Your Questions About Is It Good To Invest In Diamonds

James asks…

I want to be able to cut diamonds and make engagement rings from scratch. What degree do I need?

I love making jewelry for myself..but I would like to invest in some rough diamonds and gold and build my own rings and collection of jewelry. I have seen a person in back of a jewelry store who can do this. They know the art of cutting the diamond and making it. However, I wonder what degree you need and how much the equipment costs to make/do that.

Justin answers:

No degree is “needed”. There is no such thing as a jewelery making major at colleges.

Charles asks…

What is a good item to invest in on the Grand Exchange on runescape?

need to make money by investing in items. and please be truthful and tell me items that you yourself would invest in
Anyone? know a good item at all?

Justin answers:

Yews are good with a price of approx. 400+gp, sharks, lobsters are also very expensive. Diamonds can be very expensive at around 7.6k each. If you can make rune stuff then you better sell them, because they are all extremely expensive(obviously). That’s basically it…

Joseph asks…

How do you invest in diamonds?

gold – gld
silver – slv
diamonds? Freeport McMoRan? – wait – that’s gold
DeBeers stock?
Is there an ETF for diamonds?

Justin answers:

Diamonds aren’t a commodity like silver and gold. The first problem is that a diamond is priced on the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, carat weight, color) and there is a certain amount of judgment in 3 of the 4 of those. Exotic diamonds are not standardized at all so if you have a 40 carat pink diamond, the only way to know how much it’s worth is to put it up for auction (obviously there are appraisers who will give you a ball park). There are several different rating services and even within one rating service the reliability of the ratings is not 100%.

The second problem is there is no universal pricing system for diamonds. Thus, a 3 carat, VVS 1, G stone with excellent cut can vary by thousands of dollars depending on where you buy it. There are some standard guides (and if you shop for diamonds of this quality, you want one), but they are not authoritative enough that anybody would want that to be the basis for fund pricing.

Finally, everyone likes hoarding gold, but hoarding diamonds would be a travesty. Diamonds are meant to make beautiful women sparkle and locking them up in a vault and publishing a NAV is just the worst kind of gauche.

Paul asks…

What types of mutual funds are there and what goals should I have before investing in them?

For example: What type of mutual fund should I invest in for retirement (Roth IRA)?
What type of mutual fund shoud I invest in for long-term (at least ten years) savings?
What type of mutual fund should I invest in for in short-term (at least five years) savings/ income?
Thanks, all.
Also, what companies do you suggest and/or use yourself?

Justin answers:

Especially with the rise of low or limited management Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), there is enormous latitude for you. I’ve a link below with the scoreboard from is another source (but you sort of have to subscribe to get to the really good stuff, as with many other good sites for information, the good stuff costs).

One thing I commonly suggest is look into these ETFs: NY, IOO, DIA, SPY, DVY, and PXN. NY buys a basket of the stocks of the biggest (by market capitalization) on the NYSE. This way you get only the most profitable or most interesting companies when you buy that ETF.

If someone, like say Citigroup or Countrywide falls from grace and leaves the list (supposing that they have), then the fund managers sell those that no longer qualify and buy the next company in line for the given criteria and are done with it.

IOO is the 100 (yeah, a sort of pun) biggest publicly-traded international stocks. DIA (commonly called Diamonds, one of the oldest ETFs) buys a bucket full of the Dow Jones Industrials listed companies. SPY (again, one of the original ETFs) buys the Standard & Poors 500, for which you own a share of the pool of the whole 500. DVY is the Dow Jones Select dividend-paying companies. These are solid companies that consistently pay dividends, often higher than industry average rates. PXN is something I throw in because it may be the ‘next big thing’ because PXN holds the biggest players in nanotechnology. When this ball gets rolling, it will be bigger than the internet and all the big booms before it.

This is a quick and easy list that gets you all the common good stuff, and someone else cheaply keeps it current (the management fees are dirt cheap, check the site for details).

Good luck.

PS: Forgot a couple of things.

First, ETFs sell just like stocks (except you can short these ‘on the down tick’ — and if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it), so the only “load” is a normal stock sales commission.

Second, I was going to mention that a popular investing newsletter sent a tip out a while back about their ten top mutual funds (look up these symbols: CIPSX, DODFX, HFGAX, MERDX, MUHLX, OBCHX, PAXWX, PREOX, PRMSX). I did a test with a portfolio feature (I used my WSJ account for that) and right now, instead of soaring to the moon as the hype in the letter gave, my test portfolio is down over 15 percent.

This just proves two things: one, you can cheaply try out a strategy until you see a trend (or discover you are wrong) without risking the ranch by using a portfolio feature somewhere (most business news sites allow that) until you are comfortable with what you are doing, and two, it really is true when they say ‘past performance is no proof of future results’ or words to that effect. That is also why I didn’t touch on goals, the future is uncertain (for that we use diversification as a hedge, not all the eggs are in one basket), we don’t know. If you want something arithmetically certain, look at bonds (Countrywide was in excellent shape, but then so was Enron, until the picture changed, so even bonds have risk).

Thomas asks…

How much would a small diamond ring cost for my girlfriend?

I want to buy her a small diamond ring with a silver band. I just have no clue how much they are.

Justin answers:

First off, I guess it depends on whether it’s “her” small? Or “your” small? 😉

Just to give you an idea, a small (<0.50 carat weight) diamond ring with simple band will run you about $1500 – $2000. All and all, the price you pay for a band is more or less within the same range. For a simple white gold ring, it'll be about $200. For a simple platinum band, you're looking at more $700. The diamond itself is really where the price can vary depending on the quality of the diamond. A small diamond can run you anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the specs.

If you're new to the whole diamond shopping thing (congrats by the way ;)), then I would recommend you set a budget first! Diamond ring shopping can leave you with a million options so setting a budget helps narrow down the field. The second thing is to get educated. There are a lot of sites out there will information both on diamonds and on how to shop for them. A good one can be found here: The third thing is to shop! If it's going to be a surprise, I would recommend you buy online via trusted sites to get the best price (I've included a link for online reviews below). If you're buying a ring with your girlfriend, then take her to your local jeweler when you shop so that you can pick something she'll love together.

Tip: Invest in the best "diamond cut" you can afford. A good cut returns more light making the a small diamond look bigger!

Best of luck!

Daniel asks…

how would I start my own jewelry business with real gold and diamonds?

I want to start my own jewelry store, but don’t know where to buy real gold and diamonds from to start my store.

Justin answers:

Not too sure but first you’d need money to start. Then you would have to get your gold and diamonds from a supplier. After that you would need it refined and made into jewerly designs by a desinger. Then you can sell it to put you in the positive of those expense.

P.s. Probably not a good time to start a jewerly store with the economy as it is.

P.s.s You should invest in stocks while you do this because if stocks are down gold goes up (which you will have in physical possusion) and vise versa so you will awaly have a fallback for either one.


Steven asks…

What do i invest in in the stock market?

I have to do a school project and invest in 10 things in the Dow Jones Index. I want to invest in things that ultimately rise higher and higher and dont drop too much. Gain not lost. I have to be one of the top five sellers. IT HAS TO BE IN THE DOW JONES INDEX

Justin answers:

That pretty-well limits things then doesn’t it? First, the Dow Jones Indexes were essentially three: Industrials, Transportation, and Utilities. Most folks ignore the latter two these days, so I’ll stick with the Industrials. The whole bunch is available in an exchange traded fund (ETF) called Diamonds, or DIA. In the link below there is a list (scroll down) of the current “top 10 holdings”–these became more valuable than the others because of either growing bigger than the others, or, the very thing that averages are good for, the weaker ones have gotten smaller. If you will notice the note below the list, the top ten stocks represent almost half the value of the set of 30 companies. You could do worse. Good luck.

John asks…

How much does it cost to take the diamond off of an engagement ring and put onto a new band?

My girlfriend has stated that she loves her grandmas engagement ring, but I know she wants a white gold band instead. I wanted to know how much it would cost to have the diamond on her grandmas ring taken off and placed onto a new, white gold band. Thanks!

Justin answers:

Prices can vary depending on how complicated of setting you want it in. I would take it to a few different jewelers and price out different options. But honestly if she loves her grandma’s ring and you take the diamonds out and put it into a new ring it’s not really her grandma’s ring anymore. If she wants a white gold band. I would invest your money into a new ring.

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Tips For Smart Investing Produced Easy

Intelligent Investing produced easy starts with doing your background study, building your personal investment strategies and diversifying your investments. Your monetary long term depends on your smart investing or you could shed a tremendous amount of money rapidly. With correct research, a good thought out investment strategy and some help from a personal financial planner and you ought to be able to see your investment returns increase.

Study Your Investments and Options for Smart Investing Made Easy

Intelligent investing requires a lot of believed on your part, prior to you can create a technique for your investments with a personal financial planner. What investment methods make the most perception for you and your family members? What are your investment objectives, what do you want to achieve? Are you investing to put children through school? Perhaps you want to buy a new house or you are attempting to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement. You require to know the risks involved and what expenditures that might occur with that specific investment. Somebody who is about to retire is going to be a lot much more conservative in their investing design than a young person who is just starting out and does not however have a partner and kids. Using a look at personal requirements and then using the time to discover the solutions can make decision creating with a financial planner a lot much less overwhelming.

Your Personal Investment Strategy for Smart Investing

The next stage is to make a plan and construct a technique to work your plan. This is where a great financial planner with his in depth understanding can really be a big help. The financial planner can guide you to make the greatest decisions as to how greatest to invest following your requirements for risk and meeting your personal goals. It is very essential that you stay up front and honest about your danger tolerance, everyone is various.

Your personal investment technique is a road map for a lifestyle time of smart investing produced easy. Via great study, understanding what you want to achieve, environment objectives and operating with your personal monetary planner to make these investment goals attainable, you will be well on your way to financial independence. Even though you can function with a good financial planner, I think that since you are eventually in cost of your money, it is your responsibility to comprehend the mechanics of investing. Once you have discovered and mastered this, you are nicely on your way to a lifestyle time of financial freedom and opportunities.

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Stock Investing For Beginners Mentioned In Detail

Stock option trading assures more return on your investment than mere stock trading maybe you have heard this from your friends or colleagues but do you really believe that choice trading vouches for better ROI? In fact option trading has steadily turn out to be an business in itself and it is 1 of the most complicated subject on the financial markets. Well, boosting your return on investment through stock choice investing is certainly not easy hence you require something bolder and dependable to count on for stock choice investing. And this is when the cutting edge and exact Stock Option Investing Strategy performs its component.

Would you be now promoting or purchasing the naked calls, naked puts the covered calls or the protective puts? What could be the best strike cost for buying or selling the calls or the puts? Are there any strategies which you may select? All these and much much more might maintain you awake at night whilst travelling through the meandering alleys of stock option investing. And this is when you require to choose the right suggestions for boosting your returns.

Honestly, the term choice investing is all about selecting the apt option strategies from a number of accessible alternatives. Quite ideally therefore it is significant to have suitable choice methods in location, in order to transfer and act effortlessly in the ever altering monetary marketplace.

Option investing for beginners is not a childs play and as they say, the right timing and the apt strategies are the keys of maximizing your ROI. You require to function on a proven, effective and exact strategy to be successful in option investing. You have read that right – if you are serious to dabble a bit in the monetary marketplace then its the higher time to construct an motion strategy based on the greatest stock option investing strategy.

Well, there is no 1 dimension fits all strategy as methods can be classified on the fluctuating ground of the monetary marketplace as it differs with altering marketplace outlooks. Allow us understand the concept with an example, lets say you are attempting to invest in the bullish marketplace. Then a particular strategy appropriate for the Bearish marketplace can by no means be justified and vice versa. Bullish strategies generally include bull call spread, bull place spread, call buy, coated calls etc on the other hand, the bearish methods entails bear put unfold, place purchase, bear call unfold, etc. Aside from these, in situation of seriously unstable financial markets, option strategies like, Guts, Straddle, Butterfly, Condor, Strangle, Risk reversal etc are also applied.

It is therefore extremely essential to develop and personal your prior investing in the marketplace. Most importantly, prior zeroing down on any appropriate option technique, try to figure out your financial objectives, danger-return inclination and your brief-term and long-term marketplace outlook, your degree of expertise and the volatility of the market to arrive up with a full evidence action plan, which can boost your returns.

Consider the Stock Investing for Newbies suggestions:

Stage 1: Figure out how a lot you can invest and to do this you need to understand your danger capital. Danger capital is that typical portion of your complete investment richesse which you can pay for to shed and as a beginning investor you need to determine this amount first and also stick to it.

Stage 2: Do you understand the numerous stock choice trading conditions such as, Calls, puts, strike price, margin, leverage, long place, expiration date, bid, and ask? If no, then waste no more time to choose for the choices language school for the time becoming. Stock option investment comes with its personal distinctive terminology you just can’t pay for to be baffled if you want to trade like the professionals.

Point 3: Keep your eyes and ear open, own a complete stock choice trading strategy and then try performing it step smart.

Truthfully, “Each Option Trader was a newbie at one time, even if for some, it was only a few minutes.” So, discover well to trade well!

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Your Questions About Invest In Gold And Silver

Mark asks…

Why is the price of gold and silver falling?

i thought it would be increasing considering the speculation of another possible recession? i don’t know much about investing but i’m interested to know nevertheless. i was considering investing in gold and silver earlier this year.

financi4 answers:

The correction in the silver price over the past two weeks – with the price dropping by a third – can therefore hardly have come as a surprise.
It’s unclear just what sparked the initial jitters about silver – potentially rumours about major selling from George Soros’s hedge fund, but it soon spread like a virus across the whole commodities sector.
Compounded by negative economic data about world growth and concerns that demand for oil is being eroded by high prices, commodities began their two-week downward spiral, albeit with the odd upward hiccup.
Analysts from Commerzbank described silver’s movement as a dramatic “rollercoaster ride”.
And they say it might not be over yet. “We still see further correction potential for silver, though its downward course is unlikely to be a one-way street,” said one.
So are we any closer to working out what was behind the original price spike and consequent crash?
Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage, the precious metals trading firm, blames the unwinding of the long-silver, short-dollar hedge for the scale of the correction.
“Many commodities have climbed since last summer because of expectations that improving national economies will boost demand for materials. And with most commodities priced in dollars, the greenback’s decline against other currencies since August made raw materials cheaper for foreign investors to buy.
“US investors bought silver and gold as a way to hedge against further erosion in the dollar’s buying power.”
However, it’s difficult to untangle whether the dollar’s rise has caused commodities to fall or if a commodity sell-off has boosted the dollar.
What’s more, buying against the weak dollar could only partially explain the peculiar volatility of silver, the price of which was rising much faster than that of gold.
Daniel Major, of RBS, explains why the smaller, more sensitive silver market is more susceptible to speculation than gold.
“The price has been driven higher by investment and acute speculative activity, for two key reasons,” he said. “The first is the use of the market by professional investors in order to maximise the benefits of a rising gold price. Silver has a history of volatility and is a thinner market than gold.
“Secondly the purchase of silver as an investment by private individuals who view silver as a cheap alternative to gold, notably in Asia.”
It is these private investors, many of them apparently from China, who may be feeling burnt by the recent correction. The clue is in the volume of outflows from physically-backed silver exchange traded funds, which are often a mechanism for retail investment.
The world’s largest silver ETF, iShares Silver Trust, saw its worst ever outflow of 32.6m ounces worth $1.2bn last week, with further large redemptions this week. Investors had added $700m during the year so far.
Exchange-traded funds allow retail investors to get involved in the market much more easily than trading paper futures.
The past fortnight’s story of silver’s rise and demise shows how risky a market for small players it can be.

Donald asks…

Is it too late to invest in gold?

Is the price of gold and silver too high to invest in?

financi4 answers:

markets have increased in value since 2000. For investors who bought gold coins during this period, profits have been exceptional.

Why it is a good investment. Unlike many other forms of long-term investments, there is immediate access to cash by selling gold when needed. But markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, investors who sell or buy gold immediate access to increase or decrease their holdings. Gold is also a global market recognized and respected around the world.
Markets have increased in value since 2000. For investors who bought gold coins during this period, profits have been exceptional.

Check out

William asks…

When comparing Gold, Silver, and Platinum which one would be a better choice to invest in and why?

financi4 answers:

You should really ask yourself “What can I afford to invest in?” first.

If money is no object for you than of course shoot for the Gold and Platinum, but if money is something that you can’t really afford to waste than go for Silver.

I personally can’t afford much so I buy Silver coins myself. Silver is a very diverse metal and is used in many technologies due to its unique metallurgic properties including, but not limited to, photography, dental compounds, solder, brazing, electrical contacts, batteries, mirrors, and printed circuits. Silver fulminate is a powerful explosive. Silver iodide is used in cloud seeding to produce rain. Silver chloride can be made transparent and is also used as a cement for glass. Silver nitrate, or lunar caustic, is used extensively in photography. Silver is germicidal and may be used to kill many lower organisms without harm to higher organisms. And, of course, Silver is used as coinage in many countries 🙂

So yeah … Silver is a most diverse metal indeed.

To put it bluntly, … You can’t go wrong investing in Silver!

Daniel asks…

How do I start investing in gold and silver how much money do I need?

No extra money except 10 to 50 dollars. Home equity is 8,5000 dollars.

financi4 answers:

Hi, gold is really expensive now right now it is 1627.20 as of saturday july 30, this was the close price and saturday commodity market don’t open so it stays the same till sunday. OK so you want to start to invest in precious metals the next affordable one is silver and in this you there are variety of ways you can invest. First way is to buy pure silver rounds, coins, or bars, now you can put money down on this and save each month but silver is very affordable compare to gold it is 39.90 a ounce so you could decide to buy a 10 ounce bar right of the bat but thats 383.16 with out the premium. Usually when you buy precious metals its the market price plus the markup the higher amount of silver less premium and lower the amount more premium. Now let me explain what are rounds, coins, and bars. Rounds are basically coins but it is issued by private mint as to coins (bullion) are issued by the government and it will have a face value. Bars are self explanatory well there just like a brick or a rectangular form of silver. Now here is the cheaper way of buying silver meaning you could buy silver less then its face value of 39.90 and that is junk silver. These are coins issued as currency in many countries some to list are Canada, United States, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Germany and not limited to other countries just to many to list but i will tell you how to spot silver coins. Coins that where once silver in canada are the 10 cent, 25 cent, half dollar and the dollar. These coins must be minted before 1967 in order to be silver you could find these in coins shops and there under face value depending on the condition of the coins but as silver investor the coin doest have to look nice anything that is VG is cheep. In the united states coins that are silver is the same denomination as Canadian meaning the 10 cent 25 cent half dollar and a dollar or silver but the major difference is that it must be before 1964 and that the dollar is good enough to be called sterling silver, 925 silver while all canadian silver circulated coins are .80% silver.

Now you know that much you must be asking your self where will i get the silver bullion?

You can check your local listing for silver bullion dealers but i usually get my bullion coins from currency exchange offices, or a place that sells your local mint products so if you live in the united states check around coin shops or look for official dealers in US mints. Banks are good place to check too, the one i go to sells silver bars. As to junk silver you could check your local coin shops they should have some old coins that are in junk condition.

Paul asks…

Any website that let’s you invest in the stock exchange and global currency?

I need a broker website that let’s you invest in gold/silver/oil and the NYSE too.
Anyone know any?

financi4 answers:

No, your combination is too broad. Oil is traded by futures contracts on the Commodity market. You can purchase gold or silver from precious metals brokers. Their is no one website or broker that sells all these products with stocks. Companies that sell oil, for example heating oil, buy futures contracts. When they buy the oil at a lower price and sell it to you at the current price, they take delivery of the oil and profit from the future contract. You would need at least $10,000 to open the oil futures account. More than likely you will then be ripped to pieces by the big oil companies that will not let you make the profits, selling them oil at higher prices. Technically, you can invest in oil by means of an ETF. Do not go to a website and open a oil futures account because you will be sorry you didn’t listen to what I wrote. Gold and silver brokers buy their gold or silver back. Therefore you would need to find a NYSE broker who buys gold and silver too and then sells heating oil. Good luck

Richard asks…

I want to invest in the stock market?

So I want to invest in the stock market. Im 16 and I’ve been looking at it for a year now. I want to invest in gold,oil ,silver etc…I know because of the falling dollar to invest in these especially silver. Even everybody is investing gold i want to invest in silver because silver is something we need and theres less than 10% of silver left in the world.
an some one give me some about the stock market? thnx

financi4 answers:

I recommend you spend about 3 hours per week and listen to the Financial Sense Newshour at

Jim Puplava is a professional money manager and has special guests on every single Saturday.

I RARELY miss it.

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Stock Marketplace – Reduce Your Risks With Safe Stocks

Many would say that the phrase “secure shares” is an oxymoron. There really is nothing that can be regarded as one hundred% secure and predictable about stock marketplace investing – or any investment for that matter. (Even stuffing your money beneath the proverbial mattress has its own set of dangers.) But, it is definitely true that some shares are a lot safer than others.

For a higher percentage of risk-averse individuals, the risk of investing in stocks – because of to the perceived threat of dropping money – is enough for them to be scared away completely. Nevertheless, sufficient knowledge can allay unsubstantiated fears of wild monetary losses. Clearly, individuals can shed money in the stock market, but that certainly does not mean you require to be among them.

Stock marketplace investing is actually a excellent way to start conserving up for your long term – even your retirement. It is a great way to acquire a larger return on a fairly small investment, which helps you build up a savings for needs you are likely to expertise down the road.

Low Risk Investing

Not all stock marketplace investing has to be truly dangerous. As talked about over, some stocks are usually safer and much more stable. Investing in these is usually recognized as conservative investing. With this kind of more modest investment, your revenue margin will almost certainly be a lot lower, but as a whole your shares will be more secure. There is a trade-off.

Choosing in between low risk and higher danger shares is a matter of personal choice and danger tolerance and ought to be made with your current and future financial situations in thoughts – including these of your family members.

What is a Reduced Danger Stock?

Reduced risk stocks generally need well-set up company reputations and identities in their industries. The hope is that because you are investing with a business that currently has great standing in their share of the marketplace, they will be well-equipped to deal with them and therefore less susceptible to financial volatility.

These much better-recognized company shares can also serve as a great way to get your foot in the door be slow, early investing. With your first investment, you might not truly know what you are performing, so choosing a steady stock that has a strong company recognition makes the procedure of buying them for the initial time as easy – and minimally risky – as feasible.

Actually, if you really want the safest way to improve the dimension of your investment, look into a Certificate of Deposit (CD) to park your money in. These provide a greater return of curiosity than most savings plans. (Not that their curiosity rates are anything to create house about, but your funds will at minimum develop some and with a little level of danger.) Low danger investing is the perfect type of investing for beginners.

When you plan to commit for the initial time, you have enough to be concerned about with the ordinary dangers involved in investing – so do not add more stress to the process than you are able to easily deal with.

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