good sites for information, the good stuff costs).

One thing I commonly suggest is look into these ETFs: NY, IOO, DIA, SPY, DVY, and PXN. NY buys a basket of the stocks of the biggest (by market capitalization) on the NYSE. This way you get only the most profitable or most interesting companies when you buy that ETF.

If someone, like say Citigroup or Countrywide falls from grace and leaves the list (supposing that they have), then the fund managers sell those that no longer qualify and buy the next company in line for the given criteria and are done with it.

IOO is the 100 (yeah, a sort of pun) biggest publicly-traded international stocks. DIA (commonly called Diamonds, one of the oldest ETFs) buys a bucket full of the Dow Jones Industrials listed companies. SPY (again, one of the original ETFs) buys the Standard & Poors 500, for which you own a share of the pool of the whole 500. DVY is the Dow Jones Select dividend-paying companies. These are solid companies that consistently pay dividends, often higher than industry average rates. PXN is something I throw in because it may be the ‘next big thing’ because PXN holds the biggest players in nanotechnology. When this ball gets rolling, it will be bigger than the internet and all the big booms before it.

This is a quick and easy list that gets you all the common good stuff, and someone else cheaply keeps it current (the management fees are dirt cheap, check the site for details).

Good luck.

PS: Forgot a couple of things.

First, ETFs sell just like stocks (except you can short these ‘on the down tick’ — and if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it), so the only “load” is a normal stock sales commission.

Second, I was going to mention that a popular investing newsletter sent a tip out a while back about their ten top mutual funds (look up these symbols: CIPSX, DODFX, HFGAX, MERDX, MUHLX, OBCHX, PAXWX, PREOX, PRMSX). I did a test with a portfolio feature (I used my WSJ account for that) and right now, instead of soaring to the moon as the hype in the letter gave, my test portfolio is down over 15 percent.

This just proves two things: one, you can cheaply try out a strategy until you see a trend (or discover you are wrong) without risking the ranch by using a portfolio feature somewhere (most business news sites allow that) until you are comfortable with what you are doing, and two, it really is true when they say ‘past performance is no proof of future results’ or words to that effect. That is also why I didn’t touch on goals, the future is uncertain (for that we use diversification as a hedge, not all the eggs are in one basket), we don’t know. If you want something arithmetically certain, look at bonds (Countrywide was in excellent shape, but then so was Enron, until the picture changed, so even bonds have risk).

Thomas asks…

How much would a small diamond ring cost for my girlfriend?

I want to buy her a small diamond ring with a silver band. I just have no clue how much they are.

Justin answers:

First off, I guess it depends on whether it’s “her” small? Or “your” small? 😉

Just to give you an idea, a small (<0.50 carat weight) diamond ring with simple band will run you about $1500 – $2000. All and all, the price you pay for a band is more or less within the same range. For a simple white gold ring, it'll be about $200. For a simple platinum band, you're looking at more $700. The diamond itself is really where the price can vary depending on the quality of the diamond. A small diamond can run you anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the specs.

If you're new to the whole diamond shopping thing (congrats by the way ;)), then I would recommend you set a budget first! Diamond ring shopping can leave you with a million options so setting a budget helps narrow down the field. The second thing is to get educated. There are a lot of sites out there will information both on diamonds and on how to shop for them. A good one can be found here: The third thing is to shop! If it's going to be a surprise, I would recommend you buy online via trusted sites to get the best price (I've included a link for online reviews below). If you're buying a ring with your girlfriend, then take her to your local jeweler when you shop so that you can pick something she'll love together.

Tip: Invest in the best "diamond cut" you can afford. A good cut returns more light making the a small diamond look bigger!

Best of luck!

Daniel asks…

how would I start my own jewelry business with real gold and diamonds?

I want to start my own jewelry store, but don’t know where to buy real gold and diamonds from to start my store.

Justin answers:

Not too sure but first you’d need money to start. Then you would have to get your gold and diamonds from a supplier. After that you would need it refined and made into jewerly designs by a desinger. Then you can sell it to put you in the positive of those expense.

P.s. Probably not a good time to start a jewerly store with the economy as it is.

P.s.s You should invest in stocks while you do this because if stocks are down gold goes up (which you will have in physical possusion) and vise versa so you will awaly have a fallback for either one.


Steven asks…

What do i invest in in the stock market?

I have to do a school project and invest in 10 things in the Dow Jones Index. I want to invest in things that ultimately rise higher and higher and dont drop too much. Gain not lost. I have to be one of the top five sellers. IT HAS TO BE IN THE DOW JONES INDEX

Justin answers:

That pretty-well limits things then doesn’t it? First, the Dow Jones Indexes were essentially three: Industrials, Transportation, and Utilities. Most folks ignore the latter two these days, so I’ll stick with the Industrials. The whole bunch is available in an exchange traded fund (ETF) called Diamonds, or DIA. In the link below there is a list (scroll down) of the current “top 10 holdings”–these became more valuable than the others because of either growing bigger than the others, or, the very thing that averages are good for, the weaker ones have gotten smaller. If you will notice the note below the list, the top ten stocks represent almost half the value of the set of 30 companies. You could do worse. Good luck.

John asks…

How much does it cost to take the diamond off of an engagement ring and put onto a new band?

My girlfriend has stated that she loves her grandmas engagement ring, but I know she wants a white gold band instead. I wanted to know how much it would cost to have the diamond on her grandmas ring taken off and placed onto a new, white gold band. Thanks!

Justin answers:

Prices can vary depending on how complicated of setting you want it in. I would take it to a few different jewelers and price out different options. But honestly if she loves her grandma’s ring and you take the diamonds out and put it into a new ring it’s not really her grandma’s ring anymore. If she wants a white gold band. I would invest your money into a new ring.

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Tips For Smart Investing Produced Easy

Intelligent Investing produced easy starts with doing your background study, building your personal investment strategies and diversifying your investments. Your monetary long term depends on your smart investing or you could shed a tremendous amount of money rapidly. With correct research, a good thought out investment strategy and some help from a personal financial planner and you ought to be able to see your investment returns increase.

Study Your Investments and Options for Smart Investing Made Easy

Intelligent investing requires a lot of believed on your part, prior to you can create a technique for your investments with a personal financial planner. What investment methods make the most perception for you and your family members? What are your investment objectives, what do you want to achieve? Are you investing to put children through school? Perhaps you want to buy a new house or you are attempting to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement. You require to know the risks involved and what expenditures that might occur with that specific investment. Somebody who is about to retire is going to be a lot much more conservative in their investing design than a young person who is just starting out and does not however have a partner and kids. Using a look at personal requirements and then using the time to discover the solutions can make decision creating with a financial planner a lot much less overwhelming.

Your Personal Investment Strategy for Smart Investing

The next stage is to make a plan and construct a technique to work your plan. This is where a great financial planner with his in depth understanding can really be a big help. The financial planner can guide you to make the greatest decisions as to how greatest to invest following your requirements for risk and meeting your personal goals. It is very essential that you stay up front and honest about your danger tolerance, everyone is various.

Your personal investment technique is a road map for a lifestyle time of smart investing produced easy. Via great study, understanding what you want to achieve, environment objectives and operating with your personal monetary planner to make these investment goals attainable, you will be well on your way to financial independence. Even though you can function with a good financial planner, I think that since you are eventually in cost of your money, it is your responsibility to comprehend the mechanics of investing. Once you have discovered and mastered this, you are nicely on your way to a lifestyle time of financial freedom and opportunities.

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