Your Questions About Invest In Gold Online

George asks…

I hear land in Africa is cheap..especially in Nigeria,,, with gold and oil..?

Can i buy some property from Africa online??? If anyone knows of any website with such info go ahead and email me..I want to invest in Africa…I want to have Oil fields like some Nigerians..

financi4 answers:

Yes you definitely can. I can help you make a purchase of 50 acres of Nigerian oil fields for $50 million. Please send a check payable to Master Tong.

David asks…

investing funds into new fuels?

I’ve never invested before, and know essentially nothing about the stock market, its trends, its life, etc. Who, where, when, etc should i go to for direction into investing into new fuels such as bio-fuels….ethanol,algae, bio-diesel, etc. Would that same person, preferably a real face to face intersaction rather than an online organization, be able to invest my funds in gold, or salt, or water, or mr.kims dim sum shop, etc. just need a lil bit of advice thats all.

financi4 answers:

If the advice you needed were that little, you’d be able to get it for yourself without asking for help. The truth is that you have no basis for decision-making at this juncture. When people try to make little of the task at hand, they’re usually in denial. When people put their cash in front of a horse named “Denial,” they will ALWAYS lose it. There are too many thieves out there who are unscrupulous and won’t hesitate to take advantage of you.

I’m a professional l energy trader. I work at this six days a week, sometimes seven. I love it, not because I make a pretty good living but because I find it exciting. It moves quickly, the threat of geopolitical intervention is always there in the form of one crisis or another. Nobody should invest in new fuels without intimate knowledge of what those fuels are, how they work, who has the money to support investment initiative and what government connections are in place to give a hint as to future opportunities for the fuel and its supply companies.

There are scores of places and people you can hand your money over to but I wouldn’t recommend a single one. The only way to make money in this is by managing your investments on your own and using your own talents and thirst for knowledge. Anything less is a pure crap shoot.

Allow me to suggest you Google: modern day fuels, biomass fuels, solar energy applications, oil and natural gas solids/equivalents and “organic rankine” systems. You will quickly gain an understanding of the lay of the land and find yourself learning precisely the things you need—BEFORE investing.

Good luck!

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Steven Anderson: Don't let fears hold you back from investing in equities

Steven Anderson: Don't let fears hold you back from investing in equities

For the past few years, many investors have fled the stock market. Their flight might have been ill-advised, and you could benefit from their experience. Just how significant has the equities exodus been? Consider this: U.S. equity mutual funds
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Your Questions About Investing In Stocks

Joseph asks…

How can you make money by investing in stocks?

I don’t really understand how stocks work and I was just wondering if you can get money investing. Just the fundamentals of how much money you invest and how much you get back.

financi4 answers:

Yes you can make money investing. As outlined by the other “answerers” you can buy shares of a company at a certain price, and, as time goes on, and the company earns more money, “theoretically” the value of those share will go up. On-line brokerages will typically open an account for as little as $500. The amount you invest and get back can vary greatly depending on the company you invest in. My advice would be to open a “practice” account for 6 months with an on-line brokerage to get a feel for it. During that time you can save up some money and if you decide it is for you, you’ll have a better grasp on the particulars.

Use to research the companies you are interested in investing in.

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The Motley Fool: Every Sunday, useful tips on investing

The Motley Fool: Every Sunday, useful tips on investing

A: Nope. Those with no children, no house and no debt might consider skipping it — for now. Think of insurance as protection against a financial loss, not as an investment. (There are, after all, more effective ways to invest.) If a partner or
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Your Questions About Purchased Songs Not Playing On Iphone 4s

Thomas asks…

Why Is My iPhone 4S on the Fritz?

Normally, I can fix my own iPhone-related problems, but lately, my phone has been acting up and I don’t really want to restore it if I don’t have to. It is very time-consuming, as I’m sure most of you out there know.

Anyway, I have an iPhone 4S 64gb. It has been running slowly, shutting off and/or restarting itself, not playing songs I’ve recently purchased on it, repeatedly skipping songs and playing whatever it wants whenever it wants, and apps crash constantly (even standard apps that come with the phone). It has 3.7 gigs of free space, so I don’t think “fullness” is the case… If anyone has any suggestions, other than taking it into the Apple store or buying a new phone, it would be much appreciated!

Should I just restore it? Or perhaps my software has a bug? Restoring from backup might put the bug back on there. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m open to hear some thoughts/suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

Justin answers:

I think I would reset it back to factory … Always worth a try before spending money to get it fixed.

Chris asks…

i need help downloading music onto my iphone!!?

can someone give me step by step instructions on how to download music on my iphone 4s.this is my first time and i dont know what to do!

Justin answers:

Every iphone/ipod comes with the free app of itunes!! Normally its blue!(: click on that!! This will take you to the itunes store!!(: go to the search bar at itunes store and type your favorite song! Your song/ songs that have similar titles will pop up!! Now.. If you have a favorite artist, you can type their name in the search box also!(: it will come up with the various songs that artist sings!!(: you can preview the song by pressing the play button!! If you would like to purchase the song press purchase!(: you can also buy movies/ tv shows/ and games for your I phone!!(: check out the games!!(: they are sooooO much fun!!(:! I hope I helped!!(: xoxoxo

John asks…

What is iTunes match?

I just got my new iPhone 4s and there is a section under settings…iTunes… iTunes match. I have no idea what it is ok what it does.

Also my iPhone had downloaded all my music from the MacBook… Including those I do not have selected so it is taking up more space than I need or want.

Thank you for your help!!!!

Justin answers:

Thats exactly why i don’t like iphone because of these stupid AUTOMATIC things.anyways here is what apple website says about itunes match

If you want the benefits of iTunes in the Cloud for music you haven’t purchased from iTunes, iTunes Match is the perfect solution. It’s built right into the iTunes app on your Mac or PC and the Music app on your iOS devices. And it lets you store your entire collection, including music you’ve imported from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes. For just $24.99 a year.2

Here’s how it works: iTunes determines which songs in your collection are available in the iTunes Store. Any music with a match is automatically added to your iCloud library. Since there are more than 20 million songs in the iTunes Store, most of your music is probably already in iCloud. All you have to upload is what iTunes can’t match. Which is much faster than starting from scratch. Once your music is in iCloud, you can stream and store it on any of your devices. Even better, all the music iTunes matches plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality.

Michael asks…

Iphone itunes help, stupid questions?

I opened my itunes, bought 2 songs and now i cant get back to the library, im stuck in the store, ive hit the home button, turned off my phone and back on, but everytime i open itunes im in the store, how do i close the store? Have an iphone 4s

Justin answers:

More>downloads>purchase>ok>tap to play the song or tap playlist

James asks…

iTunes users and Music Lovers I NEED SOME HELP!<?

Ive been using itunes for a month now (just got my new iphone 4s) and i noticed that not ALL the music of a certain artist is available in iTunes. like this for example, a song called O-type by the sneaker pimps (its a rare song) but its not in itunes!? 🙁 also some of there other not so rare singles arent available either! And its not just Sneaker Pimps i also couldnt find music from regina spektor, and St. vincent. So is there a way for me to download these songs legally somewhere else? like a different kind of iTunes-like website? or maybe another way? 🙁

Justin answers:

You can use google play, they allow you to download purchased material to iTunes. You can always burn music on rw-cd and import into iTunes.

Steven asks…

Songs won’t play on iPhone 4S?

Hey guys. So I’m having a problem with my iPhone. A couple songs out of the ones i have will not play. Some will not play at all while others while selected skip to the next song in the order. Of coarse this is happening to some of my favorite songs, so please tell me how i could fix this problem. Thanks.

Also, my phone is jailbroken on IOS 5.1.1

Justin answers:

This happened to me but my phones not jailbroken…. I just went to itunes, clicked more, clicked purchased, clicked not on this phone and clicked the songs that werent playing to redownload them… Worked for me

Robert asks…

ITunes songs won’t sync!?

So, my iPhone 4s decided it wouldn’t play some of the songs I bought on the iTunes store last week; they were still there but the clock would just stay in 0:00.
I thought I’d delete the songs directly from the iphone and then resync it but now it’s as if I never bought the songs at all. They’re still in my library under the tab of songs I’ve purchased; on the iTunes app, they appear with an iCloud sign next to them, which, I’m guessing, means I have to buy them again, since I don’t use iCloud.
How can I get my songs back???
I tried the cloud icon and got one of the songs back…after iTunes charged me for it again :S
Any other suggestions?

Justin answers:

No, the cloud does not mean you are buying the music again. It means you own it and it is stored in the cloud rather than downloaded onto your computer.
Tap the cloud and the music will download instantly.

The cloud is free as long (as you don’t need to buy extra storage).
Since you have an iPhone there is no reason NOT to use the cloud.
Use it and get access to all the music you ever bought on your iTunes account any time, anywhere.

The cloud can be accessed from the computer or directly from your phone.
Sign up should be easy.

In the past there were frequent complaints over music or movies that wouldn’t download directly to a device. Not a problem if you can sync to your home computer, but a big problem if you were traveling. The Cloud was the solution. There is no such thing as lost media if you use the cloud.

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