GM investing $35 million in Detroit-Hamtramck plant to build Cadillac version …

GM investing $35 million in Detroit-Hamtramck plant to build Cadillac version …

DETROIT, MI- General Motors Co. will invest $35 million at its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant to build the Cadillac ELR, a luxury coupe featuring the extended-range electric technology of the Chevrolet Volt. Production of the vehicle, which debuted
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Japan's CSPI rise more-than-expected

Japan's CSPI rise more-than-expected – Japan's corporate services price index rose more-than-expected last month, official data showed on Monday. In a report, Bank Of Japan said that Japan's CSPI rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of -0.4%, from -0.7% in the preceding
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The Convenience of Online Loans

We all need a quick infusion of cash from time to time, which is why popular online loans are some of the most helpful and convenient options we can explore at a time of need. Between the hectic schedule at work and the errands that we all need to run afterwards, who has the time to go out and actually apply for a loan at a local bank? With online loans, these are no longer concerns that you need to worry about, and yet you should still be able to apply for a loan when you most need it.

Online loans are essentially loans that will consider your application without having to come into the office for a face-to-face discussion. Often, these loans post all their loan requirements on a website that you can check. You can then call their number or send them an email to express your interest for applying a loan. With your documents attached, they will then begin assessing your suitability for the loan and if approved, they will deposit the money straight to your bank account.

Now, of course, convenience is not the only consideration that you have to think about with loans. As you may already know, you are essentially trading up convenience for a few other considerations that you need to be familiar with.

  • First, because most online loans do not require a collateral asset, the interest rate may be just a little higher than what conventional loans offer. You need to consider if this is something you want to absorb or if you are better off heading to a bank or lender for a more traditional face-to-face discussion resulting in a lower interest rate.
  • Second, you need to properly scrutinize the identity of the lender just so you are sure of who you are dealing with. Any responsible borrower knows that you can’t be too careful with anything involving money, even if you are the one to receive the money in the transaction. With a bank, you know exactly who you are dealing with; not so with online loans so you need to do your research before applying for a loan.

Online loans are great options for quick cash because it is convenient but it does come with its fair share of concerns that you need to pay attention to. Make sure you do your homework before submitting your documents to a lender so you know the risks and trade-offs that come with the convenience of online loans.

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Crude rises as ECB governor says euro not overvalued

Crude rises as ECB governor says euro not overvalued – Bottom fishers snapped up nicely priced crude positions on Monday after a key European Central Bank official said the euro wasn't overvalued, which sparked demand for the single currency and sent the dollar falling. French industrial
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Your Questions About Investing In Restaurants

Steven asks…

Would a conflict of interest occur if you dined at the restaurant you invested in?

Justin answers:


A conflict of interest is when you have to make a choice between doing what’s best for you as opposed to what’s best for the business.

Charles asks…

8008 upside down on a caluculator marked the beginning of a new era of technology?

That’s right kids…alien life. You know we discovered a water planet? That liquid mass is actually the creator and destroyer of worlds.

If you had money to invest in a restaurant franchise, which one would you choose?

Justin answers:

I would invest in a chipotle

Ken asks…

How much to set aside for taxes?

My husband recently invested in a restaurant where he is the proprietor and owns 10% of the business. He will start getting distribution checks on top of his salary – and these are not taxed. I want to have a certain percentage of each of these put in savings so when taxes come around for the 2009 year we’re not having to come up with a ton of money. These distributions on average are about $4,000.00.


Justin answers:

You don’t just set it aside, you need to make quarterly estimated payments.

Robert asks…

how to bring more than 10k dollars to the US?

me and my aunt are going to buy a restaurant and my dad’s going to give me 50k dollars to invest in this restaurant. I’m 17 and I’ll travel by air from mexico to california. I know that you can only bring 10k without having to report it to US customs. but what happens if you bring more?? do you have to pay any kind of tax? bring any paperwork that says where the money came from? need answers ASAP… thank you!

Justin answers:

You can legally bring in more than $10,000 but it must be declared upon entering the US. Failure to do may mean asset seizure. Plus if you are given $50k then there are tax implications as well – since it vastly exceeds the annual gift amount.

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