Make Use of the Top 5 IPhone Financial Planning Applications

Most of the organizations and individuals are more than concerned about ways to manage the finances in an appropriate manner.  It is not possible for a business organization to ensure smooth functioning without being able to pay the necessary finances to their employees. Hence, ensuring smooth functioning of the business assumes significance in the modern days. There are a number of advantages you can expect by making use of the financial applications. A few of the benefits you can enjoy are superior quality, scalability and accomplishing business requirements.

All about CNBC Real-Time Application

It is hard to deny the role played by the financial iPhone applications with respect to the above-mentioned causes. Individuals who desire to listen to the financial news online can always opt for the CNBC Real-Time application. Apart from the CNBC Real-Time application, persons also do use the Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg Mobile. The CNBC Real-Time application goes a step ahead in ensuring that all job aspects are covered in a detailed manner.

Portfolio Live

A majority of the persons in modern days are interested in maintaining a healthy track of the investments. Persons make use of the Portfolio Live for maintaining an appropriate track of the investments. The above-mentioned iPhone financial application takes data from different sources such as the Google, Yahoo! Finance and CNBC. Hence, it offers the advantage of real-time stock prices. The financial planning application also offers real time stock of the news. The fact that customers can easily customize the profile and searches, seem quite encouraging.

MoneyBook Financial Planning Application

The MoneyBook is another application that persons concerned about financial planning make use of. This application helps to perform financial planning in a simple manner. There are a few flexible options that assist you in including notes and fixing a category. The fact that the MoneyBook financial planning application boast of options, that enable to export the finances, sounds appealing. You can also ensure password protection of the items you do not desire other individuals to view.

ShoeBoxed Application

The ShoeBoxed is the other application that assists you in saving receipts. Persons who are more than concerned about the financial aspects can use this financial planning application. It is a matter of fact worth mentioning that with the help of this iPhone application, you can easily take a picture of your receipt. The ShoeBoxed application collects and necessary information and includes the same to the expense reports. A person can always email and export the collected information in different formats such as PDF, CSV and XL8 files.

Expenditure iPhone Application

The expenditure is the other iPhone application that helps to easily include new and innovative transactions. There is a range of exciting features you can associate with this application. With the aid of this financial planning application, you can easily take photos and brief notes. The inclusion of a foreign currency convertor makes it possible to gain an advantage of budget while travelling. If you desire to know more about the financial planning applications, an online research can suit your requirement in an ultimate manner. The financial planning aspect will gain in the future years.

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5 Things you must never do when in debt

Picture yourself in this position; the company you worked at for the past 10 years has suddenly found itself in trouble. Before you know it, you’re facing a redundancy package and you’re looking for a new job. All the while you’ve been unable to afford even the basic essentials. The question that always comes to mind is ‘What do I do?’ Well, in this article, we’re not only going to tell you what you should do but also what you should never do. Here are 5 things that you should never do when you’re in debt:

1. DON’T pay bills with credit cards –
If you’re already struggling to pay your bills, then using credit cards or loans to pay them will only make things worse. Remember that any balance you put on a credit card will accrue interest and cost you more, meaning that you will likely end up increasing your debt!

2. DON’T ignore your bills –
Don’t just ignore the demand letters. If you do, you will likely end up getting late payment fees/charges and a higher rate of interest being charged on your account. If you talk to your lender and inform them you are in financial hardship, they may be willing to agree to a payment plan. At the very least they will know you are in difficulty and can suggest ways to deal with it.

3. DON’T take out a payday loan –
Payday loans are notorious for being part of the cycle of debt. All of them have very high interest rates and charges that kick in as soon as you miss a payment. They might seem like a quick and easy way to pay your bills during a hard month, but if you’re in financial difficulty then you will very likely be unable to afford a payday loan!

4. DON’T rob Peter to pay Paul –
When you have serious debt and overdue payments, it often seems like a good idea to move money around from one source to pay another. This is rarely a good idea and is often a never ending cycle; if there simply isn’t enough coming in, you can’t manage to pay everyone.

5. DON’T bury your head in the sand –
Most people in debt say they wish they had done something sooner but the majority of them don’t. The problem is that if you aren’t dealing with your debt, it won’t get any smaller; it will only ever increase.

So what should you do when you get into debt? It’s very simple; get expert advice. Debt advice from Your Debt Expert is free and confidential, and easy to get, but the most important thing to do when you find yourself in the situation is speak to someone about it. An expert will give you the right information about how to go about dealing with your debts and is legally obliged to give you the correct advice.

For more Debt news and advice follow Peter Dean on Twitter – @your_debtexpert

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Are There Still Safe Investments For The Investor?

When the term ‘investment’ is used, people instantly think of making money or appreciating their capital. This is usually done by the use of some form of strategy or philosophy which is used to appreciate the value of a capital asset. It is normally considered somewhat different from ‘trading’, which while it has the same objective of making a financial return, does not involve ever owning the asset in question. Instead when trading you are simply speculating on the price movement of the asset over a set period. For this reason markets such as the Foreign Exchange are seen much more of a speculative market than one for investment in the truest form of the meaning.

The recent turbulence that the financial markets has shaken many people’s belief in traditional investment approaches. Many have seen their holdings of Stocks and bonds decimated and so called ‘lower’ risks investments hit hard. In many cases the damage done will take many years to undo.

With this backdrop it is now increasingly the case that currency trading is being seen as a more respected form of ‘investment’ than it has been previously. Increasingly people are looking to this market as they take their financial future into their own hands and try to seek out the best markets from which to earn a return. As many are already facing losses on other assets they hold, the high risks associated with Forex trading look increasingly like a risk they are willing to take in pursuit of high returns.

The reality is that when looking at the investment options open to an individual in the current economic climate, there is very little that looks secure in the financial markets. More importantly there are many assets where the risks in relation to the potential profits on offer look weak. Precious metals are perhaps one of the few ‘safe haven’ type investments that people should be looking at in these times. However even these have a high level of volatility that make timing the market essential in order to protect your capital.

While the risks associated with trading are high, there is also a great potential to earn profits. It is this attraction which has drawn traders into this form of trading. However there is a big problem with this. Most are not well versed in exactly how risky these markets can be. The truth is that the currency markets are perhaps some of the most volatile markets that you can trade. While vast profits can be made, most traders will not make money, even when controlling their risks through using a binary options broker.

Finding safe investments is not easy  and it is simple to look for new investment opportunities and to be dazzled by the high potential gains on offer. However as with any form of investment, you need to be well educated in the risks that exist to your capital before you consider parting with your money. Don’t simply start to throw money at market simply because of the potential. You need to make sure you balance your risk approach and spend time educating yourself about the ways in which you can make a return from this market.

This article come from contributor Vernon Lees. Vernon is a financial writer, trader and founder of

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Extension Report: Free Smart Investing Class To Be Offered At Sibley Library

Extension Report: Free Smart Investing Class To Be Offered At Sibley Library

Extension educators, specialists, and volunteers live and work in all 99 Iowa counties. We recently spoke with Extension educator Jan Burk, who told us about a free class called “Smart Investing At Your Library” coming up in Sibley in January. Print
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Mel Pirchesky marks milestone in private equity investing

Mel Pirchesky marks milestone in private equity investing

By investing $3 million in Wright Therapy Products Inc. in early December, Shadyside-based Eagle Ventures Inc. reached a money-raising milestone. “It takes me over $90 million over 25 years,” Eagle Ventures CEO Mel Pirchesky said. “All except for
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1 Admittedly Squishy Investing Metric I Just Love

1 Admittedly Squishy Investing Metric I Just Love

People often have a hard time saying "sorry," don't they? That one little word — so fraught with weight, meaning, and of course, responsibility — is hard enough for the average person who's cut in front of you in a parking lot to utter, let alone the
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