Forex – GBP/USD edges higher; London closed for Boxing Day

Forex – GBP/USD edges higher; London closed for Boxing Day – The pound edged modestly higher against the U.S. dollar in light trade on Wednesday, but gains were capped amid a lack of fresh cues, as financial markets in London remained closed for the Christmas break. GBP/USD hit 1.6138 during
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MI Exchange Blog Post: Organizing Approaches to Mission Investing …

MI Exchange Blog Post: Organizing Approaches to Mission Investing …

There are any numbers of ways to organize approaches to mission investing. Much of the conversation over the past few years has focused on endowment management practices – how to build investment policies, integratemission
Initiative for Responsible Investment

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Your Questions About Stocks And Bonds

Steven asks…

What are the similarities and difference between stocks and bonds?

financi4 answers:


Stock is a piece of the value of the company. Part ownership.

Bond is a debt instrument…the company owes you money.

Similarity: if the company does well you make money either because the total value (including the value of your piece) of the company goes up, or because they pay back the bond with interest.

Ken asks…

How do I get into investments/trading, stocks and bonds?

How do I get in on it on a personal level. I don’t want to work for a firm just to do it privately.

How does it work?

financi4 answers:

First, take 6 months in learning about stocks and trying it out with fake money in a stimulation web site like Yahoo! Finance.

The stocks you want to focus on is consumer staples, consumer discretionary, and healthcare. These are DEFENSIVE stocks that will survive through good and bad times. Most of my positions are in these stocks. Some names include 3M, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Costco. Everybody’s got to eat and wipe their butts regardless of the state of economy. Many of these companies survived through the Great Depression.

That’s the benefits. You can sleep at night knowing your money is doing well. There are NO guarantees that you won’t lose money. It’s just that these stocks are the best. They pay good dividends too.

If you’re new to stocks, DON’T DAY TRADE. You’ll a rookie in a world of professionals. I tried day-trading with Citigroup and AIG when they were a little bit over $1. I had some luck at first, making about $30 a day but I was way over my head. My luck didn’t last long and I had to rethink my strategy.

Besides you can’t do much with $100 in the market. Day trading involves A LOT of commissions to the broker. With all the commissions deducted from each trade, you’ll be lucky if you only lose half your money.

I would just day trade using Yahoo! Finance. Open a stimulation account, give yourself $100 worth of fake money and play it in the stimulation format. You’ll see what I mean by losing money every easily.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

I have $20,000 in savings and I want to invest in stocks and bonds. How and where do I start?

financi4 answers:

Get a broker

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The Stock Market, Venture Capital and Angel Investing…All …

The Stock Market, Venture Capital and Angel Investing…All …

From my years of investing across asset classes I know that everything is connected. Today we are armed with data sources that did not exist before which helps…

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Warning Signs of Debt

You don’t have to run a poll asking all your friends and family to know what debt truly means. Regardless of your financial situation and your mindset towards spending or saving, debt remains to be the one thing we desperately want no part of, and yet surprisingly it is the one that that clings to us – or us to it – as if it were an organic part of our lives. Debt, in excess, is something that is truly worrisome as it can severely limit your capability to take control of your financial future so learning to be familiar with the warning signs of way too much debt can help you be more informed about its hold in your life. 

It doesn’t take a personal finance expert to spot these warning signs. Take the time to assess your current financial situation and watch out for these sure signs of debt that can drag you under if left unresolved. 

  • You’re using one credit card to pay off debt from another credit card. Credit cards are valuable assets that you can take advantage of to secure deals, discounts, and promotions but when you regularly use it to pay for debt from another card, then you are in serious trouble. The day you find yourself in a vicious cycle of credit card debt roulette is the day you need to accept that you are in a serious debt problem and you need help to get out of it.

  • You get charged with late payment fees. Paying your debts in-time helps you avoid late fees which are another form of extra expense. If you’ve been hit by late payment fees left and right, it only means that you have been missing your payment deadlines presumably because you are having a hard time settling your debts. This can be indicative of a bigger problem such as your inability to balance your earnings and savings so as to make sure all debts are duly covered in time.

  • You’re salary barely makes it through a day or two before you are forced to rely on credit to help you make it through another payday cycle. This situation indicates that you are spending your salary in advance instead of using it to actively take care of your needs within the period. Falling into this cycle implies a serious financial problem that you need to immediately deal with before it balloons into debt that you can no longer settle. 

Be wary of the warning signs of debt. Pay attention to your financial situation and constantly assess your standing so you can take the necessary steps, or even ask for help, if you have determined that your financial position is already leading you to debt. Everyone has the right and responsibility to actively seek financial independence and this effort begins with being aware of the warning signs of debt. You would certainly do well to heed it. 

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