Millionaires Are Returning To The Stock Market [SURVEY]

Millionaires Are Returning To The Stock Market [SURVEY]

The share of millionaires planning to investing in stocks this year rose to 55 percent, up 10 percent from 2010, according to a survey of 1,450 millionaires by SpectremGroup. That's a nice increase, but it doesn't mean they're bullish on the economy.
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Your Questions About Disadvantages Investing Gold

George asks…

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the following investing types?

Gold investing, ISA’s and Bonds.

What are the disadvantages and advantages?

Justin answers:

Gold-inflation/currency hedge
ISA-Tax sheltered
Bonds-fixed income, usually redeemable (capital returned on expiry). Can be ISA’d

Gold-No income
ISA-Administrative expense, Need to be taxpayer (at least standard rate), need to invest for several years to build up a worthwhile fund. Not sheltered from IHT.
Bonds, Not much capital appreciation, Possible capital loss when interest rates rising.

Mark asks…

What are advantages and disadvantages of market economy?

What are advantages and disadvantages of market economy?

Justin answers:

Silver and gold are a double edge sword. On one side when the dollar is strong, the precious metals go down in value (you can buy more) and on the other side when the dollar is weak, precious metals go up in value (you get more money when you sell them)

If you use this knowledge correctly, you can make a good amount of money tax free.

Also, by investing in precious metals, you are not risking your money in companies that could go bankrupt.

James asks…

Which would be best for investing bars or coins?

I know silver coins are only 90% and bars are 99.9%. Is there a reason people prefer coins when it has less silver? Should I get coins or just focus on bars? If we enter hyper inflation, which would be better?

Justin answers:

Some coins are actually 99.9%. They are normally minted by the government mints in 1 oz weight. The main disadvantage to them is that they sell at a pretty healthy premium to melt–maybe $5.00 an ounce. Now pre 64 coins sometimes sell at exactly melt value or very close. I have seen them on Ebay occasionally sell at just about melt. They have one interesting advantage. If world economies come crashing down and paper money is no longer trusted, those pre 64 silver coins will be accepted in exchange where other things might be difficult to exchange. There was a time in the US when the government sold land at about 50 cents an acre back in the early 1800s. The only thing was that they would accept only gold for it. They would not accept the paper that they printed as legal tender. So if you wanted to buy land you had to first convert your paper to gold. Guess what? It could be converted only at a very steep discount. Something like 2 or 3 to 1. Seems like that time is here again. Except now it is of the order of 50 to 1.

Richard asks…

What are the pros and cons of investing in precious metals and gems?

Justin answers:

The biggest disadvantage is that they have a very difficult time keeping up with inflation because they are static assets, they don’t produce anything. Don’t believe the ads you hear trying to sell this stuff because they pick and choose the time frame to make it look better than it really is over the long run.

Another disadvantage is they are not very liquid, and you have to be very careful about getting ripped off both on the buy and sell end.

I’m hard pressed to think of an advantage, other than for gold and silver which would do well in a calamity situation. Personally I own the ETF symbol GLD which tracks gold and is supported in full by actual gold stocks.

Robert asks…

What free Online RPG has the best pet system?

I love playing rpg games such as Ragnarok, Ether Saga, and Flyff…but I would really love a game that would be something more like Pokemon where you could get your pets really involved.
Thank you, I appreciate any suggestions.

Justin answers:

Have you played Ether Saga? If you haven’t it’s the closest thing I can think to Pokemon (the Chinese name for ESO is actually Pocket Xiyou, makes you think of Pokemon already …)

ESO is famous for its complicated pet system. Owning a pet in ESO isn’t as hard as other MMOs as well, where you have to invest heavily in cash shop. In ESO:

1 – Practically every mob you encounter can be captured and tamed, as an ever-lasting and fully customisable pet.
2 – There’s 9 species of pet overall in ESO, each have it’s advantages and disadvantages against other species. Use the advantages strategically to defeat mobs that are at the disadvantage.
3 – Each pet have its own growth speeds, sets of stats, element (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), and special skills only this pet can evolve as it levels.
4 – You can buy from NPCs or make your own “bells” which can strengthen pet stats when worn. Also pet skills can be bought for your pet to have an edge. There’s also potions to make pets forget skills to make room for new ones. Normally pets have 2 skill slots, but through pet alchemy more slots can be added.
5 – Pets can morph with you to combine stats and when hit the pet takes half the dmg. Pet alchemy (involve two lv30 or above pet) can strengthen your pet’s stats greatly.
6 – Sometimes mobs drop morph cards, allow you to use to transform into that type of animal and use this advantage strategically as well.
7 – Last but not least, there are mount pets as well, there’s massive, fluffy bunnies and lions, fast horses when evolved can be ridden while battle. While in the air fly griffins to giant birds that carry you on a perch, to fly everywhere.

The pet system is a needed part for everyday levelling, and players set up stalls to sell pets everywhere. Owning a pet is no longer for the wealthy in MMOs 😉

Hope it helps!

Ken asks…

The Federal Reserve can change the Money Supply whenever it wants to 100 years ago there was a Gold Standard–

The Federal Reserve can change the Money Supply whenever it wants to 100 years ago there was a Gold Standard— Money could only expend when more gold came into the country. What are the advantages or disatvantages of both polivies?

Justin answers:

Virtually every industrialized nation was once on the gold standard at one time and abandon it as impractical. Going back to the Gold Standard seems so alluring but it is worthy of studying the history on it before proclaiming an opinion.

On a macro-economic level:

If your country is on the gold standard, and another country is not, your country is on a distinct disadvantage. Other countries can demand and expect payment in gold. So the gold dwindles which essentially reducing your country’s money supply causing economic contraction.

Constrast that to fiat money for foreign trade. It can expand as your ability to create new products and services expand. As your currency flows overseas, it can really only be used to buy goods and services from your country (unlike gold which is universally acceptable). So, in theory, a trade deficit in currency means other countries have lots of your currency to buy your goods.

On a micro-economic level:

Fiat currency is much better for stimulating economic activity.

Let’s say you had a $100 gold coin that will retain it’s value forever. And a $100 bill where inflation is going to reduce it’s value 2% every year.

Which one are you going to spend or invest? The $100 bill, of course. It’s the rational decision. And the person you buy or invest with will do the same thing.

In a typical year, $100 in currency will generate $700-$800 in economic activity. With each transaction, someone is gaining product and services and the aggregate far exceeds the face value of the $100 currency.

How much economic activity does a $100 gold coin sitting in a drawer bring? None. Zero. Zilch.

Bottom line:

– Gold: has instrinsic material value so there is less motivation to spend or invest

– Fiat currency: Only has value as a medium of exchange so prompts spending and investing

John asks…

A Question for Precious Metal Investors?

I’m kind of new at this precious metals thing, but I know the difference between bullion and numismatic coins. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of collecting both. . .or just one kind, i.e., bullion? Do numismatic coins need to be graded in order to sell for any kind of profit? I have done a lot of research and have come up with so many differing viewpoints. . . I am getting confused. Is there a real battleplan I can follow, or do I just need to go with my gut feeling?
I think I failed to make this clear. I have a diversified protfolio (yes, some in real estate) but my question was for precious metal experts. I’m just trying to get as much info as I can regarding this new venture.

Justin answers:

Coins have value above their gold-silver content. They are collectable. Bullion has value relative to the price of gold – silver. You need to be sure you are getting high qualitity stamped bars. Investing in ETF (GLD) allows you to play gold without taking possesion.
I invest in the mining stocks CDE NEM SLW has a lot of information and sells precious metals. The Yahoo message boards for the symbols I listed have lots of discussion about buying physical gold
Good luck

Joseph asks…

Where should I invest my money?

hello all.. m working in dubai and i want to invest my savings somewhr.. but I m quite confused abt whr to invest.. I think commodities trading is good.. Please advice.

Justin answers:

Commodities can provide healthy investment returns. From gold to oil to food – follow our guides and latest prices to dig up the profits
gold bars

When it comes to natural resources, oil remains one of the most hunted assets on the planet.

Meanwhile the price of gold has soared from $252 per troy ounce in July 1999 to recent highs of nearly $1,600, making it an important part of a diverse investment portfolio.

Historically, agriculture has not been the easiest place for small investors to access, but this is fast changing.

Recently, wheat, grain, soybeans, corn and even livestock have become such a hot topic that investment houses and fund providers have been launching investment vehicles to satisfy investors’ appetite for food related investing.

A popular way to invest in commodities is through a futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell in the future a specific quantity of a commodity at a specific price.Futures are available on commodities such as crude oil, gold and natural gas, as well as agricultural products such as cattle or corn.


It’s a pure play on the underlying commodity.
Leverage allows for big profits if you are on the right side of the trade.
Minimum-deposit accounts control full-size contracts you would normally not be able to afford.
You can go long or short easily.


The futures markets can be very volatile and direct investment in these markets can be very risky, especially for inexperienced investors.
Leverage magnifies both gains and losses.
A trade can go against you quickly and you could lose your initial deposit and more before you are able to close your position.

Thomas asks…

Benefits of being signed to a major record label?

Advantages and disadvantages

Justin answers:

There are a few advantages of being signed to a major label such as broad distribution, more resources and funding, and of course, the bragging rights of being signed to a major company.

However, all that glitters is not gold. Not every Artist signed to a major label receives full label backing. In fact, some even learn the hard way that Artists signed to a major can actually receive no label support a all.

How major labels work: Major labels use a “fish net” method of signing artists. What his means is that they sign a bulk load of Artists and pin them against each other to weed out the Artists that might be successful from those the label will ultimately drop from their roster. Every major label has both Priority and Non-Priority Artists. The Priority Artists are the superstars of the label; i.e those that everyone knows whom sell millions of records. These Artists receive full label backing. Then there are the Non-Priority Artists. These are the Artists whom are new to the label which may require development. The label invests very little into these Artists until they show signs of growth. This is actually why it’s wise for an Artist to have good management prior to being signed. Ultimately, the goal of a Non-Priority Artist is to reach the status of Priority before they are bumped from the label.

Once an Artist is bumped from a major, it is rare for that Artist to be picked up by another major again. However, there have been a few Artists whom have been bumped from a major whom have been picked up by an independent whom have had greater success. One Artist that comes to mind is 50-Cent. Just goes to show that major does not always mean better.

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ECONOMY: The high cost of not investing

ECONOMY: The high cost of not investing

But a study released Tuesday by the American Society of Civil Engineers served as a reminder that “spending” and “investing are two different things, even though it involves the government writing the same check. As reported in Transport Topics, a
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Your Questions About Financing Film Uk

Ken asks…

Recommend a film similar to Wall Street but with UK setting?

Maybe based on Fleet Street / City / Canary Wharf? With business / finance background.

Preferred, but not necessarily limited to UK, any similar type of films will do.


financi4 answers:

Wall Street 2 is getting released in 2010, with Michael Douglas back as Gordon Gekko. ”Such Heroic Nonsense” has got a reccommedation for you.

Donald asks…

UK student seeking funding for New York Film academy?

Hi I left sixth form in september and they didn’t teach us anything about student finance. I’m finding it hard to find what I need, I cant even find where I need to apply because the directgov site is so vague.
I’m trying to get a loan to go to the new york film academy for a year. Has anybody else done the same?
I contacted the NYFA and they sent me to directgov. Apparently the NYFA offer a loan of some sort but you have to be accepted before you can find out if you’re applicable. trouble is you have to show some way of being able to pay for the course before they let you onto the books. and I cant find finance info on applying to a US uni…

so I’ve come here, Can someone can point me in the right direction?

financi4 answers:

NYFA asks that you email and explain your situation. Each student and their financial aid process is different. We will help you!

John asks…


I asked this question a while back know. 

But this time I have a bigger idea of what sort of job I would like to do. 

I live in the UK, and would love to work and live in America. 

I am 16 at the moment, And plan to make a move at around 21/22 years of age. It might be a big age difference but I want to know that I have a plan for the future. I might go to University, but the question is would I need to in order to get a job of in America?

I do Finance, Film Studies & Interactive Media (Computer Design) at school in Six Form (College).

I would like to be either an Accountant or something to do with Media & Computer Design.

I want to live and breath in the east of America as I find it more interesting on that side. (Sorry westerners). 

My question is what sort of company would want to hire someone like me to work for them? (Be specific if possible).

Also what would I do for a visa so I can legally stay in America? And what type would I need (if there are type’s).

Thanks for anyone who answers! 

financi4 answers:

Jobs aren’t what you think here. So i can’t imagine what things will be like 6yrs from now (when you turn 22yrs old)

Charles asks…

Which University is better for Accounting And finance Degree ? In London – Uk / Sandwich / Salary / money?

Dear sir/madam,
I am a student and have to apply for a uni. I can go to these universities from my home. What uni is the Best one among these unis?

1) Brunel
2) Kingston
3) Kent
4) London south Bank
6) London Metropolitan
7) Greenwich
8) Hertfordshire university
9) Univerisity of East London

Another Question pls – What type is bettter? A full time 3 year Accounting Degree course or 4 Year Sandwich Course Degree Course ? All i want to become a Chartered accountant quickly n earn some good money. Cuz i want to direct a film in sri lanka. i need about £ 50 k for that. so thats y i have chosen to do Accounting. How much a newly graduated accountant earn per year ?

Thanks very much
Have a nice day.
James bond ( sri lankan )

financi4 answers:

Contact your local Information Advice Guidance worker – you can find their details at the library or your local prospects office.

They will be able to answer all of your questions accurately

Good luck

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TheStreet: iPhone 4S Savings, Budget Collectibles, Investing Myths

TheStreet: iPhone 4S Savings, Budget Collectibles, Investing Myths

TheStreet: iPhone 4S Savings, Budget Collectibles, Investing Myths. Published: Friday, August 10, 2012. Here are some of the stories making news in today's report from The Street, a leading financial news and information site: How to Save $50 on the
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Make 2013 a year of investing dangerously – MarketWatch

Make 2013 a year of investing dangerously – MarketWatch

ReutersNEW YORK (MarketWatch) — In 2011 every major stock market in the world was down, except one: the U.S., which eked out a gain of less than 1%.…/36403144_1_emerging-markets-s…

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